who is up for eviction on big brother

Video Who’s up for chasing the boss HOH:Tiffany Mitchell on Big Brother 23DENOMINATOR:Kyland Young on Big Brother 23Sarah Steagall on Big BrotherXavier Prather on Big Brother 23POV:Hannah Chaddha on Big Brother 23The Big Brother spoilers are back again this season. Each week, I will update this page here with the latest on Big Brother 23 and status updates for the season along with results and ceremony. If you want to know what’s going on inside the house with just a quick glance this is the page to check out so bookmark it now! game we will post the current state of the game here. Check back often for new results and links to details on the season’s Big Brother reveal. Big Brother 23 Week 8: HoH: Tiffany Nominations: Kyland & Sarah Beth Bonus Nom: Xavier High Roller Power: Claire Wins Coin of Destiny & Takes Over Tiffany’s HOH Coin of Destiny Noms: Kyland & Sarah Beth Veto: Hannah Verdict: Banished: Big Brother 23 Week 7: HoH: Sarah Beth HN: Derek X & Kyland Nominated: Claire & Derek F Power of High Spinners: Alyssa wins Roulette, DF is saved, Xavier edits Swap Veto: Xavier Veto: Xavier saved, Derek X wiped out Removed: Derek X, 5-2Read more: Who’s Skiing in EternityBig Brother 23 Week 6: HoH: Kyland Nominated: Claire & Derek F Veto: Alyssa High Rollers Veto: Kyland Veto: Kyland saves Claire, Britini is eliminated: Britini, 7-1Big Brother 23 Week 5: HoH: Derek X HNs: Kyland, Alyssa, Christian and Xavier Nominated: Britini & Sarah Veto Power: Britini Veto: Britini Saved, Christian Renom’d Removed: Christian, 7-2Big Brother 23 Week 4: HoH: Chris tian Team Safety: Alyssa, Sarah and Xavier HNs: Azah, Britini, & Derek F Wildcard: Claire Nominated: Hannah & Whitney Veto power: Christian veto: Not used Dismissed: Whitney , 10- 0Big Brother 23 Week 3: HoH: Xavier Safety Team: Alyssa, Sarah and Christian HNs: Claire, Tiffany and Kyland Wildcard: Tiffany Nominated: Brent & Britini Veto power: Christian veto: No veto used Removed: Brent, 11-0Big Brother 23 Week 2: HoH: Kyland Team Safety: Claire & Tiffany HNs: Hannah, Whitney, Brent, & Derek X Wildcard: Sarah Beth, Safety Rejected Nominations: Frenchie & Britini The Power of Veto: Verdict Derek X : Unused Verdict Removed: Frenchie, 11-1Read more: 10 things you didn’t know about Austin Forsyth | Top Q & ABig Brother 23 Week 1: HoH: Frenchie Team Safety: Azah, Britini & Derek F HNs: Christian, Alyssa, Xavier and Sarah Wildcard: Christian WC Bonus Safety: Xavier Nominated: Alyssa & Kyland The Power of Veto: Derek X Veto Ceremony: Kyland Saved, Travis Removed: Travis, 11-2 Need spoilers sent directly to you as they are revealed via Feed? Check out our Big Brother apps and you’ll have the latest Big Brother 23 malware with you at all times. Big Brother Spoilers BoardCheck out all these archived results from past Big Brother seasons.

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