Why Are Pugs So Popular And Why People Love This Breed

Have you ever wondered “why are Pugs so popular?” They are NOT the prettiest dogs around and they have the usual health issues. However, a lot of people love Pugs and I happen to be one of them. I’ve had my black pug for 16 years and just having Mindy in my life changed my life.

According to the American Dog Kennel Club (AKC), Pugs are ranked 28th among the most popular dog breeds. People tend to love this breed of dog for their good looks and unmistakable charm. These toy dogs are extremely loyal and affectionate and are the true meaning of unconditional love.

9 Reasons Why People Love Pugs

If you’ve ever had a Pug, you know they make great pets for anyone. However, if you’re still trying to decide if it’s the right dog for you, here’s why they make great pets.Once you get one, you’ll understand why so many people love them, even though they have wrinkles and an unpleasant smell.#1 Pugs are differentThey are considered a toy dog ​​but possess all the qualities of a large dog. They love to drive cars and love to travel, but they are small enough to live in any kind of house or apartment. The old Latin expression “Multum in parvo” became their motto. It means, “A lot in a small package.”#2 They have feelingsOnce your dog becomes attached to you, they will become your regular companion. You will have a shadow for the rest of your life, or at least for the life of your pug. They will follow you everywhere whenever you go, in the end, you won’t even have to keep them on a harness. (provided they’re properly trained.) Check out the best harnesses for puppies! Whatever you do, your furry companion will be there with you. They make great couch potato besties, especially, if you let them rest on your lap. You will NEVER On cold winter nights, they are excellent bed warmers. Just know that they snore louder than an old man. Bugs attach themselves to a person and this becomes their core family, showering you with undying love and adoration.#3 The puppy is hilariousThey are often referred to as “the clowns of the canine world”. They have unique quirky personalities that you will absolutely love. Read more: Why Can’t I Join Ours Puppies are incredibly playful and they’re sure to make you laugh and provide you with some fun entertainment.#4 Their grace and elegance is maintained after royaltiesPugs come from a long line of royalty. They are older than Jesus, current theories say they existed in China before 400 BC. They were once considered royalty and Buddhist monks kept them as pets in Buddhist monasteries. I wrote an in-depth article on some pug facts.#5 They are sensitiveThis breed does not do well with harsh tones or negative reinforcement training. They are intelligent dogs and are very in tune with your emotions, some people think they are difficult to train, which is not true. This breed can be trained just like any other dog.#6 Pugs love childrenPugs loves everyone, from the UPS man to the dog next door. They do not bite and make peace with toddlers, the elderly, cats and any other live person or animal. If you take the time to communicate with them, they will never meet strangers. When they meet someone new, they’ll want a cuddle or belly rub.#7 They make the weirdest noisesThis is a brachycephalic breed, which means they have a wide and short skull, they will snort strangely, sneeze backwards, and have trouble breathing. Will notice they are noisier.#8 Pugs listen to you Read more: Why the blender is noisy No one looks at you or listens to you the way they do. When you talk to them, you’ll notice they tilt their heads as they listen intently to you. Yes, you can tell them about your problems and they won’t tell anyone.#9 They are extremely loyalNot like people who can stab you in the back. Your Pug will be your best friend and will give you unconditional love to the end.

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Pug care facts you need to know

Now we’ve looked at why people love dogs. As a pet owner, you need to understand that every breed of dog has its own health problems. Puppies are no different, especially, as they are a brainy breed, these dogs are not as highly maintainable as Poodles. However, they require regular grooming and proper health care. This breed is known to gain weight easily and it is important to give them at least 30 minutes of exercise daily.I have compiled a number of articles that you may want to read to learn more about pug care.When should I hit my dog? Once you own one, you’ll understand why they’ve become so popular.

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