who is the cutest boy in the world

When babies are born, their little faces, hands and feet make them so adorable. Their smiles make you feel like everything is meaningless without them. Babies are life’s dancing joy, and their liveliness makes all the difference. However, there is one boy who has had the opportunity of his life to be crowned the cutest boy in the world.Image: topqa.info, @william.franklyn.miller Source: UGCB Being selected as the cutest boy in the world is an opportunity that any parent wishes for their child. However, there must always be a winner in any race, and William Franklyn Miller was chosen as the most handsome. William’s story of how he got the foundation is one that sounds like a fairy tale. Read: Who is the cutest boy in the world.

The cutest boy in the world

William Franklyn Miller was crowned the cutest boy in the world by fans. He’s a teenager whose looks make most women wish he were older. He has blue eyes and hair that you just want to brush through. Many might argue that these are the main characteristics that make him the most handsome guy.READ ALSO: Charming boy with beautiful blue eyes and scar ‘Avatar’ heats up social networksRead more: Rolling Stone | Top Q & AWilliam Franklyn Miller was born on March 25, 2004 in London. The handsome boy lives with his parents in Melbourne with two siblings, Noah and Siena. William’s walk to fame was one he didn’t see coming. However, being the most handsome guy is not the only thing he is proud of, his debut as a star made him explore his interests such as modeling and acting. Also, he is going to school, and so his education is his priority even though he is still pursuing auditions in the modeling and acting fields. The popularity he achieved was something he had never identified or imagined. He didn’t attract any attention at the time, but things took a turn after a Japanese blogger posted a picture of him on Twitter. The tweet went viral and most of the people who saw the photo were delighted to know the handsome boy. Therefore, they searched his Instagram page and followed him. At one point, he and his mother thought the account had been hacked until William read his comment and learned how it happened. Most of the comments talk about how cute he is and how popular he has gained in Japan and China.READ ALSO: 15 cute photos of comedian Njugush’s son show how much he has grown before our eyes Read more: Who is Randy Moss’s wife? Libby Offutt (Ex) & Lydia Moss: He also gets invites to Asian shows to be special guests along with Skype interviews with people who want to know more about him and the title boy How the cutest thing on earth changed his life. On the other hand, his fans are obligated to follow William and keep each other updated on any developments about him through the “fan community group”. Attention like this goes to him a lot, but it seems to have paved the way for his acting and modeling career. Some of the modeling agencies he has worked with and the movies he has been in include:

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Modeling agency

  • Harrods . Christmas Window
  • Bayside Modeling Agency
  • Rubbing hair

Movies and series

  • Jack Irish (young man Pierce)
  • Fish out of water (Zac)
  • Arrow (young Joseph Wilson)
  • Neighbors (Brandon Henly)
  • Watcher (Thomas)
  • Rise (Will)
  • Four Kids and It (Carl)

Despite being the cutest boy in the world, he found a clever way to use it to pursue his love of acting and modeling. His fans have kept him in a pedestal he never imagined, but he has proven that beauty with a brain can help build more than one has before. Therefore, there is no doubt that he is the most handsome teenager.READ ALSO: 95 cute baby boy names Source: Tuko Kenya Read more: Brother Blood

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