who is better batman or superman

Video Who’s Better Than Batman or Superman As an avid learner, I’m always ready to defend my personal preferences about superheroes as if they were objective facts of religious importance to me. with everyone. Batman is better than Superman and how putting these knowledge into action can increase your leads and sales.

1. Batman really must try


One of the most annoying things about Superman is his strength. I mean, it sucks that he’s indestructible, can fly to different dimensions at will, and his sneeze will destroy the entire solar system.But even more annoying is that, despite his ability to listen to every conversation on the planet, multitask at a rate where ordinary people appear motionless, assimilating complex books in seconds. , freeze or melt most materials, see through anything but lead, travel well in excess of 5,000 feet per second, and don’t forget to fly… he’s not only completely unsuccessful in eliminating crime worldwide, but also not being able to control it in a single city. Very lazy too. Even a determined idiot – or a careless genius – with these kinds of powers could still solve problems until now. If you gave Batman those powers, the world would be a very different place. However, Batman manages to keep Gotham under control with nothing but a good brain, a good physique (but super powerless) and a few billion dollars worth of custom technology.

How can this improve your conversions

Read more: Who makes microgard selective oil filter I know. This is all super fun, and you probably already have a big rebuttal ready for that harsh comment about lethargy (because, if nothing else, All Star Superman has set so beyond doubt that Superman is a genius) —but what does that mean? What to do with increasing leads and sales? Just this: when you’re deciding how you want to position your brand — how you want your customers to perceive you — it’s tempting to take on the role of Superman. You will think that you are their perfect savior, flying to the rescue with a relentless effort. They are looking for a Batman – someone who can achieve great things, not because he was born that way, but because he paid his tuition in the School of Hard Knocks. A person doesn’t pretend that he can give them the world when he can’t; But who can give them what they want, because he has developed that ability through skill and determination. While Superman overcomes any challenge (or if he remembers to use all his powers), Batman must face adversity and overcome it. That makes him more believable, and then more trustworthy. So when you’re building your brand story, where credibility is important, keep that in mind.

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2. Batman has skins in the game

Clark Kent was raised by kind, honest parents to be a kind, honest, rose-tinted farm boy. Bruce Wayne was also raised by kind, honest parents – until they were young, when they were knocked down right in front of his eyes by Joe Chill, a petty criminal. came to fight crime, while Superman only did it to please his parents. That’s not to say that his belief in Truth, Justice, and the American Way is wrong… just that it seems hollow when, as we’ve determined, he’s actually doing things. minimum. Basically, when you’re a god, but you spend a large portion of your time pretending to be a nerd reporter instead of using your powers to save the world (which you claim is worthless). believe it)… well, it’s kind of like you’re going through a superhero phase, as opposed to actually being a superhero. Both of these are essential to maintaining his Batman role; As a result, Batman sets everything up for a goal he’s vowed to uphold since he was a child, while Superman seems to just follow through, taking a moment because he knows he should. Batman seems to really stand for justice and freedom; Superman just paid for their lip service.

How can this improve your conversions

Read more: who is christel khalil married to in real life? | Top Q&A Customers want a vendor to represent something. It’s not someone who’s going to fight for them just because he happens to be there and it’s really no trouble, but someone who will put everything he has to get the job done, no matter the cost – because that’s his cause. The more staunchly you stand in support of something your customers care about — whether it’s Apple’s beautiful, efficient technology, or “freedom as freedom” on Linux — the more vehemently they will support you. .

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3. Batman has serious flaws

This may sound like a strange reason to think that Supes is incompetent, but bear with me. As everyone knows, Superman is a good shoe. A big blue scout boy. That’s probably for the best, as we only need to look at titles like Irredeemable or The Boys to see what happens if he’s less stable upstairs. Batman, on the other hand, tends to brood a lot and is known for being dangerously obsessed with fighting crime. Simply put, he’s the spoiled type. Incidentally, the same holds true for Iron Man, who attracts more interest (and movies) than Captain America. There’s something going on there, psychologically speaking.

How this can help your conversions

You’re probably getting an idea of ​​how this works by now, but let me explain that. Batman, on the other hand, seems genuine. Customers don’t expect perfection—indeed, they automatically doubt it, because no one is. And though for us as marketers, one of the ways customers become more loyal is to defend the flaws of the brands they love. They often consider these features to be their own characteristics – part of what sets the brand apart. “It’s a feature, not a bug.” This is especially important if you’re a one-man band or you use a single person (or personality) to showcase your brand in email marketing. But regardless of your size or what you’re selling, it often increases customer trust and loyalty when you’re upfront about your shortcomings. Pretending to be perfect has the opposite effect.

Let’s start the flame war

So you have three reasons to adopt Batman’s marketing approach. What do you think of my reasons? Will Batman’s victory be decisive, or do you think Superman still has something to teach us? Share your insights below. About the Author: D Bnonn Tennant is the author of a free email micro-course, “5 website tweaks that increase sales that designers & developers don’t know”. It doesn’t have superheroes, but there are plenty of practical, actionable tips that Batman will approve of. Read more: who is the old fox marrying now | Top Q&A

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