Who is better: Peyton Manning or Tom Brady?

We’ll tackle this first: If all you care about are rings, you’ve got your answer. The greatest midfielder of all time is of course Otto Graham. joke. (Roughly speaking, Graham played 10 seasons, won seven titles, so you have to tell me why, if rings are important, Graham isn’t the all-time great quarterback. ) Tom Brady won Saturday’s title on Sunday. If that’s all that matters to you – and that’s a pretty good argument – then he’s the greatest quarterback of all time. Peyton Manning will almost certainly be announced as a hall. of celebrities on Saturday night. Debate over who is better than you think.

Brady versus Manning by the numbers


Manning’s season average is a record 11-5, completing 65.3% of his passes for 4,231 yards, 32 touchdowns and 15 interceptions with a passing rating of 96.5. Brady is in 12-4, completing 64.0% of his passes for 4,210 yards, 31 touchdowns and 10 interceptions with a passing rating of 97.3. 55 in 2013. Manning owns the record for passing yards with 5,477 in 2013 and his passing index of 121.1 in 2004, ranking 3rd all time. Brady has the third most passing yards in a season (5,235 in 2011) and his passing index of 117.2 in 2007 is the sixth of all time.Irsay:The Colts ‘considered’ Tom Brady in his final season before signing Philip RiversBrady as No.1 for touchdown passes (581), No.2 for passing yards (79,204) and seventh for passing stats. ball (97.3). Manning is 3rd in number of passes (71,940), 3rd in TD (539) and 11th in pass score (96.5). Manning’s passing rate is 17% higher than the league average of his career, 15% for Brady. (Sid Luckman, by the way, is 58% better than the average quarterback in his career.) Read more: Who will win the frantic march between quarterbacks. Brady has three. Manning also won a record five MVP awards, Brady three. For those who followed the sports closest to their career, Manning was better than Brady in the regular season.Edge: How to control. Brady’s odds stats will continue to drop if he plays until he’s 45 but he continues to be a high-quality midfielder. Manning’s prime is better so he gets the nod.2a8f7086 ee4f 4ab5 86d4 52d24636089c usatsi 10598633 1

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Head-to-head between Manning vs. Brady

Manning is just 6-11 to Brady with a passing rating of 87.7 but New England are the best team in the NFL during that period. Of course, Brady was 11-6 ahead of Manning, with a passing score of 92.8. Manning has lost his first six games against Brady and the Patriots, which means he has won six of his last 11 games, including two playoff wins.Edge: Thank you. This is probably closer than most fans realize, but the advantage is obvious.

Manning vs. Brady in the post-season

It’s easy to point out Manning’s playoff record – 14-13 – versus Brady’s – 34-11 – but we need to go a little deeper. Manning has a superior completion rate (.632 vs .627) but Brady leads in touches (83 vs 40, intercepts per game) and they have one less interception on average. every match. Brady has the edge in passing – 90.4 versus 87.4. The top 50 midfielders in terms of passing yards saw their pass rate drop by an average of 9%.The Legend and Legacy of Peyton Manning:Worthy, an obsession with preparation, Manning’s post-season performance has come under scrutiny as his laner rating drops to average: 9%. But despite his track record and reputation, Brady was only marginally better off as his passer-by rating dropped 8%. (Luckman is 19% better in the post-season than in the regular season, and he’s the best quarterback against his peers according to the regular-season passer-by rating in NFL history. ) A major takeaway in Brady’s favor, however, is his 14 wins in those bouts. 44 games. Manning has only two. Read more: Sam Kolder Height, Age, Girlfriend, Family, Biography and more | Top Q&AEdge: Thank you. Again, this is probably closer than most fans realize.636410745711781520 star indianapolis sun apr 19 1998 2

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Manning vs. Brady Super Bowls

It doesn’t get any easier than this. Brady was 7-3 in the Super Bowl, Manning 2-2. They are the only two quarterbacks to win the Super Bowls with more than one team. We could beat Brady for losing in 2007 but Manning didn’t deserve his Super Bowl MVP and was taken home by the Broncos defense for a second title.Edge: Thank you.

Manning vs. Brady Supporting Cast

Manning has the least advantage over Pro Bowl teams: 4.0 versus 3.9. But in the 19 seasons Brady started for the New England Patriots, the team ranked No. 1 in points allowed with 18.4. Manning’s Colts teams are 20th in allowed points (21.4) and his Broncos teams are eighth with 20.1.Sports:Colts coach Frank Reich sought Peyton Manning’s advice in his quest for quarterback, NFL teams’ difference in points using Manning’s offense and defensive project by Manning. Brady to finish with the score 13-3.Edge: How to control. There are a lot of factors that determine how many points a team scores and allows, so it’s not a perfect projection. And Manning has a lot of talented superstars around him. But Manning has had to carry a bit more burden in his career than Brady. The single-season records indicate this. But Brady at his best was only half a step behind Manning. When you combine his closer-than-expected edges with the advantage in the Super Bowls, the choice is clear. But we’re talking about two of the five (at most) best midfielders of all time. There’s no shame in placing second behind Tom Brady. Follow him on Twitter: @ NatJNewell.Read more: Summer date with whom? | Top Q&A

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