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A big mazel comes to see Lilly Ghalichi, who revealed exclusively to The Daily Dish that she has found love again and is engaged. The Shahs of Sunset’s boyfriend, Dara, brought up the question in late August, and now she is revealing all the details of their romance. another parking space for her Ferrari. Dara happened to be on the board. After some time passed and several email exchanges took place, they met for the first time in the lobby of the building despite living one floor apart. “I only know what he looks like because after he asked me. I had a girlfriend who knew him and I texted her,” the eyelash specialist recounts. “And she sent me a picture of him and her husband and I was like, ‘Oh, yeah, I’ll definitely go.” . “We will literally forever have the exact moment we met in our lives,” she said. “I would say the first day that I felt like I had dreamed of him in my life,” she said. “I would say within two or three months of dating, we were inseparable. It all happened very quickly. ”Photo courtesy of Lilly Ghalichi Photo courtesy of Lilly Ghalichi Read more: Leashes for sled dogs That brings us to a grand proposal at the end of summer. The engagement that came to Lilly was a surprise. It all took place on the grounds of their future home in Bel-Air at a very special location on the property. The couple will build their home from scratch on this land, but they are keeping an existing gazebo, which is where he asks her to marry him. “There were chandeliers, candles, flowers, so the reason he proposed there was [because] the only part of the existing structure that will remain is the hilltop gazebo,” she said. “Unfortunately, the next day, his 36th birthday party was completely overshadowed and turned into a massive engagement party.” And, yes, Lilly loves her ring. “Great. It is a beautiful oval-cut diamond,” she said. “I really couldn’t ask for more. It’s very antique and elegant set with rhinestones for the strap and has paver diamonds on the basket and everything – so all you see are diamonds. I don’t know exactly how big it is, but it’s big enough.”It was even more special when her future mother-in-law helped him pick it out. “His mother was the most fashionable amazing woman I have ever met,” she said. “She is everything I aspire to be in life. She has the best fashion sense. She is a charming girl. ”Photo courtesy of Lilly Ghalichi Read more: Who is Mia khalifa married to. back to LA at the Beverly Hills Hotel. “It was so special to be able to do it at home and have the people you love in attendance,” she said. new funny. “I ran into Reza by chance. I talk to GG and they’re both on the moon, congrats,” she said. Well, he doesn’t like social media. “He is a very private person. It’s refreshing to be with someone who doesn’t care about social media, doesn’t care about celebrities [and] Totally opposite of a world I came from,” she said. “In that world, there are a lot of fake people. There are many users. You never really know what people’s intentions are and with him you don’t even suspect a thing because he doesn’t have these. He doesn’t care about these things. “She also applauded “his success and work ethic”, adding, “I don’t just find my equality. He was beyond anything I could ever be. “Check out the flashbacks of Lilly, below. Read more: who is jane krakowski married to | Top Q&A

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