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Do Chanel West Coast have a boyfriend? With MTV regularly airing episodes of Ridiculousness, it makes us wonder about her love life. The rapper and TV personality has been Rob Dyrdek’s on-screen companions for years, and rumors of a romance between the two never seem to die out. Is there any truth to it, and if not, does it stand in the way of meeting men? Find out the truth about Chanel West Coast’s dating history and find out who she’s dating today.

Chanel West Coast Dating History


Believe it or not, the bubbly blonde rapper didn’t use MTV’s massive appearance to play the pitch. The West Coast has a very short history of public affairs — and skeptics aren’t sure that one of her relationships is real.

Liam Horne

(Featureflash Photo Agency / topqa.info) The West Coast’s only public long-term relationship was with singer Liam Horne, born in Los Angeles, of Scottish descent. The two dated between 2014 and 2017, and Horne even collaborated with his then-girlfriend on her 2015 mixtape Waves. His performance of “Demons” in Imagine Dragons is the most popular video on his YouTube channel. The couple’s split came just before West Coast joined the cast of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. But instead of deleting her from her life digitally, Horne continues to keep old photos of her ex on her Instagram feed.

Solo Lucci

Read more: 30 richest wrestlers in the world | Top Q & AWest Coast’s next relationship was with Fort Worth rapper Solo Lucci. Their brief romance was documented during her time on the fourth season of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. Seeing a clip from the show, in which West Coast confronts Lucci’s ex, Alexis Skyy, many suspect that the couple’s film was made for plot purposes. West Coast admitted it in an interview on the web series Pedis & Mimosas in 2020. “I don’t mean to exaggerate the authenticity of the reality shows,” West Coast said with a laugh, after calling Lucci “” TV boo”. She turned around and confirmed that he was “just a hunter”.

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Did Chanel West Coast ever date Rob Dyrdek?

Anyone looking for information on the West Coast boyfriend is sure to head for the stories about her and Rob Dyrdek. But the two still insist that they were never an item. Dyrdek, a father of two, has been married to Bryiana Noelle Flores since 2015. He even renewed his vows last year and tweeted that he plans to reenact a wedding every five of them together. together. this any time his name appears. For example, in an interview with In Touch Weekly in July 2020, she revealed what she knew about Dyrdek’s time in quarantine. she said. “He lives in a mansion with the cutest family. So he’s super happy. “The only time the West Coast came close to making Dyrdek her number one man was in a game of smashing, marrying, killing. Pedis & Mimosas host Shannon Mack presented the rapper with three options: Dyrdek, Floyd Mayweather and Steelo Brim. “[I’d] maybe marry Rob just because I see him as a very good husband to his wife,” West Coast said. “But there’s no weird feeling there. It’s just a question!”

What is her current relationship status?

West Coast is currently single on her Instagram. Right now, her priority is to make her career explode. But it’s not like she wouldn’t be unhappy posting pictures of a man next to her. She is not ready to settle down. “I love being an independent woman, but I’m really sick of people and their mothers holding back my career,” she said in a now-deleted Instagram story. “Can a successful and powerful man marry me so the industry can finally stop holding me back?” She limited it with the hashtags # #Single #KeepingItREAL #IWantToBeMarried #WhereAreTheRealMenAt #PowerCouplesGoFar #INeedaRealMan.

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