Who is Nathan and Malina’s Biological Father?

Video Who are mama and malina’s dad Read more: Braun Strowman Who is dating now? | Top Q&A At the end of the final episode of Heroes Reborn, we’re left with a new mystery after Malina and Nathan (Tommy) saved the world through the sacrifice of their grandfather, Noah Bennet. The twins are living separate lives with Nathan in Carbondale while Malina in Odessa attends high school at Union Wells. and walked away, after drinking a strawberry milkshake. When the master of time and space came to clear the table, he found that a tarot card had been left behind. The cut-out is where Malina goes to her locker at school and she finds another tarot card there as well. Confused, the teenage girl went outside and got into a Mercedes Benz that had come to pick her up. Sitting in the car, her great-grandmother asked her how her first day was. Malina gives Angela the card and tells her someone left it to her and she feels like she’s being watched.HEROES REBORN – “Project Reborn” Episode 113 – Photo: Danika Yarosh as Malina Bennet – (Image: NBC) The elderly woman looks at her great-great-grandson in dismay and says her father is coming for her and Nathan and no one will be able to protect them from him.Read more: Who is Vanessa bryant dating right now Turns out he’s a new character from the Heroes Save the Cheerleader, Destroy the World ebook. world on December 7, 2010, but it has become more dangerous. In the end, Claire had to go into hiding and she would meet the future father of the twins. Peter and Claude rescued Hammer and several other Evos from being tied up in Monaco and put them on a barge docked in Monaco. Tarragona, Spain. Even then he was already wearing an overcoat. Hammer was badly injured and Mohinder feared he would never walk again. Apparently Claire was the first person he saw after regaining consciousness and they had become close during their time on the barge. The duo had their first kiss on July 4, 2012.Angela Petrelli and Claire BennetAngela Petrelli and Claire Bennet However, things were not perfect between the pair and Hammer had turned erratic and felt that the others needed to be more proactive. He begins to fight Peter, Claude, Mohinder, and Micah. Then one day he disappeared without a word to anyone.Read more: to whom is erin andrews engaged | Top Q&AS Sometime on September 27, 2013, he returned to Claire’s life while she was hiding in Italy at the Abbazia di San Giovanni in Spilimbergo. He remembered his “Blondie” and explained that things were getting stressful outside and that he wanted to get away from it all by seeing the only person who could make him laugh. The two complete their relationship but the next day Hammer disappears again. During that week, Claire began to feel nauseous and realized that she was pregnant. On June 13, 2014 when she arrived for the summit in Odessa, Claire scratched her hand and realized that she was not healed. Immediately after the water broke and she was rushed to the hospital for delivery. Later events were explored in Heroes Reborn.HERO BACK - "Project Reborn" Episode 113 - Pictured: Robbie Kay as Tommy Clark - (Image: NBC)HEROES REBORN – “Project Reborn” Episode 113 – Pictured: Robbie Kay as Tommy Clark – (Image: NBC) So we don’t know what Hammer’s real name is or what powers he has. Nathan (Tommy) inherits Petrelli’s ability to absorb powers (grandfather Arthur owns it, great uncle Peter has the ability to copy/imitate) and Malina’s elemental control may have come from his grandmother her lineage, Meredith Gordon (who is pyrokinetic) or possibly from her father. However, we know he enjoys strawberry milkshakes, peach coats, tarot cards, and it’s likely he has some nefarious plans in mind for the twins and humanity. The series wants more. And how to make Angela Petrelli young again? Read more: Braun Strowman Who’s dating? | Top Q&A

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