why are my glasses always dirty

My glasses are always dirty! What should I do? They are driving me crazy!!

I attended a business conference yesterday and I was talking to the lovely presentation lady during my break and she told me she just bought a new glass. She loves them but they drive her crazy, she can’t keep them clean, her glasses are always dirty. She has a gorgeous branded frame on her beautifully made-up face, but the lens is really blurry. She didn’t know why. This prompted me to write a small piece about it as it is something I hear in practice on a regular basis.

So why are my glasses so dirty?

Most glasses are currently delivered with non-reflective lenses to reduce glare from screens at home, in the office, or on the go. They reduce glare when driving at night, and aesthetically they are superior, allowing you to see your eyes rather than glass reflections. (They are also known as anti-glare lenses) Read: why are my glasses always dirty The problem is that some anti-glare lenses are more prone to blur than others. Also, as lenses age, some will degrade more than others and make it even harder to keep clean. A good non-reflective lens is smudge-proof, waterproof, UV-protective, dust-proof, anti-static, and scratch-resistant – that means less lens cleaning for you and me and for the best visibility possible. tend to have oily, dry, flaky skin, if you wear makeup or if you use a facial moisturizer or topqa.info won’t believe how often we touch our faces, hair and glasses during the course of the day. Dust can build up on your glasses overnight. Monitor it, you will be sub. Some of these natural everyday debris will show up on your glasses. Read more: Why sukuna cares about megumiIf you’re blessed with naturally long eyelashes, they can rub on your lenses when you blink, adding to the buildup of dirt and/or grease on your lenses friend. This is a tricky business as it’s actually been accurately and professionally measured and fitted by your trusted optician/optician. Depending on your facial structure, some frames will be closer to your eyes than others. Some prescriptions are also thicker than others, and thicker prescriptions may also be closer to the eye.

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And what do I need to do?

It is important that you include glasses care in your daily routine. I recommend cleaning your glasses every day at mealtimes! It’s easy to do and it’s so worth it! Get in the habit of taking care of your glasses, keep them looking good and you’ll see better. No wisdom! Warm water and dish soap is still a good way to clean your glasses, however if you have non-reflective or anti-glare lenses I recommend doing this with caution. with a lens cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth suitable for those lenses. When I travel, I use pre-wetted, individually wrapped disposable wipes that are great for cleaning my glasses (and they’re great for smartphone, tablet, and computer screens). calculator !!) In-house, we have a professional ultrasonic cleaning service that uses an ultrasonic bath to clean your lenses, frames and nose pads to make your glasses “as good as new” again. This is a great service for those who work in dusty environments. Make sure you change your microfiber cloths regularly, they will also get dirty over time. | Top Q&AA and one last tip: always store your glasses in their case when you’re not using them, especially at night. I suggested cleaning her glasses with our special branded microfiber cloth and our in-house formula lens cleaning spray. She was very excited! I wish I had a camera to capture her reaction as she put her glasses back on, her face lit up with astonishment. Priceless! I am surprised that many people do not know how to care for their glasses, about the products available to them to do so and how we can help! We are always happy to clean the glass for you, which can be used at any time.This is me with Joanne Sweeney Burke, presenter of the recent conference with her smudge-free glasses after I wiped them for her with a magic towel and lens cleaner!! Joanne was a finalist on “The Apprentice” a few years ago – she was a finalist 3!! Read more: UK Models | Top Q&A

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