Who Is Bella’s Father On Y&r

Despite everything Chloe Mitchell did on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS, it’s clear that she did it all for the love of her daughter, Bella. But because viewers haven’t seen her in a while, they may not be fully aware of her history. That’s where we come in!

Who plays Bella on Y&R?

When Chloe returned to Genoa City in 2016, she revealed her daughter, Bella, was played by child actor Cali May Kinder. But in November, the role was reprised with another minor star, Gia Poeme, who continued to play the role sometimes until Chloe faked her own death and ran off with her children and Kevin. Now that they’re back, Bella is played by Martie Marie Blai. Read: Who is the father of bella on y & rEsther will always remember on her topqa.inford Wise/jpistudios.com

Who is Bella’s father?

Read more: The Black Man in The Scarlet Letter | The first of many Y&R fans’ real questions is who is Chloe’s lover? After the death of her daughter, Delia Abbott, Chloe became unstable and even kidnapped Connor Newman, who received Delia’s corneas during a transplant surgery. Before leaving for Genoa City, Chloe had sex with Kevin Fisher one last time and then skipped town with a stolen Billy Abbott sperm box. ran into Kevin, with whom she spoke briefly. The reason for her secrecy was that Chloe was about 5 or 6 months pregnant at the time!The Young and The Restless Chloe Mariah Kevin“You can’t insist on a paternity test without giving me time to research first, Kevin.” Howard Wise / jpistudios.comRead more: who is the strongest teen titan | Top Q & AA After Bella was introduced to everyone in 2016, Mariah put Chloe on a paternity test, which seems to indicate that Kevin is not the father. Although paternity tests are notoriously unreliable. Scott Grainger’s return to Genoa has even led some fans to suspect that he and Chloe may have connected in California. But after Chloe sends Kevin and Billy a letter warning that one of them is her child, another paternity check finally reveals that Bella is Kevin’s daughter!

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What happened to Bella?

After blowing up the house, allegedly killing Adam Newman, Chloe ran away, leaving Bella with her father, Kevin, and her grandmother, Esther Valentine. She eventually returns and tries to make a living with her family, but the truth is revealed during Chloe and Kevin’s wedding, causing her to go on the run again and leave Bella behind. Chloe faked her own death, but later revealed to Kevin that she was alive and together they ran off with Bella. They eventually return to Genoa City to try to put the past behind and give Bella a stable home, but is that really possible?

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