Who Is Nik Hirschi? Relationship With Wife Supercar Blondie

Nik Hirschi is a former company employee who became famous worldwide after his wife Alexandra Mary Hirschi aka “Supercar Blondie” was a huge success on social networks. Blondie is one of the most influential women in the auto industry with millions of fans following on several social media platforms. He is currently working as a manager for Blondie. Let’s explore the couple’s years-long marriage and nomadic lifestyle with the world’s coolest cars. In the article we also only included Nik Hirschi’s net worth, education and career!

Nik is happy Married to his wife Super Blondie: How did it start?


Nik Hirschi has had a successful married life with his beautiful blonde wife Blondie Supercar for several years now. Although the couple has kept their married life a secret, they have been together for over 16 years. And the two tied the knot after a few years of love. Alex regularly shares photos taken with her husband on social media to mark the years they have shared together. 16 years later, crazier than ever. Love you @nikcars. ”Alex Hirschi and her husband Nik topqa.infoce: Instagram Both are super car lovers. When couples stick together and work together in the same field, their relationship also naturally becomes stronger and more romantic. The same can be said for Blondie and her husband, Hirschi. They’ve been working on social media for several years now and together they’ve explored some of the world’s most famous destinations.

Their plan for kids

Nik and Supercar have no children, although both have enjoyed a husband and wife relationship for a long time. They also never revealed any future plans to enjoy parenthood.

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Nik Hirschi is his wife’s manager Supercar Blondie

Supercar Blondie’s husband, Hirschi, started working as her own manager in April 2018. He has helped his wife achieve fame and stardom delivering various strategies for social media accounts. her popular club.Blondie has over 22.5 million followers on her Facebook page. Her follower count has increased widely on FB after her 2018 Valentine’s Day video went live. In the clip, Alex’s husband gave her a Ferrari 488. That same year, Blondie’s Facebook page also became the fastest-growing car page. profile with about 300 followers. The first luxury car Alex ever drove was Flying Super which she received in a one-week drive offer from Bentley. Then she started uploading photos to Insta. And her following began to grow rapidly as well. As of 2020, she has more than 6.6 million followers on the account. Furthermore, Blondie also has a YouTube channel of the same name with 4.19 million subscribers. She reviews the world’s newest and coolest car on her YouTube videos. Alexandra Mary Hirschi is a former radio host who worked as a newsreader and presenter on a Dubai Eye 103.8 radio talk show. She worked on the field for several years and quit in 2017.Alexandra Mary Hirschi previously worked on Radio.Alexandra Mary Hirschi is former Radio topqa.infoce: HotCars

Blondie’s Other Indevours

While the production team of the popular British car show The Gear was in Dubai, Supercar also appeared in its episode alongside The Stig.Supercar Blondie featured on Top Gear with The Stig.Blondie Supercar Appears on Top Topqa.infoce: Instagram Alex received the Shorty Award for Breakthrough YouTube User in 2020.

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Nik Hirschi’s decades of experience in the banking sector

Nik Hirschi previously spent many years in the corporate world. His first job was as a banking apprentice at Valiant Bank AG in Switzerland in 2001. He worked for the company until June 2005. He then did a three-month internship at Standard Chartered Bank and College Hill. at Barclays Wealth in July 2008. He then joined Wallich & Matthes and became part of it (July 2010-July 2011). He once offered the liquidity of the bonds and the best rates to his clients at the time.Blondie supercar with ex-husband, banker Nik Hirschi.Supercar Blondie with husband Nik topqa.infoce: Instagram In August 2011, Hirschi was appointed senior account manager at Bloomberg, where he mainly focused on forex until leaving office in October 2014 . is the sales manager & executive director of SGDA. Re-emphasizing the banking sector, Hirschi became Misys’ business development manager from January 2016 to September 2016. His last job in this area was as sales manager at Thomas Reuters.

Nik Hirschi Net Worth

Nik Hirschi has a net worth of $1 million according to various online sources. He appropriated most of his fortune from his long banking career. His current main source of funding is his social media career with mate Supercar Blondie. On the other hand, Blondie has a net worth of $5 million as of 2020. According to tabloids estimates, the social media icon earns $2 million a year. She can easily earn around $45,175 from her single promotional Instagram post.

Nik Hirschi’s super surprise Valentine’s Day gift is a Ferrari 488 Spider for his wife Blondie

Hirschi gave his wife Blondie supercar a very hot shiny red Ferrari 488 Spider worth $ 470,000 as a surprise gift on Valentine’s Day. He spent a day decorating the supercar with bouquets of red, white and pink roses. It looks gorgeous with pink and red balloons.Blondie's husband, Nik Hirschi, gifted a Ferrari 488 Spider for Valentine's Day.Nik Hirschi, husband of the Blondie supercar, gifted a Ferrari 488 Spider on topqa.infoce: Gulf News. on her self-titled YouTube channel.

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Blondie Supercar Other Supercars

Blonde, the car enthusiast, owned the Mitsubishi Lancer for the first time. She then shared her moments with some fast cars like BMW i8, Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4, etc. She regularly shares snaps of her Rolls Royce Wraith Black Badge ($608,000) on Instagram on Instagram. .Supercar Blondie with Rolls Royce Wraith Black Badge.Some other cars where the social media star appeared include McLaren 720 ($499,000), Flying Spur ($390,000), Mercedes, Bugatti, etc.

Biography of Nik Hirschi

Nik Hirschi was born in Australia on August 10, 1983. He kept his parents a secret. He attended the University of Queensland and earned a Bachelor of Commerce in 2008. Nik also attended the University of Hong Kong in 2007.

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