who is jo koy’s ex wife

Angie King be your average American citizen until your ex-husband’s popularity makes her the center of attention. That’s right, her husband is none other than Jo Koy, one of the most followed comedians today. Jay Leno In 2005, Jay became one of the famous comedians. Angie and Jo are married for a while before the divorce. From their relationship they became parents to one child Read: Who is jo koy’s ex-wife In this article, learn all the interesting details about the former flame relationship. Moreover, we will learn some interesting details about Joy Koy’s wife’s life, present and past.

Angie was born and raised in California


Angie was born on May 28, 1979 to an American father, David A King and a Filipino mother, Tessie King. While her father is of British ancestry, her mother is an Ilocano from the Philippines. King’s father and mother raised her and her siblings in California as Catholics. However, before settling in California, she lived in Saudi Arabia, besides, from an early age, Angie’s mother passed on her children’s Filipino heritage. This has helped Angie bond with her Filipino heritage, which she proudly brags about. About her parents, her father David passed away in 2018. He and his wife Tessie were together for 40 years before he tragically passed away. Her father served in the United States Navy around the end of World War II.

She has one sibling and three half-siblings

The King’s household is a rather large household. In addition to Angie, Tessie and her late husband Davide welcomed a son, David King Jr. Both David and Angie are quite close to each other. She shares a lot of pictures of her brother on the handle on social networks.Angie’s brother and father.Read more: Theodd1sout Sister, Net Worth, Girlfriend and Age. | Top Q & AHer brother is a married guy and also a father. He is married to his girlfriend of many years, Janea. The duo are parents to a daughter named Natalie Rose King, born February 2019. When Natalie was born, Angie was on the moon. She shared a photo taken with her niece, expressing her happiness. Discover for yourself! In addition to her biological brother, Angie has three half-siblings, two sisters, Cindi King Tuning, Danielle Bushand a brother, Michael King. Not much is known about her half-siblings as she rarely shares any pictures of them on her Instagram account. However, she is quite close to them.

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Angie King became famous thanks to her relationship with Jo Koy

Since Jo Koy joined the comedy series, his family has become the subject of curiosity. And why not? After all, most of his jokes revolve around them, especially his and his mother’s childhood. Now talking about Angie and Jo’s relationship, not many people know about it. What we do know so far is that they dated and got married somewhere around the early 2000s. That was around the time they got divorced, since their divorce, both of them are still unmarried to anyone else. .

Angie shares a son with her ex-husband

From their relationship, the couple welcomed a child, a baby boy named Joseph J Herbert Jr. He was born on April 21, 2003, in California. He graduated his sophomore year in 2017 from a Catholic school, St Mel School, Woodlands, California. Up to this point, the ex-flames have co-parented their boy excellently. Never did they make him feel estranged and unloved, something we often see in a child between a divorced couple. Read more: I fell in love with someone who didn’t even know I existed. of his parents. It can be said that he is the glue that holds the two together.

Angie and Jo Koy have a great relationship with each other

They may have differences when it comes to marriage, but it certainly makes no difference in how much respect they have for each other. Although they have been separated for more than a few years, they are still completely in love, not because of that! In 2020, when the whole country goes into lockdown, Angie is still with her husband. They both decided to take this step just so their son could spend time with both of them simultaneously. During the chat, Jo openly said that he loves his ex-wife and that they admire each other despite their differences. It takes more than respect to be together like this.

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Does Angie date or marry anyone?

For the past few years, Angie has been dating a guy named Gino Perez. Her boyfriend is an artist and designer living in Los Angeles.Angie King BoyfriendAngie and her best friend, Geno. The best part about all of this is that Gino and Angie’s ex Jo are great friends. Gino even gifted the comedian a few of his arts, which shows how much they respect each other. Together they own a clothing line called UFO Mexico. Read more: Avan Jogia’s Dating History: Everyone The ‘Victory’ Star Dated

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