why are keyboards not in alphabetical order

Video Why the keyboard is not in alphabetical order Curious Kids is a series for children. If you have questions you want experts to answer, send them to [email protected] You might also like the Imagine This podcast, a collaboration between ABC KIDS listening and The Conversation, based on Curious Kids.Why are the letters on the keyboard not in alphabetical order?? – Baker, 9 years old, Arrowtown, New Zealand.Reading comprehension: why is the keyboard not in alphabetical order That question really confused me when I was a kid. And as an adult, I decided to research it and write an article about it. About 150 years ago, all business correspondence and papers were written by hand. Most likely they were written with a pen that had to be dipped in ink one or two words at a time. Then some clever inventor built a machine for typing. The first typewriters were large heavy metal machines that worked like a piano. You press a key, and some clever levers cause a felt hammer to strike the right piano strings to produce a musical note. Read more: Curious kids: How long would garden snails live if they weren’t eaten by another animal? Read more: Why the Tomboys are as hot as girly girls The original typewriter was just like that. They have all these levers with a metallic alphabet letter at the end of it. You have to press a letter key quite hard to make the metal rod fly sideways and touch the paper. Pressing the A key and the A lever will press the paper and type A. Then the paper will shift slightly to the left, so the next key will be pressed right next to the A key. Press more keys and you have can type a The first machine has the alphabetical keys. The trouble is that if you press two keys quickly, the levers get stuck. Most likely stuck when the two keys are close together on the keyboard. Rearranging the letters can reduce jams, rearranging the letters reduces the risk of the two levers getting stuck.Christopher Sholes is the most successful American inventor in reducing paper jams. He tried many arrangements, always trying to reduce the need to type two keys close together. The best arrangement he could find was similar to the QWERTY keyboard we all use today. (Look at the top row of the keyboard to see why it’s called QWERTY.) He sold his invention to the Remington Company in the United States. In the 1870s, that company made and sold the first commercially successful typewriters. They used a QWERTY keyboard. For about 100 years after the Remington typewriter appeared, many people around the world were trained to be touch typists (meaning they could type even without looking at the keyboard very much). ). They are employed to type and all other things for business and government. Since so many people have become proficient in the use of QWERTY, it is difficult to get everyone to change to any other key arrangement. Various other key arrangements have been tried. Some are said to be easier to learn or use faster than QWERTY. But no product is good enough to beat QWERTY yet. Looks like we’re having a hard time with this layout, even if jams are no longer an issue. QWERTY is developed for the English language. Some other languages ​​use variants. For example, AZERTY is commonly used for French, QWERTZ for German, and QZERTY for Italian. Maybe you can find someone from India, Thailand, Japan, Korea or China. Ask them to show you the keyboard they use in their language. This is the AZERTY keyboard, commonly used in France. Nemossos, CC BY

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You will never regret being able to touch the type

Read more: Why dazai wears bandages Place your first fingers on those keys and your other fingers along the same row. Your left fingers should be on the ASDF and your right fingers on the JKL;. These are called “home keys”. Keep your finger lightly resting on the home key. Enter other letters by moving one finger up or down and possibly slightly to the side. Learn how to do it quickly, without looking at your fingers and you can tap typing! As a teenager, I owned a typewriter. I made a cardboard shield to prevent me from seeing my fingers as I type. I used the clothespins to fix it to the typewriter. Then I found a book on touch typing and started practicing, making sure I kept my fingers on the home keys and always used the right fingers to type each letter. After a lot of practice, I can touch the typeface. I love being able to touch the type. It has helped me throughout my life, first as a student, then in everything I’ve done since. There’s a lot of good software out there to help (your school probably has some), some like a game. Find software that you like and practice. It may sound difficult at first, but stick with it and you’ll soon master it. Find a friend or two and do it together. Perhaps turn it into a contest. You will never regret being able to touch type. Read more: Curious children: why do eggs have a yolk? Hello, curious kids! Do you have a question you’d like an expert to answer? Ask an adult to send your question to [email protected]file 20170505 21620 huq4lj CC BY-ND Please tell us your name, age and city you live in. We won’t be able to answer every question, but we’ll do our best. Read more: why is it called Dutch oven | Top Q&A

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