Who is Mary in The Yellow Wallpaper?

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Feminist aspect

Perhaps you have been asked to read this story to a class, and you may have been presented with the story as a piece of feminist literature. You might ask yourself why be a feminist when the heroine has no power and no control over her own destiny. Even the urge to have one’s own voice represents minimal integrity and free will. Read: Who is the woman in her expected yellow wallpaper. That’s right, she had to resort to madness to complete her escape. However, she could still be considered unsuitable.

Who is Mary?

Read more: Who is Jessica Dime Dating Now? | Top Q & AT The character Mary is mentioned only once in the beginning of the story, when the narrator/main character is lamenting her inability to care for her young son. She is grateful that the nanny, Mary, has been “so nice to the baby”. Mary the Nursemaid The first time you read it, you might have missed her name and little information about her. And if you’ve only read a summary of the story, you’ve probably never even heard of Mary. However, there is some meaning to her role in the family, and even her name. In the Christian faith, Mary is the ideal of purity and virtue. In a way, we can see Mary, the nanny representing the ideal of mother and carer roles that the unlikely topqa.info protagonist might not want. Read more: book snowman who is the killer | Top Q&A At the time Mary was mentioned, the young mother still knew about her baby and was reassured that Mary was doing well with him. Towards the end of the story, when the main character goes completely insane, the reader can feel grateful that the poor abandoned boy had Mary to take care of him. It seems doubtful that the child’s biological mother will ever be well enough to be his caretaker, although she might want to.

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Social context for the story

Now you might be wondering how the protagonist’s doctor husband, John, doesn’t realize that the prescribed respite therapy is driving his wife crazy. Not only did he ignore the signs of her breakdown, he also encouraged his wife to leave her writing job behind for a life of so little activity and stimulation. But, more than a hundred years ago, the standard for upper-class women was to be gentle, passive, and help her husband. The remaining cures described in this story are commonly prescribed by the men’s medical community for women’s neurological conditions. So John is simply conforming to social norms by treating his wife like an anxious child. Read more: how tall is the actor who plays the bad boy | Top Q&A Angels in the house Edwardian woman

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