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Who is GOT7?


The K-Pop industry is growing stronger and stronger as the K-pop wave reaches more people, not only in Korea but also abroad. JYP Entertainment is known for the successful debut of many boy groups and girl groups. In January 2014, they debuted a new boy group, named GOT7. GOT7 consists of 7 members including Jae Bum (JB), Jackson, Mark, Youngjae, Jin Young, Bambam and Yungyeon. Their presence in the K-pop industry has gained a lot of attention and won the hearts of many fans with their singing and dancing talents. To give you more information about GOT7, here are 25 facts about GOT7 that you must know!

Age of GOT7 members

got7youtube.comGOT7 is known as a third generation boy group in Korea when they debuted in 2014. Like other third generation boy groups, GOT7 members are currently in their 20s. Read: Who is the oldest in got7 Age of each GOT7 member GOT7 member Date of birth Age Jin Young September 22, 1994 23 Young Jae September 17, 1996 21 Bam Bam May 2, 1997 20 Mark September 4, 1993 24 Yugyeom November 17, 1997 20 JB (Jae Bum) January 8, 1994 23 Jackson March 28, 1994 23

List from oldest to youngest of GOT7

From all the above list, here we will give the ranking of GOT7 members from oldest to youngest. Age Rating (oldest to youngest) GOT7 members 1 Mark 2 JB (Jae Bum) 3 Jackson 4 Jin Young 5 Young Jae 6 Bam Bam 7 Yugyeom

How were GOT7 members formed?

Got7http://kprofiles.com1. JB and JR participated in JYP’s 5th trainee recruitment in 2009 and came in 1st place and then they were recruited as JYP Entertainment trainees. Mark was searched by an agent when he was still a high school student in Los Angeles, California, and he later participated in JYP’s global audition in 2010. Jackson is one of the former members. member of the Hong Kong National Fencing Team. He then participated in JYP’s global audition in Hong Kong in 2011 and became a trainee. Bam Bam failed in the 2007 JYP Global Audition in Thailand, but after he won 2nd place in the LG Entertainer contest in 2010 and he was finally recruited by JYP. Yugyeom was recruited in 2011 after he won a home dance competition. Young Jae joined GOT7 7 months after GOT7 debuted.

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GOT7’s launch event

got7http: //www.kstarlive.comRead more: who son put freedom is free really meaningful | Top Q&A7. On December 24, 2013, JYP revealed that they would be debuting a new boy group that would be “the next 2PM” in January 2014. On January 1, 2014, JYP revealed that the new group’s name was out. eyes will be GOT7.9. JYP also announced that the new boy group will not only dance, but will specialize in “trick martial arts” (a form of martial arts that uses acrobatics and b-boying).10. On January 15, 2014, GOT7’s “Girls Girls Girls” music video was released. On that day, they also held their debut showcase “Garage Showcase”. 11. GOT7’s first EP “Got it?” hit number one on the Billboard World Albums Chart. 12. It’s not only on Billboard’s World Albums Chart, but “Got it?” also ranked second on The Gaon Album Chart.

GOT7’s albums and singles

got7itunes.apple.com13. After the success of the first EP, GOT7 released their second EP “Got Love” in June 2014.14. GOT7’s first full album was released in November 2014 with the title “Identity”; The lead track “Stop Stop It” topped Gaon’s Weekly Album Sales Chart in its first week. Then, GOT7 reached out even further to Japan by releasing the single “Around The World” in October 2014. Read more: You are who you go out with16. A year later, GOT7 released their second Japanese single “Love Train”, which hit number four on the Oricon Singles Chart. In 2015, GOT7 also released their third EP “Just Right” in July 2015.18. On March 21, 2016, GOT7’s fifth EP “Flight Log: Departure” was released. In September 2017, the second studio album “Flight Log: Turbilities” was released. 19. The follow-up album “Flight Log: Arrival”, which is the third album of the Flight Log trio, was released in February 2017. The 7th EP “7 of 7” was released in October and the latest album, is The Japanese EP “Turn Up” was released on November 15, 2017.

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More information about GOT7

got7soompi.com20. Along with Twice, GOT7 was chosen as the new clothing ambassador for NBA Style Korea on February 21, 2016. Following PSY (#88), GOT7 became the first Korean artist to enter the Artist Hot 100 chart of Billboard at number 45.22. GOT7 became part of the re-opened G + Star Zone donation area to help financially disadvantaged youth in early 2017.23. GOT7 has won many awards, including Korea’s most prestigious award “Golden Disc Awards” 2015. The recent “Golden Disc Awards” that GOT7 won was Disc Bonsang with “Flight Log: Turbilities”.24. GOT7 also has their own web drama, “Dream Knight” (12 episodes), which has been a hit with 13 million views. 25. Not only singing, dancing, and acting, the GOT7 members also showed off their variety show skills through the variety show “I GOT7”. Read more: who is John cena’s ex-wife | Top Q&A

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