where was dukes of hazzard filmed

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Duke Ranch, or what remains of it, is located at 2201 Lenora Rd near Loganville. The house was built around a civil war cabin. When the outer rooms were demolished, they discovered the civil war cabin. Demolition work was stopped and the cabin remained there for many years. But eventually the factors of time and weather made them pay and the cabin had to be demolished in 2011 due to the risk of collapse.Read more: The filming location of the hazzard dukes Read more: Jordan Spieth House Photos & Net Worth: Shocking! | Top Q&AFarm 5 e1528649823608Farm 3 e1528649847737In the fourth episode of Dukes of Hazzard, ‘Repo Men’, all the Dukes gather around this fireplace. Bo and Luke tell their uncle Jesse that they bought a broken Richard Petty race car for only $200…. and a job remaking a Rolls for Ace Parker. Again, the farm was demolished in 2011. Read more: where to get helium balloons near me | Top Q&AFarm 3 e1528649847737Farm 1 e1528649877496What does it look like todayRead more: Lith Ruins Farm (Best place to farm Lith Ruins) | Top Q&A here you can find Read more: Lith Relic Farm (Best place to farm Lith Relic) | Top Questions & AAlso see:

  • Daisy Bikini Road
  • High Octane Capture
  • Virgil Moon Rd
  • Moonshine Still
  • Wooden bridge
  • Repo Men Rippin Road


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