who is the steelers backup quarterback

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CANTON, Ohio – Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin measures his players in quizzes and tests. The game, the ultimate soccer test, weighs more than his practice, quizzes. impresses in his quizzes with successful two-minute workouts and precision he lacks on off-season workouts, while Mason Rudolph seems to leave the door open for Haskins with a flawed mind. god and missed it on his receiver. in Canton, Ohio, both quarterbacks scored equally on their first test, leaving the battle for Ben Roethlisberger’s backup quarterback – and potential successor – still far from settled. . “That’s not for me to decide,” Rudolph said when asked. how he performed on Thursday’s test. “It was a coaching decision and well above my salary. There are good things and a few mistakes, as usual. I have to clean up and build better things. Look, if you’re good at this tournament, you’ll find a seat at the table, no matter which team. “Pro Football Hall of Fame InductionsCatch the 2020 Centennial Classroom ceremony in Canton, Ohio on Saturday (6:30 p.m. ET, ESPN), followed by a HOF 2021 class rollout Sunday (7 p.m. ET, ESPN): Read more: Who was the strongest in baki • Peyton Manning changed QBing forever • Inside Calvin Johnson’s 329-yard game • Troy Polamalu’s relationship with Bill Cowher • Edgerrin James’ legacy tied to the HBCUs • J. Johnson : ‘How’ make them cowboys? ‘ • Charles Woodson’s legendary trail in the NFL • Winston Hill, Joe Namath’s friendship • Check out this year’s HOF classes • Video: Watch these HOF momentsRudolph completed 6 out of 9 tries with 84 yards and Haskins is 8 of 13 with 54 yards. “I think they did a good job, especially from a play watch standpoint,” said Tomlin. “New surroundings and things of that nature. First time in the stadium with a real competition watch. It is very difficult for us to simulate in a real setting. I think they’ve done a great job of managing some of that, but for the most part, I think all of their performances have been positive. “Rudolph started on Thursday and played a quarter and a half. He connected in his first three passes, but his first drive ended when he staggered in front of Chase receiver Claypool. “I just have to do even better than put it in the sweet spot, his bread basket and get the ball around.” Rudolph’s pitch of the day came in the second half as he made a 45m pass to Claypool. beside. Claypool moved to make a catch and slowly left the field. Then Tomlin said the second year receiver was fine. The 45-yard finish was the longest for any defender on either team, but it was the only time Rudolph took advantage of the Cowboys defense that left players deep open. defender’s final game of the night – and Sam Sloman missed a target 49 yards.Read more: Savannah Montano’s biography: age, height, boyfriend, dating history | Top Q&A “Nice to be back,” said Rudolph. “Pre-season games in general. In general must be better, must complete the drive. Gotta puts more points across the board, but I think while we’re out there, the overall quality of the work is where we want it to be. “As planned, Haskins continued to finish the second quarter and play through the third quarter, leading two. scored, but failed to highlight some of the incredible elements that made him stand out early in training camp.ESPNThe NFL season is coming. Here are the biggest questions and lineup predictions for all 32 teams. Read more »• Full 2021 showtime | Depth Chart »• Trading | Injury | More NFL »“He has been with us before and performed the same when given the opportunity,” said Tomlin. “This guy is not going to back down from the competition. You keep asking me about Rudolph and Haskins, man, he’s not going anywhere. “Pre-season can be a practice test for most veterans with guaranteed spots on the roster, but that is unlikely with the back four behind Roethlisberger. Rudolph enters the 2021 season as the only full-back left under contract for 2022 and he seems to be the favorite player to retain the primary back-up position. for 2nd place two days before the Hall of Fame game, Haskins made his intentions clear. “I’m trying to get there,” he said, “very hopeful.” Read more: Scyld Scefing in Beowulf | Top Q&A

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