who is kimberly mccullough married to

General Hospital fans have a very loving relationship with Kimberly McCullough. She’s someone we’ve all loved for a very long time, and she’s not someone we’d like to see gone even though she’s long gone. She is the one who made us feel good about ourselves. She made us wonder if there was more to life with her characters and roles, and she made us feel good about ourselves. She’s beautiful – inside and out – Robin Scorpio. It’s been a long time since she passed, but she still comes back often to support her mother and show her support for all she does.

1. She’s a California girl


She was born and raised in Bellflower, CA, which seemed like a very nice place to live. She was born on March 5, 1978. She didn’t have a typical childhood, and we’ll get to that a little later.

2. She’s Been Robin Since Forever

It’s been a long way since she decided to take on the role, and it’s really no joke. She was only 7 years old when she started this job. And she is also the source of the character. She is not the one who was given the role after it was taken from someone else. She made it, she owned it, and she rocked it. It’s just hers.

3. She auditioned 12 times

Read more: Who’s the brunette in the 2021 nissan commercial However, it hasn’t been an easy ride for the former child actress. While she was cast as Robin at a very young age, she was made to audition a total of 12 times. That’s a lot for a child. But she handled it.

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4. She won an Emmy at the age of 11

Her hires made sure they got the call right when she won her first daytime Emmy. She was only 11 years old when she won. If that’s not a sign of the times, what is?

5. She is the youngest of the three

She is the younger sister of two brothers, which makes her the child of the family. She spent a lot of time studying to spend time with the boys, and she and her mother were the only women in the house.

6. She’s Mexican

She has that gorgeous black hair and that gorgeous complexion, and you might wonder where she got it. She is part of Mexico, and she dresses well and is proud of her heritage. She is gorgeous.

7. She started acting early

Read more: Who plays symphony in cobra kai She was only 7 months old when she became a full-fledged actress. Her first job was working for a diaper company in advertising. She did well, and it shows in the course of her career that she’s done a great job of remaining professional. Apparently even as a kid.

8. She loves gymnastics

She started training at the age of 4 and spent many years on the mat. We don’t know if she would have made it any further in that field of work if she hadn’t spent a lot of time in acting, but who knows?

9. She dated Freddie Prinz Jr.

She likes her man famous. She has been famous for many years with a handsome young actor. She’s happy about it, but this is far before he meets his current wife, Sarah Michelle Gellar. He married her in 2002 and has two children with the actress. We’re not sure there’s any hard feelings.

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10. Ms. Dale Earnhardt Jr.

While completing her relationship with Prinz Jr., she met a famous racing driver and spent years dating him. They were together for three years before that ended. She eventually ended up with someone else and she had her first child in 2017 after revealing she was pregnant and had a terrible end-of-month miscarriage in 2015. She was pregnant at the time. She was pregnant with a girl, and it didn’t turn out the way she had hoped after miscarrying her baby girl at 22 weeks. Late miscarriage is not common, but she has experienced it once. It was one of the most difficult times in her life. Read more: Héctor Lavoe

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