Who Is the Father of Ash Ketchum?

Aside from things like “what happens inside a Pokéball” and “why doesn’t Ash age,” one of the biggest unanswered questions and most sought-after plots behind video games and The classic anime, Pokémon, is the identity of Ash Ketchum’s father. We know his mother as Delia Ketchum, a sincere, gentle and smiling saint of a woman who still lives in Pallet Town, but his father is only mentioned once. There are many theories and a few hints as to who (or what) he could be, like a deceased Pokémon trainer or Professor Oak himself, but as you can see, not all of them are. they are all great. Even so, some theories give us a glimpse into the Poké World as well as the people living within it. I don’t know about you, but Pokémon is a huge part of my life. I grew up on it, but the fact is that more and more amazing Pokémon and characters and even all the locations have been added to this amazing story, but still nothing in the form of information about his father. Ash intrigued me immensely, if not merely fueled my own search for answers. I know of no one like Ash and Pikachu, but you have to admit that the father of this legendary character has to do with the story. After 20 years of Pokémon and why I’m still a fan can easily be taken here, in gathering information on one of the biggest questions in anime history: Who was the father of Ash Ketchum?

Professor Oak


It has long been widely claimed that Professor Oak, a Pokémon scientist in his 60s, may actually be the father of Ash Ketchum. While that might make sense, given that it was the man who gave Ash his infamous Pikachu uncle, it’s not too common for most die-hard fans. You don’t need the original Pokémon anime in HD to see these theoretical flaws. Yes, Oak may hang around Pallet town (and even with Delia too often), but this claim is still flawed and largely questionable. There is also massive evidence to the contrary in the fourth film, Celebi: Voice of the Forest, in which a young Oak is portrayed as “Sam”. This younger iteration of Oak bears little resemblance to Ash, raising many doubts as to whether he is his father, though speculations continue to spread.

He has not been written yet

Any fool who thinks that Ash’s father hasn’t worked for a long time, or is purposefully hiding in the shadows, won’t read the big picture. The creator of Pokémon, Takeshi Shudo, said it for himself: Ash’s father does exist, he just hasn’t appeared yet and has no real meaning in the entire Poké verse. Plus, even Masamitsu Hidaka, the Pokémon director, said in 2008 that Ash’s grandfather was also a great Pokémon trainer. and 2 (which we will discuss later). This could actually mean that he hasn’t been written yet and has stalled since he was written, or that he’s been around for a long, long time, simply waiting for the most opportune moment to be able to act. present himself. Then again, he might even be a it….

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Mr. Mime

This is weird, and it gets even weirder as one digs deeper into the theory. Every Pokéfan and lover will know that Delila always has a Mr Mime around the house. Why and for what purpose is beyond my understanding, though “Mimey,” as Delia calls him, has been seen cleaning and tidying up around the house on various occasions. Ketchup is not only because of its abundance, but also because of the ancient legends of the Sinnoh. If you watch the video, it discusses how this can be broken down into how Pokémon evolve, plus how their relationship with humans works. While it sounds both fun and gross at the same time, the possibility is unlikely.


Read more: who is cardi b tommy boyfriend | Top Q&AI in the Pokémon Chronicles mini-series “The Search for Legend,” a character named Silver is revealed—no, not Silver but actually Giovanni’s son in the game. Not only does Silver have Ash-like hair and a hoarse voice, he also has a non-Pokéball Pokémon, a Chikorita. the majority of the fan base. However, he seems to know him, as he seems to show some interest in young children when mentioned: That’s all we get about anything to do with Assuming Silver is Ash Ketchum’s father, this doesn’t fit his case. solids. He may be on a long journey with Pokémon like Ash, plus there’s a Pokémon outside of its Pokéball just like him, but there’s no definite connection between them to give an answer. sure word.


rtmaacr5mpelnfhen9tcThis is my personal favorite theory on Ash Ketchum’s long list of fatherhood possibilities. The baddie of all the bad guys himself and the leader of Team Rocket, a ruthless organization that kidnaps and abuses Pokémon, Giovanni actually has the ironic potential to become Ash’s father because of his secret past. of himself and Delia, discussed in a spin-off play called The Pokémon Live Musical Show. Even so, the theory has persisted in the years since the anime series began, a kind of Star Wars that turns into a children’s classic. like a compliment to him. On the other hand, Giovanni is not the kind of guy to be proud of someone, even if they are doing and spreading his bad deeds. And, on top of that, Ash and Giovanni have had a number of encounters, none of which indicate any direct relationship, and one of which even entertains the likes of Mewtwo. You’d think the psychic/super-intelligent Pokémon master could use Ash’s knowledge of bloodline against Giovanni, but he’s probably too busy being almighty.

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Mr. Aaron

In Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, a character named Sir Aaron gives rise to another theory that he is Ash’s father, but many people have some mixed feelings about this. They may share similar (if not quite the same) auras, and are also closely linked, aside from some similarities such as hair and personality, but Sir Aaron as a Ash Ketchum’s way of being the father just doesn’t seem right to me. First of all, Sir Aaron is dead. It got long and complicated, but fans eventually turned their attention to Riley, another Sir Aaron who looks exactly like Ash in some respects, but not all of them. It’s a loose theory that, if anything else, merely proves Ash’s relationship to both Sir Aaron and Riley (possibly distant cousins ​​or something), other than that it’s not. much.

Human-Pokémon hybrid

This is partly related to Mr. Mime, in which Ash belongs to some kind of Pokémon/human-to-human connection, or could be the result of Pokémon/human evolution. As I said back to Mr. theory. Mime, this theory isn’t just a bit creepy but it’s totally Creepypasta, if you know what I mean. Read more: How to help an emotionally traumatized partner at the beginning of your relationship their relationship with humans, like Mr. Mime’s madness theory. The basis is Ash, since he has extremely powerful talent, immense popularity for both Pokémon and humans, and does not age, many people have to ask: Is a Pokémon the father by Ash Ketchum? It’s possible, but it’s also very difficult (and, my God, I hope not).

He died

However, the possibility that Ash Ketchum has a long-dead father is very likely. Perhaps more unlikely, however, given Delia’s limited admission of him and his absence. Add to that the fact Ash has never said a word about him, other than “Emergency Pokémon!” second episode of the entire series: First, Delia talks about him in the present tense, so he might still be alive. Second, Ash’s hasty reaction seemed a little too harsh, or self-defeating, coming from a dead child of his father. No, I think if Ash Ketchum’s father had passed away, we would have known about that and how he died — however, that in itself could be a morbid conspiracy if considered. Again, very doubtful.


A very possible but still uncertain candidate for the position of the father of Ash Ketchum is Bruno. That’s right, the same Pokémon League Elite Four Bruno we all know and love, the mentally strong man and the ferocious Pokémon just offers clear proof that he’s Ash’s father, but so much more. again. Like Ash, Bruno also has jet-black hair, hitchhiker thumbs, a pointed chin, and acts goofy. yes, they are definitely not groundbreaking. Unless you add that Bruno was the first person to appear on the TV show as a silhouette. This leads to — or more precisely, gives rise to — an entirely new theory altogether…

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No one, or a “Silhouette”

Remember those publications I mentioned earlier, Pocket Monsters: The Animation Episodes 1 and 2? From a particular chapter, a seemingly tearful yet satisfying scene is displayed as follows: Satoshipedia’s article goes deeper into the whole story, but basically the theory is based on old Japanese culture. around parenting. Similar to Ash, Takeshi Shudo does not have a father as he is now, nor does he value his son’s career path. This happens to many people like Takeshi. Infusing some of this same Japanese culture into the cartoon, Shudo gave Ash a father who is still out there, still alive, still around — but not present, almost existent. So wait, then where is he?

The Greatest Pokémon Trainer

This theory is taken from an old Japanese magazine, which states that Ash Ketchum’s father could only be a man of high merit, possibly not only a coach but also a master. Pokémon. Ash was asked in the magazine where his father was and he replied: Please bear with the translation problems, because these magazines are only published in Japanese and they are hard to find to begin with, but it’s clear from this that only Ash’s father Ketchup is one of them — if not the— The greatest Pokémon trainer ever. The fact that we don’t know who or where he is and that his mention only appears twice in the entire series proves that his identity may not mean much, but human his, who he is, the question that still lingers about him is enough to prove that he is exceptional, to some extent, possibly the only one capable of defeating Ash and His scary Pikachu. Or, at least, the only one who could show Ash his greatest and most important potential. Read more: Who is Mr. frederick on the animal farm

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