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Amy Allan has a long history with the paranormal. As the lead actress of the reality television series Dead Files, Amy first encountered what she calls a shadow person when she was 4 years old. This happened at her parents’ home in Arvada, CO. Unlike most other four-year-olds, who would be scared and want nothing to do with the supernatural, Amy began to consciously seek them out. In the years that followed, Amy developed her skills as a vehicle and paranormal investigator. Today, Amy is one of the leading authorities in all of the occult. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Amy Allan’s wiki biography.

Early life:


Amy Allan was born on May 31, 1973 in Denver, Colorado. Amy’s interest in the occult began when she was tormented by the dark at the age of 4. Since then, Amy will use any material made about paranormal encounters including books, movies, and more. After graduating from local high school, Amy moved to Arizona to study at the University of Arizona. She graduated with a degree in psychology and continued her informal study of religion, sociology, sleep, and sleep disorders. During her time at university, Amy was mentored by world-renowned psychologist William Roll.The Dead Files star, Amy Allan

Find her way:

While Amy is well known in the supernatural community, she gained worldwide fame after numerous appearances in the reality television series, Dead Files. The series follows the adventures of Amy Allan and Steve DiSchiavi, a retired detective with over 20 years of experience. During her career as a paranormal researcher, Amy has worked on over 350 cases. Her abilities are often put into action by leading psychologists who want to study her abilities. For many years, Amy worked with psychologists and police.

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Dead files:

Read more: Who added thisism to hinduismAmy joined the documentary series “The Dead Files” in the premiere of the first season on September 23, 2011. As a means, Amy often let the spirits go. spirits reside in her body and try to figure out the reason for their death. On the other hand, her partner Steve talks to the living to find traces of physiological evidence in order to better solve the problem at hand. The series draws a clear distinction between the world of the supernatural and the world of the living. When Amy and her partner come together to discuss the findings, the differences are never small. As of 2020, the documentary has finished 12 seasons.

Other attempts:

In addition to Dead Files, Amy has also made notable appearances on a number of other television channels including CBS, TLC, and Discovery. Amy currently works as a healer mainly focusing on acupuncture, Asian medicine, Western massage, Thai yoga massage, and shiatsu meditation.The Dead Files star, Amy AllanAmy is a huge fan on social media and has also amassed a huge fan following, the Reality TV star is particularly active on Twitter and Instagram. She has accumulated more than 103 thousand followers on Twitter and 75 thousand on Instagram. She uses social media to create hype for her new episodes and also to communicate with her fans. Amy also uses the platform to update her fans about her private life and regularly posts pictures of her pet dog, Obi.

Personal life:

Read more: Who is MattyB Dating? | Top Q & AAmy is now married to Rob Traegler. The couple met on the set of The Dead Files and soon started dating. They got married 5 years later after they met in October 2018. While Amy is active on the other side of the camera, Rob prefers the blindfolded one. Rob works as a producer and director. Over the years, Rob has worked on a number of projects including Pretty Hurts, The Dead Files and Mysteries & Scandals.Amy Allan husband Rob TraeglerAmy Allan, husband Rob Traegler: So far in the marriage, Amy and Rob have no children. The couple’s family lives together in Los Angeles, California. Before marrying Rob, Amy was in a relationship with Matthew Anderson. Amy and Matthew met while Amy was in college and started to be friends. After dating for a few years, they got married in 2011. However, this marriage was short-lived and the two broke up in 2013. It is rumored that this marriage ended because Amy cheated on Matthew.

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Psychic abilities run through the family with both Amy’s father and mother able to act as mediators. Her mother can communicate even when far from the location of paranormal activity simply because she is a psychic medium. Meanwhile, her father is a physical medium and needs to be present at the site of the operation to communicate with the paranormal. Read more: Who is the father of baby zendaya

Wiki/Bio facts:

NameAmy AllanAge47Born May 31, 1973Place of BirthDenver, Colorado, USANationalityAmericanEthnic Caucasian Parents Unknown Personality Tracker, Psychic, Paranormal InvestigatorBest friend Matt Anderson (divorced 2013) HusbandRob Traegler (2018) – now) ChildrenNoneZodiac MediaGleiniSwitter

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