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American Gothic Whistler’s Mother – Last night The beautiful two-hour finale of American Gothic keep me glued to the TV. We finally found out who the Silver Bell Killer really was. He was the man who was buried by Garrett Hawthorne in a field outside the city, but what else do we know about him? Not his name. Not where he lives. Not the one he married. Not why he became the Silver Bells Killer.Reading: who is the silver bell killer

Review and recap of American Gothic Whistler’s Mother

DNA, you’re thinking. The problem is that the DNA sample taken from old bones Garrett was digging up and put into a shredder doesn’t match anyone’s. It took detective Brady Ross some clever detective work to find the heart of the matter. The pin is from a surgery a long time ago, of a particular type, and of the type used in a particular era. That narrowed the search but needed another clue to match it with John Martin. John Martin and his wife Bridget were in an automobile accident. Bridget’s wife died in the hospital, and the Silver Bells Killer blamed the hospital for negligently letting his wife die. Silver Bells Killer’s murder motive? Get revenge on the hospital’s biggest donors – including the Hawthorne family. But identifying John Martin as the Silver Bell Killer also led to another revelation – SBK has a daughter named Dara. She was supposed to be SBK’s accomplice but what happened to her?American Gothic WhistlerNo wonder the entire Hawthorne clan was sleeping in the living room. They received their fair share of warning of what was to come when they discovered the deadly figurines of Hawthorne family members. Installing a new security system is a good idea, but it’s chilling when the installers discover silver bells in the heating ducts. She confronts Madeline, presses her to admit to the shocking murder of reporter Jennifer Wyndhah. Alison’s horror when Madeline was intimate with her killed her husband Mitchell. But of course, it was all done to protect the family, especially Alison, the winner of the Boston mayoral race. Madeline denies killing him – Gunther committed suicide so his wife could get insurance money after his death. There is no suicide clause in the contract. Madeline also denied killing the blind woman. She was a family friend of the Silver Bells Killer – before he came out of the abyss and started killing people. As detectives Ross and Cutter track down the blind woman (it was her old car used in many of the murders), SBK’s accomplice assumes she must go too. But Dara changed her name. We kept guessing for most of the first hour until the truth was revealed. After changing her name to Sophie, Dara was married to Cam Hawthorne. Sophie’s proximity to the Hawthornes explains a lot of the strange things going on in the family. Is it easy to suspect that Sophie has many bizarre and morbid tendencies but is an accomplice to SBK’s murder? I didn’t understand that until the last episode.American Gothic WhistlerRead more: Who is Jessica Dime Dating Now? | Top Q & ATalk on building to the top. I found the series to be tedious at times despite the strong acting of a talented cast. There seem to be too many gimmicks on the way to the finale. But there are also plenty of incomparable and shocking scenes, one of which happens in the final episode of this season. Sophie is also handcuffed by her estranged husband Cam to the dead body of security guard Hawthorne (Sophie is also his killer). Not to be defeated, Cam rides the sled of his life. Using the security guard’s body like a toboggan, he slid down the stairs to point the guard’s gun at Sophie. One shouldn’t laugh at such macabre and horrifying events but the series has had many redeeming moments but is completely wrong. A child’s love is unconditional. Poor Jack loves and misses his fractured mother. Of course, Sophie would never see him again. You want to be able to look at her and say there’s some good in her. But you can’t, not even in the end, when all poor Jack has is a recording of Teddy’s voice. Yes, she escaped capture, perhaps leaving the door open for a second part. Most likely, American Gothic will be buried with Mitchell’s ashes and Madeline’s wedding ring. My prediction is based on low ratings for American Gothic. In that, she broke away from the old block – ie Madeline’s block. As for Cam, he ends up with the nurse from his rehab. Garrett went to San Francisco to stay with Christina, the mother of his child. Tessa and Brady also have children of their own. All is well with Hawthornes.

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Other episodes of American Gothic revisited on TV Eskimo include:

1.12 – Whistler’s mother 1.11 – Freedom from fear 1.10 – Veterans in a new field 1.9 – The Oxbow 1.8 – Kind Spirit 1.7 – Gross Clinic 1.6 – Chess players 1.5 – The artist in his museum 1.4 – Christina’s World 1,3 – Nighthawks 1,2 – Jack-in-the-Pulpit 1.1 – Aarrangement in Gray and Black

The characters and cast of American Gothic Whistler’s Mother include:

Alison Hawthorne – Juliet Rylance (Sinister, Frances Ha, Amok, The KnickA Dog’s Purpose) Garrett Hawthorne – Antony Starr (World’s Fastest Indian, BansheeLowdown, Outrageous Fortune, Mercy Peak) Cam Hawthorne – Justin Chatwin (Orphan Black, War of the Worlds, The Invisible, Shameless) Tessa Ross – Megan Ketch (The Big Wedding, Jane the Virgin, Louder than Bombs, Under the dome) Brady Ross – Knight Elliot (Sinbad, Once Upon a Time, Anyway) Sophie Hawthorne – Stephanie Leonidas (Mirrormask, Defiance, Whitechapel) Jack Hawthorne – Gabriel Bateman (Annabelle, Lights Out, Outcast) Madeline Hawthorne – Virginia Madsen (Sideways, The Number 23, Candyman, Joy, Hell On Wheels) Det. Linda Cutter – Deirdre Lovejoy (Billy Lynn’s Mid-Time Walk, Wire, Black list) April – Bethany Joy Lenz (One Tree Hill, Thinner, The leader’s minionsDexter, Guardians) Christina Morales – Catalina Sandino Moreno (Maria Full of Grace, Che: Part Two, Service, The most violent year, Bridge) Read more: Who is Travis Fimmel’s wife? Is he dating anyone?

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