Personal and often moving answers from men and women, young and old, Christians and persons of other faiths. May their answers help you to make your own answer clearer, deeper and more joyful. When we cry, He criesReading: who is jesus to meWhen I was studying in school, Jesus was just a guy who helped me pass the exam.When I was in college, Jesus was just a guy who saved me from a lot of accidents.When I was working, Jesus was a just a guy who prospered me in my work.When my mom got healed, Jesus was just a guy who healed her.Now, when my mother passed away,That is when I really truly started to understand who Jesus is for me.This usually works the other way for people.People tend to lose faith when struck by suffering.But in my suffering, in my weakness, I found who Jesus is for meWho is Jesus for me?Well, He is a God who takes part in our suffering, in our sorrow, in our painIf we cry, he cries.Reminds me of the part where it is written in the Bible‘Jesus wept’ when he came to the house of Lazarus.Then began my quest for the Lord.And it goes on & on & onDrawing me closer to him every day.Nichol Louis Nicholson, Managing Director, Trine group, Bahrain. Young married businessman, with a one and half-year-old son. (His mother died of cancer at the age of 52, when Nichol was doing his post graduation.)————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-Making a meaningful differenceJesus is not just someone who has been folded in mythology & handed down to us over generations, or to practice blind faith or the art of being good unto others. The very symbol of this great Saviour is to reiterate the love and humility that we should provide to others. What is enough to make Him happy is to just spread compassion, a helping hand, to instill peace into the worldly chaos around us – to be prudent with life and to what is around us. I still remember that during my catechism classes as a child we were taught to see Jesus in all who we see and do. For me that would be being passive. The actual active bit is into making a meaningful difference to society around you through virtues of humility and service. That’s Jesus for me and the larger chunk of being a worthy human first.As we remember the Lord Jesus Christ during his birth month I personally believe when we always welcome Him year on year that no matter how dreadful the planet may be, with all its sham and drudgery, it still is—thanks to Him—a beautiful place to live in!2Ralph Lamare Fernandez, young marketing professional bachelor from Shillong working in Bengaluru. Loves dogs and works for stray animals’ protection.—————————————————————————————————————————————————————Walks with me and carries meIn the story “Footprints in the Sand,” the traveler told the Lord that at the lowest and saddest times in his life he noticed that there was only one set of footprints in the sand, even though at other times there were two sets – one pair were the Lords’ and the other his own. He questioned the Lord, Why so? The Lord Jesus assured him saying, “My precious child, I never left you during the most troublesome times in your life. Where you see only one set of footprints, I was carrying you.”When I think of my life as a woman, Christian, daughter, sister, wife, mother and grandmother, again as a colleague at office, parishioner, neighbor, I’ve had to traverse ups and downs, heartaches and glories, shocks and pains…Who has Jesus been for me ?This is what the Lord Jesus has been and done for me: walked alongside me and carried me during the most trying times in my life. He has carried me on His shoulders and helped me go through those moments. Jesus never abandoned me. Jesus has been, and continues to be, my Savior and My Lord. Sincerely I feel deep down He is my Everything.3Celine Alvares, mother of three and grandmother of four, Mumbai————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-Comfort, but not comfort aloneThe first feeling I associate with Jesus is comfort…but is he comfort alone?For me His role in my life changes with situations in life. He is someone with whom I can be ME. No pretentions, no need to impress, for he is my Creator. Who knows his creation better than the creator? I feel completely at ease with him; can talk to him about anything, discuss any feeling with him: frustrations, sadness, anger, infatuations…. anything. And, and this may sound crazy, all my queries and doubts get answered …It’s a wonder to me. I always talk to Jesus because I feel he is the only one I can truly share my feelings with. I would not want to give a human relationship association like father, brother, friend, guide, etc. … I definitely I feel comfortable with him… I trust him—trust Him enough to give the steering of my life to Him… When He is at the helm I do not despair… He knows me—knows me much better than I do.Read more: Who is tim miller married to4Sheeba Mathews, Company executive, Bahrain. Married, with one school-going son.——————————————————————————————————————————————————————-Inspiration and Support in Medical MinistryAnna and I became familiar with the teaching of Jesus early in our medical training. As a couple we felt the presence of a loving Father guiding us on the journey of our life. God blessed us with three children. Our daughter, who was called Home after three months of her presence with us, left a deep impression of a mission that she brought to our consciousness! As we became more aware of the challenges of children who live with different neuro-developmental needs, we felt that God was moving us to respond to this opportunity.It is now thirty seven years since we have been involved in supporting parents and children who go through the travails of coping with their multiple educational and emotional needs. We felt God’s visitation in our lives enabling and inspiring us, as we spent our time accompanying children to encourage them to live with hope. This experience is helping us to sense the purpose of suffering as a formative experience! The presence of Jesus in every human situation is a reality we are learning to discover through our experiences with parents and children. This is enabling us to reflect this reality to those who work and train with us.Those who are wounded by the circumstances of life carry with them a strength and resilience which has often surprised us. Although others seek our medical help, we now realise that they have enriched our lives by giving us an opportunity to know the mystery of life and the presence of Christ in every human situation of need. Jesus is the ‘wounded healer’ in the interface between us and those whom we serve! Our formal learning in spiritual formation, listening, accompanying and mentoring gave us a new dimension to our involvement with others. It is others with whom we are involved, who foster our inner growth and formation.This is a renewing experience in our daily living. It is only as much as we are open to others, we can touch their lives and they ours. This is giving us glimpse of a healing community that is created through our service to others and their openness to us. Jesus of Nazareth who ‘went about doing good’ causes our hearts to be stirred to follow Him. We often feel like the infants who attempt to learn to walk. We too stumble along in this journey to follow after Jesus… God is making this journey of ups and downs a delightful discovery of more Himself and ourselves.5Drs. Anna and topqa.infoew are professors at MOSC Medical College, Kolencherry, Kerala. They retired from Christian Medical College, Vellore. Together they founded ASHIRVAD, Christian Concern for Child Care, for work with neuro-developmentally challenged children at Chennai, Vellore, Nagpur and Kolencherry.——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-Definition of LoveSimply put, Jesus for me is love. He is the legit definition of love to me. Why do I say that? Is because I learnt this in a rather highly emotional state of mind. I was up late at night, not able to sleep and really upset because of a certain way some of my friends had acted towards me, and for once I wanted to feel really important to them and then for some more reason I wept bitterly to Jesus. My naive condition completely turned around the next day. Later I realized, while attending a spiritual youth conference, deep in adoration, that I will always be most important for Jesus. What I expected from others, he too required from me. My attention. I now understand that when I talk to Jesus and thank him for always being there, I am utterly happy more often.When you read about Jesus in the Bible you realize he portrays an image of compassion and mercy. You realize that if, like Jesus, even half of humanity had as much love in their hearts for others, there would lie the solution to our world’s problems. But not everyone knows about this love, and, being from this world, it is not easy for us to forgive. When we experience the power of love, we open our mind to many new perspectives, we understand the plight of our brothers and sisters, and find a way to correct our own stubbornness and ignorance. The difference between good and bad indeed exists. And love is good. It does not make us weak humans. Instead we become the higher being, a better human and closer to God, the Father, His son and The Holy Spirit.6Dorothy Zena Vallado, College Student, New Delhi——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-My Hiding PlaceJesus is where I experience absolute freedom. Even if I sin or depart from his love or am depressed or angry or feeling guilty or shameful or in a crisis, I know I can run to Him without a fear of being judged or put down. He is always ready with His arms wide open. That very thought motivates me to converse with Him in all situations good and bad. Quoting psalm 139 v 7-8: “Where can I go from your spirit? From your presence, where can I flee? If I ascend to the heavens, you are there; if I lie down in Sheol, there you are.”7Nisha Shelley, Dallas, Texas, USA. Young mother of two small children.———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-Everything Became ClearLife was always a maze for me and it did not make any sense. It was an experience at a retreat that Jesus is alive and he lives beside me which helped me make sense of this labyrinth called Life. It was as if the lights were suddenly turned on and everything became clear. Though this experience happened more than twenty years ago, it is still as fresh as if it happened yesterday; another proof of his living presence. Ever since, Jesus has been my Brother, my Fortress and my Path.There were days and sometimes weeks when the only saving grace in life was to turn and depend on him, all else was crumbling as if ravaged by a ruthless storm. I know for sure these times would have overwhelmed me unless he were my Fortress, who guarded me behind and before, above and below and within too! He is my Path, although I am a reluctant traveler, who digresses much too often but He who is a Lover never fails to nudge me back to follow him.Jesus is also an enigma to me. I can never completely get a full hold of him. He continues to surprise and bewilder me, but I am grateful because Life would be pallid without this mix of wonder and awe. As I yearn to follow and be possessed by him, I know his hand will never let go of me even if I were to wake up one morning on the other side of eternity.12Mathew Antony is the Secretary to the Commission for Evangelization, Archdiocese of Delhi. He lives in Delhi with his wife and two daughters.————————————————————————————————————————————————————-My HopeAs a single young woman, living alone, Jesus has had to juggle a myriad of roles for me! And somehow he has always been exactly what I have needed at that moment in time. He has been a friend when I have needed one, a family when I was longing for mine, a companion when I needed someone to walk with me, a guide when I couldn’t make a decision. So in a way He has been my all in all. Like the lyrics of an old hymn go “You’re more than enough for me”.Yet, if I were to put it down to just one word, I would say Jesus is my Hope.He is the reason I want to wake up each morning to face a new day. He is the reason I find purpose and meaning in life. He is the reason that despite the madness in the world, Life is still beautiful and worthwhile, and I want to live everyday to its fullest. After all, isn’t this what Christmas is all about? A tiny, helpless babe embraces a broken world with Love, reminding us that God has not and shall never give up on us.So every time my heart feels lost and helpless, He reminds me- Take courage, little one. There is Hope! It is I.8Bernadette Mable Morris, member of the Commission for Evangelization, Archdiocese of New Delhi—————————————————————————————————————————————————————A Change of HeartAfter stating that he is a well-educated and well-to-do Brahmin with a good job, Anand explains why he chose to follow Jesus:I am fiercely proud of my national identity as an Indian and I am completely at peace with my cultural identity as a Hindu. I retain the name my parents gave me. My wife, who also shares my faith, continues to go by her Hindu name. We have two children and we have given both distinctly Hindu names…I write this piece to make one point—that my conversion was not a change of religion but a change of heart. … When I was nineteen, a Christian friend with whom I used to play cricket invited me to his house for prayer. At his home, he and his sister prayed for me. It was a simple yet delightful conversation with God that lasted all of five minutes. I don’t remember it verbatim, but they articulated a prayer of blessing on my life, future, career and family. All they did was utter a deep human cry out to the creator God and His only son Jesus Christ. When they said Amen, I felt in my heart a desire to follow Jesus.Read more: Who is andra day parentsThe Christianity I acquired that evening is not a religion. On the contrary, it is an intensely intimate relationship with Jesus. Over the past fifteen years, I have come to know this Jesus even closer. I know Him as the pure and sinless Son of a Holy God. And I know Him as a dear friend to whom I pray and talk to every day—about my career, my dreams, successes, failures, finances and even my sexuality.If I read a good book, watch a good movie, or eat a good meal at a new restaurant, I would naturally tell my friends about it. In Jesus, I have discovered a truly amazing friend, guide, leader, saviour and God. How can I not tell all my friends about Him? And if anyone does listen and he too comes to believe in Jesus, I am delighted. The world would call it a conversion; I call it a change of heart, like mine.9Anand Mahadevan is the former editor of Outlook Business.————————————————————————————————————————————————————————Like the air we breathe“Air cannot be seen yet its effect is felt. Indispensable to life. Available to everyone – King, beggar and me. Never changes, never partial, freely available. We require it but hardly acknowledge its presence. But remember – once dead, it is never needed again.Jesus to me is very much the same, the differentiator being air is indispensable to the body, whereas Jesus is indispensable to my body, soul and to my entire being.Through His presence on earth, His profound teachings and infallible doctrine; through His actions and example, His submission, obedience and death on the cross as well as His display of Divine power and now through His Word – the Bible, I do not require a substitute or addition for completeness. I only need to emulate and walk in His ways as a true disciple”Ms. Lynette D’Souza. Retired Professor, wife and mother, Bangalore———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-Friendship, Guidance and FightsOne fine day – Yes, it was the Day – I was desperately crying for help. Tears wet my pillow. When I was exhausted and felt sleepy, somebody in my dream told me what was going to happen with me and how I should deal with the problem. To my surprise, things happened exactly that way. The next morning, I read in the Bible, “I am always with you till the end of times.” I started believing in Jesus! I knew for sure He is alive!As to my relationship with Jesus, He is all in all. Now I can approach Him as a friend, as my guide. Sometimes I even approach Him as if we developed an enmity between us, but never to let him be alone. I also developed a kind of joy when someone speaks about his glorious experience with Jesus. Even sometimes I dare to tell him, “You have done such and such things for this or that person, and why you are not listening to my plea? Am I your enemy?” The answer comes in a strange way. Then I tell apologize to Him in my own way. Nowadays – to my surprise – as I intercede for others, He guides me in many ways, showing me what I have to tell a particular person. He loves me! I am absolutely sure of that. All I am today, and all I can do – at the age of 64 – without Him I am nothing. He is always cleansing me by His Holy Blood. I do not need to offer Him my blood; all I can do is to be grateful.10Mr. Toton Louis Sarkar, Ranabondo, Krishnagar, West Bengal.—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-Why So Much Love?Trying to answer: Who is Jesus for me? I reached a place where I could no longer fathom His infinite love. I knelt down and cried aloud: Why, Jesus? Why? Why do you love me so much? There was a deep silence ……I felt a hand on my shoulder, eyes gazing me with love, “You are the heart of my heart”. What more do I need on this earth except being grateful for my entire life long?A young woman religious (name withheld on request)——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-My Hero, Healer and FriendJesus means a lot in my life. Without Him I am lost. I do sin a lot but I don’t like sinning. I always do the things that I should not do, but I don’t do the things I should. He is the one who gives me a second chance, a third chance and a fourth chance and so on and on. Through Him I can repent of my sins and also be forgiven. He never forsakes me. He forgives me beyond end and loves me so beyond measure, that he gave His life for me on the cross. That is why He matters so much to me. His amazing grace and loving Presence are beside me, makes me to work hard and do what I should do. He offers me strength and peace in times of trial.{He is the perfect example for me and His teachings are the foundation for the root of happiness in my life. I often wonder why I have so much affinity towards Jesus. My early memories of Him are scattered. He is someone I cannot describe. In Islam He is the holy prophet. The inquisitiveness to know more about him made me read the Bible. It told the life of Jesus. Knowing him has changed my mind—the way I see things. I also try to mirror him, to lead my life like him, although it was impossible to be as perfect as him. He is my hero, teacher, healer, a friend and messiah. Above all saviour of the world.Benazer, a young Muslim woman, teaches in a Catholic school in Chennai—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- Ready to Give My Life for HimThe abundant life of peace, joy and love I enjoy today is the gift received from the friendly closeness with my master Jesus. He is the inner leader within me. He makes everything new in my life and makes my life meaningful for me and useful for others. Without a few moments of very intimate conscious leaning on Him, my day never passes. In that intimacy, He speaks and shares His plans for me. He directs me what I must do… I had committed one day to my master friend Jesus that I would make disciples for Him till the end of my life. I did this consciously knowing that doing His command is the sign of my love and sincere intimacy. In every conscious experience of His redeeming embrace, I do receive healing and deliverance from my everyday stress, tension, anxiety, pre-occupation, worries, fears and guilt. I know what He has done for me personally. By His own blood, he has washed all my guilt and iniquities and He refreshes me each day by His blood. Now He is my strength in my weaknesses. He lives in me and leads me along. I know I can give my life in His hands every time, in every situation. I am ready to give my life for my friend master Jesus. He guides every step, instructs me and teaches me the way I should go. He counsels me with His eye upon me. He is sufficient for me. I need Him every day.11Fr. Panneer Selvam, Priest of Salem Diocese, Executive Secretary for the CCBI Commission for Proclamation, Pachmarhi, MP, India———————————————————————————————————————————————————————-Who is Jesus for me?What difference does He make in my life?What difference do i think He has made in the world? How is the world different for His having come among us?Who is the most Christ-like person I have known? Why do I call this person “Christ-like”?From the way I live—especially the way I treat people and take decisions—can those younger to me (children, students, employees, junior religious, etc.) learn how to be Christ-like?To subscribe to the magazine Contact UsRead more: Who would win saitama or saiki

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