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This line is taken from the song “Reflection”, voiced by Lea Salonga for Mulan, in the movie Mulan (1998). It’s basically the #1 life goal. Mulan, whose character is based on Hua Mulan, the legendary figure in Chinese history, failed her matchmaking encounter so she felt as if she were her. He disappointed the family. : Who is the scapegoat in fahrenheit 451Mulan goes through an identity crisis, wants to make her family proud but can’t do it through her traditional role. She was all dressed up, with makeup and hair done, but she didn’t recognize herself when she saw her reflection. She realizes that this is not the person she wants to be. She feels her destiny is bigger than marrying some random guy, and she wants to find out what the future holds.

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Christina Aguilera sang a version of the song for the official soundtrack, and the accompanying video features Aguilera getting a sweet Rachel cut. Compared to other Disney princesses, Mulan is the first independent Miss.

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If you drop this quote at a dinner party, will you get a mass “awww” or will everyone roll their eyes and never invite you back? Here it is, on a scale of 1-10. Read more: Adrienne Bolling: Biography of Eric Bolling’s Wife, Maiden Name, Age, Net Worth, Son Eric Chase, ReligionIt’s okay, everyone can have an identity crisis. Just try and turn that confusion into saving the world, just like Mulan did.

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