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Video Who is better than kyrie or curry However, there have been many debates around the topic of who is better, there are many factors that we can raise to judge. From the title to the match stats, all show the player’s ability. So do you ask yourself:Who is better than Kyrie or Curry? “Let’s find out with Scott Fujita in this article! Reading: Who’s better kyrie or curry Who’s better than Kyrie Irving or Stephen’s curry?

Quick kyrie Irving vs Steph curry comparison chart for Season 2021


Kyrie Irving vs Steph Curry Championship 2021 NBA Championship comparison chart

Brief: Kyrie or Curry who is better?

kyrie irving vs steph curry scottfujita 3About Stephen Curry and Kyrie Irving

1. Stephen’s curry

Stephen Curry is a professional NBA basketball player born in 1988. He joined the Golden State Warriors in 2009. Shooting skills are what made Steph Curry famous because they changed the game in the NBA. A unique record for Stephen Curry is the player with the most 3-pointers in the NBA season. That number is 14. As a freshman, he broke the record for the most 3-pointers.Related: How many rings does Danny green have?

2. Kyrie Irving

Born in 1992, Kyrie Irving is currently a player for the Brooklyn Nets. After receiving an offer from the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2011, he joined the NBA. In the 2015-2016 NBA Finals, Irving’s decisive shot helped the Cavaliers win over the Warriors. That was also the year they won the NBA championship, but at the 2017 NBA Finals, the Cavaliers lost to the Warriors. After this season, Kyrie Irving signed with the Boston Celtics. However, their time together was not long, only two seasons.

Achievements and Statistics

Although they both play as point guards, Curry and Irving’s playstyle is completely different. Stephen Curry shines in the scoring position, his resilience is also a phenomenon that keeps the defence tight. The ability to dash is also a strong point of Steph Curry and he puts his strategy in the row of 3 pointers, if you analyze Kyrie Irving’s play, you will see that he is a great shooter. However, his stats suggest that Kyrie Irving is still far from overtaking Stephen Curry. Kyrie Irving’s attacking style of play mainly revolves around dribbling and finishing in the box, while playing for the Cavaliers he received a lot of support from LeBron James to shine.kyrie irving vs steph curry scottfujita 4Kyrie Irving or Stephen Curry who is better?

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1. Stephen’s curry

Stephen Curry’s track record makes us all admire. He played for 12 NBA seasons, including 7 in the knockout stages, of which Stephen Curry won 3 NBA championships. Curry has also appeared in the All-Star team 7 times, in addition, the NBA also selected him 3 times in the NBA’s typical team. Finally, Stephen Curry won the MVP title of the season twice, and teph Curry was also honored to be a member of the 50-40-90 club. These are the numbers to talk about the performance of each player. These numbers represent shot to goal, three points and free throws, respectively. The 2015-2016 NBA season was Stephen Curry’s best season yet. He averages 30.1 points per game as a point guard, more impressively Steph Curry needs just 35 minutes per game to get that result. It was an unprecedented record, he set a record of 3 goals when he scored 402 shots in a season. Steph Curry also averaged 6.8 assists, 1.8 steals, and 4.4 rebounds.

2. Kyrie Irving

In terms of titles, Kyrie Irving will be one place behind Stephen Curry. It is also quite understandable because Kyrie joined the NBA 2 seasons later than Curry, Kyrie Irving has participated in 10 NBA seasons, including 5 playoffs. Kyrie already owns an NBA championship title after participating in the NBA Finals 2 times. Kyrie Irving was never on the NBA First Team, but he was on the all-NBA Third Division. When he first joined the NBA, Kyrie won the title of rookie of the year. And he’s also the only Celtic player to average 23 points since 1989. In a single game at his peak, Kyrie Irving scored 25.2 points. He also averaged 5.8 assists, 1.2 steals and 3.8 rebounds. Kyrie Irving needs just 34.2 minutes per game for all of this action. Kyrie Irving’s shot on target is 47.3, 3 points is 38.3% and free throws are 90.5%.

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Comparative Analysis of Steph Curry and Kyrie Irving

kyrie irving vs steph curry scottfujita 5Stephen Curry’s stats are better than Kevin Durant

1. Scoring inside

Read more: This TikToker found out who Sophie’s dad is in Mamma Mia and it’s pretty convincing In the position of point defenders, Stephen Curry vs Kyrie Irving’s scoring ratio is remarkable, however, Kyrie Irving will be the winner here. Kyrie’s shot rate at close range is 70%. Another incredible stat of Kyrie Irving is his shot rate inside the box – 83%. Steph Curry’s close range shot rate is 63%. That is also a very impressive number. Thereby, we can clearly see that Curry’s strong point is 3 pointers.

2. External grading

The answer was obvious, it was Steph Curry. In fact, Curry is perhaps the greatest outside scorer the NBA has ever seen. Average shot rate of 43.6% along with 3.4 pointers per game helps to prove this title. Stephen Curry appears in every three-pointer record, which doesn’t mean Kyrie Irving is bad at it. For every 5.2 executions from the straight line, he will succeed 2 times. In addition, he averages 38.8% of tackles.

3. Playmaking

His ability to play and control the game is what makes Steph Curry shine. His teammates also love Curry for this quality. He is very responsive and can judge the situation. If things don’t go well, Stephen Curry will immediately pass the ball to his teammates, Kyrie is also very good at passing the ball. Normally, however, he prefers a scoring position, Kyrie Irving’s offensive ability has kept him from sharing more with his teammates. Maybe that’s why Kyrie’s average dimes is 5.5 while Curry’s is 6.8.

4. Sports

If we take looks as a criterion to evaluate Stephen Curry vs Kyrie Irving, we choose Kyrie. According to Men’s Magazine, he is one of the best-fit players in the NBA. Flexibility and muscular strength bring high efficiency when attacking for Kyrie. In addition, he also has a very good bounce. Stephen Curry is also a player with a beautiful body, but not as good as Kyrie.

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5. Defense

The point guard’s duties have little to do with defense. Therefore, neither Stephen Curry nor Kyrie Irving is too good at defence. This season, however, we’ll be picking Stephen Curry. He has an average of 1.3 steals, compared to Kyrie’s 0.9.

6. Rim guard

Again, the job of a point guard is not to protect the rims. However, we would still choose Kyrie if we could. He averages 0.8 blocks per game, which is pretty modest for Curry (0.1). Kyrie can even parry enemy attacks and engage in defense more flexibly than Curry.

7. Recovery

It can be said that Stephen Curry is the best counter-attacker at the moment. Although their stats are not too far apart, we still have a winning point, with 4.8 rebounds per game. Doesn’t mean Uncle Drew is recovering poorly. His style of play barely includes counter-attacks and fighters like to play fast when attacking. It leads to a lot of bounces. As a result, Curry averaged 5.4 rebounds per game.

Last word

Through the above comparison, we believe you have chosen the winner. Stephen Curry has proven himself to be outstanding in every respect, in terms of titles or performance stats, Curry is far superior. However, Kyrie Irving is still a bright star and he has enough time to shine even more in the future. Let’s look forward to more matches between the two of them! Thank you for reading! Read more: Who has the highest kd irl

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