why are british people so ugly

It’s the holiday season. It’s time for the British to abandon the UK for the more exotic parts of the world, where we can bask in the tropics, sip Mojitos beneath the palm trees and bask in the beauty of nature. our ugly. The bare feet of an adult British man are like “undercooked pork sausage”, or “tight calves and sunken thighs are covered with what looks like goat hair”. Ugly British phenomenon. It’s not just old men in shorts that are the problem. It’s the whole British race when it comes to going abroad, when our rosy skin, nodules and large limbs are bare before the beautifully sculpted natives. We don’t stand a chance to look good against small, Spanish-faced Spaniards, slim, dark Greeks or graceful, graceful French. We don’t see the lack of looks in our country. Beauty in England is as low as a flower bed of Flora. Head to any Southern European vacation spot this summer and try to discover the British. That is not difficult. Gentle men with shaggy body hair as if it were infrequently attached; The shaggy beard they thought looked masculine but would make any French woman wince. pea-like or swollen bodies with oversized muscles covered in tragic tattoos, this just exposes their exercise bitch identity and makes them look like some sort of caricature there. Popeye’s pea-sized arms and head Read more: Why does my urine bleach my panties haven’t learned the art of waxing or plucking, their faces are pale and their skin tone is translucent because every day of the year they put it on with makeup. And even with proper British sunbathing, no full-breed Englishman can master a tan like the Spaniards or Italians. In fact, most fail completely. We lay back, closed our eyes and slowly fried, then we saw ourselves in the hotel bathroom mirror. Draw again. The image of the lobster reappeared, and the rest of the holiday was spent in After Sun indulged and roamed around the ‘I’m an English’ brand. , ready to grace the ribbon with their scarlet presence. The trousers revealed cheeks that were redder than anyone wanted to see, and the Primark tank top revealed “black leather” arms that looked like undercooked chicken thighs. enjoy when we’re buzzing around, brooding over bowls of expensive fish, or not knowing or caring that we’re by far the ugliest-looking people in the neighborhood.But why is that? Why are we ugly compared to our European counterparts? Without a doubt, climate plays a big role. Because of England’s bad weather most of the year, we rarely manage to achieve that kiss-in-the-sun look. Tanned and hide nothing despite freezing temperatures). The lack of a tropical climate here also means that we simply haven’t mastered the art of looking good in hot weather. When it comes to holidays, we realize how unusual we’ve been since Christmas. While the local chicks look like a goddess in soft, light clothes, the English roosters treat their hol as a contest to see who can have the best skin in the world. program. that continental Europeans would not perish among those neon lights, and that the knee-length shorts only accentuated their bony knees and goatskin-white ankles. . High-fat diets, lots of alcohol, mental overwork, and a general lack of respect for our bodies all lead to a rather ugly sight. Proper eating times have disappeared from the window. So when you visit Malia and KOS this summer, just be prepared for the terrifying realization that you’re not as hot in that bikini or shorts as you think you look when you come across the locals young, gay, you will feel ugly. And that’s because, my British friend, you are there. Solution? We can start to eat better, dress better, and take better care of ourselves. Maybe then our level of attraction will increase.

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