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Based in Cleveland, Ohio, United States, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony was among one of the most effective 90s rap clothing to get into the mainstream. Developed in the very early 90s by Layzie Bone (Steven Howse, 23 September 1975, Cleveland, Ohio, United States), Bizzy Bone (b. Bryon Anthony McCane, 12 September 1976, Columbus, Ohio, United States), Krayzie Bone (b. Anthony Henderson, 17 June 1973, Cleveland, Ohio, United States), Dream Bone (b. Charles Scruggs, 17 February 1975, Cleveland, Ohio, United States) and also Flesh-N-Bone (b. Stanley Vernell Howse, 10 June 1974, Cleveland, Ohio, United States), they were authorized and also supported by the creator of Fierce Records, the late Eazy-E. (Their very early product, billed as B.O.N.E. Enterpri$e, was launched on 1993’s Faces Of Fatality collection without the team’s approval).The team’s preliminary effect was impressive, also within a music category related to a rapid turn over of celebrity acts. Their 1994 EP Creepin On Ah Show up, including ‘Foe Tha Love Of $’, invested over 70 weeks on Signboard’s Leading 200 cd graph, and also marketed more than 4 million devices. The list below year’s E. 1999 Eternal mosted likely to number 1, marketing over 330, 000 duplicates in its initial week of launch and also consequently turning into one of the successful rap cds of perpetuity. The quintet’s appeal can be credited to their enticing mix of singing consistencies and also challenging road raps, as included on the extremely effective songs ‘1st Of Tha Month’ and also ‘Tha Crossroads’. Much of Stevie Marvel’s smooth R&B consistency design was wonderfully blended with DJ U-Neek’s hardcore beats, and also also if their gangsta rapping ended up being tiring, the toughness of tracks such as ‘Budsmokers Only’ and also ‘East 1999’ took care of to place it right into the history.Reading: Where are bone thugs-n-harmony fromThey went from being damaged, starving and also homeless in 1993 to viewing their brand name of streaming, rolling, rapid-clip, balanced rap – referred to as the “Cleveland Sound” – struck the top of the graphes. However to obtain from the roads of Cleveland, to television set throughout the globe, it’s been a lengthy trip for Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. Their rise commenced in ’93 when they scraped up every penny they had for one-way bus tickets to Los Angeles determined to prove their talents to their favorite rapper, the late Eric “Eazy-E” Wright of N.W.A. As the famed story goes, they spent months living on the street, constantly trying to contact Eazy-E, until they finally received a call from him. They rapped for him over the phone, Eazy said he’d obtain back to them, but never did. When they learned Eazy was doing a show in Cleveland, they hustled up more money for bus tickets and headed back. They found him backstage and and gave a back stage audition in person, Eazy signed them to his Ruthless Records label. Eazy had tickets ready for them the next morning to return to L.A. to begin recording their debut EP. That EP, “Creepin’ On Ah Come Up”, exploded onto the rap scene with Bone’s debut single, “Thuggish Ruggish Bone,” which sold more than 500,000 copies and the video was the cable music channel the “Box’s” most-requested of 1994. Their Ruthless/Relativity EP debut, “Creepin’ On Ah Come Up”, started moving large quantities shortly after its June 1994 release, shot past triple-platinum sales, and became an R&B, and Rap chart topper. As the EP continued its reign atop the charts, the group began work on their debut LP, “E. 1999 Eternal”. The LP entered all charts at #1 and hasn’t slowed down, selling over six million plus copies and counting. The LP proved a great blend of sweet soul harmonies and boulevard mentalities. The album’s tribute to their dead homies, called “The Crossroads,” became an MTV smash hit, launching them into mainstream radio play. The song took on an unexpected meaning after Eazy-E‘s March 1995 death from the aids virus. “Tha Crossroads” later won a grammy, went double-platinum, and made history when it tied with the Beatles’ 32-year-old record (’64’s “Can’t Buy Me Love”) for the fastest rising single on the pop charts. With all their success, it’s hard to believe that the days of struggling were very much a reality for Bone not too long ago. “First Of Tha Month,” their glorious ode to government cheese, was something that Bone was living rather than just rapping about. As Layzie recalls,“It was like this man, we come from zero, straight from the dirt, dog.”Wish adds, “We were in the streets doin’ whatever it took to survive.”But through these rough times, the Bone family strengthened. Layzie and Wish, who are cousins, first hooked-up with Bizzy and Krayzie under the name ‘Band-Aid Boyz’. During this era, the flow that would make them famous developed. Wish breaks it down like this,“Our style just came from us sittin’ in our house with nothing to eat, just trippin’ and writin’, and just building on it. And we finally came up with what we got.” Krayzie adds, “We knew we had something different. Our music is just coming from the heart. We always knew we were gonna make it somehow.”“All our albums have a dark feeling to them, but it is so smooth that you don’t really focus on the dark too much,” says Krayzie.“The dark themes come from how we used to live. Then, every day and every night was dark in our eyes. That’s changed.”Asked about fame, Layzie concludes,“In my wildest dreams, where I’m comin’ from, I couldn’t even dream **censored** would be like this. Fame, it’s cool to be famous, but some people take it out of control. I look at it like the Lord got us to the front of the line for some reason.” The first to release a solo effort was member Flesh-n-Bone’s album “T.H.U.G.S.” released on November 19th, 1996 on the Def Jam record label, and recieved good sales for a debut solo album, but nothing spectacular. The group returned in 1997 with their next album “The Art Of War”, which was a 2 disc album and had some great hits, but if it were a single disc album would have been rated better by the critics, as some tracks lacked something that others had. In the late 90’s, the group concentrated on developing artists signed to their own Mo Thug Records label. Bizzy, Krayzie, Layzie and Flesh also released commercially and critically successful solo albums.Read more: Where to Stay in Brooklyn by Neighborhood (Budget to Luxury) Not only do Bone speak about their hard times on this double CD release, they choose to tell the positive as well on ‘The Art Of War’. Songs like “If I Could Teach The World” finds Bone delivering a message of upliftment to kids all over the planet. Here’s a verse from the bomb hit ‘If I could Teach World’ “To all the little boys and girls all over the world/This ish that we say is for the streets/Not for you to go and do or to repeat/Please no more murder/Must I say it if we can no mo murder.” On “Friends,” a remake of the Whodini classic, Bone pay tribute to those who have remained close and loyal to them. And “Family Tree Bone” is a remarkable personal account that illustrates the highs and lows of each Bone member’s lives. On another note, Tupac Shakur features on “Thug Luv”, a song which displays the hardcore lyric side of Bone, and by using gun shots as bass lines, gives a slightly more ‘Gangster’ feel to the album, other tracks such as “Body Rot” again show this more aggressive style of rap from Bone. Bone Thugs then released a follow up in the form of “The Collection, Vol 1”, basically a Greatest Hits CD of their tracks os far and remixes of their previous tracks as well as some hot fresh jointz thrown in tha mix! Truely another great album in my opinion and another big seller. In the late 90’s, the group concentrated on developing artists signed to their own ‘Mo Thug Records’ label. Bizzy, Krayzie, and Flesh also released commercially and critically successful solo albums, which i will explain in depth in each members seperate biography found below this biography of the group. First of all Krayzie Bone released ‘Thug Mentality 1999’ on April 6, 1998, on Ruthless Records label, shortly followed by Bizzy Bones’s effort “Heaven’z Movie” released October 6, 1998, also on Ruthless Records. Flesh-N-Bone, who was and is probably the most troubled member of Bone thugs-n-harmony, struggled to release both of his solo albums amid a series of legal problems. In September 2000, weeks before the release of his second album “5th Dog Let Loose”, Flesh was sentenced to 11 years in jail for threatening a friend with an AK-47. He is still in prison today and he is expected to be released on parole in 2008. (To send him letters see his own bio below). After this the group was shrouded in both controversy and rumours of the trouble resuklting in an inevitable split. Despite his arrest and charges Flesh’s album “5th dog let loose” was released on April 6, 1998. In 1999 Krayzie Bone formed his own record label, ‘Thugline Records, again sparking bone thug split rumours. Then on February 29, 2000 after very successful solo efforts, and artist signings/launches from Bone’s own ‘Mo Thugs Records’, the group reunited to record “BTNHResurrection” which would stop the rumors that they have broken up. “BTNHResurrection” probably one of Bone’s best albums after “E. 1999 Eternal” debuted at number 2 in March 2000, but could have sold more if it were promoted better, as is also the case with thier later works. After the release of that album they went on resuming their solo careers. Bizzy Bone released his second solo album “The Gift” on March 20, 2001 again with great success, and was joined by a same day release by Layzie Bone’s first solo effort, “Thug By Nature”, to a little less success than Bizzy. Krayzie Bone then released another greatly successfull solo album in the form of “Thug On Da Line” on August 28, 2001 to Sony Records. The group then continued in their past trends by releasing “The Collection Vol 2” on November 14, 2000, to Ruthless Records, and as with its predecessor “Collection Vol 1” it consisted of Bone’s best joints remixed, and a few unreleased tracks thrown into the mix. As with all before ti this album is another showcase for Bone’s great talent for producing so many massively successful albums in such a short period of time, and all of such superior and unique quality. I believe there is only one other person who worked this hard on recording and releasing his albums in the rap industry, and that was Tupac Shakur, and look at the fame and praise he has since received for it, so its only fair Bone get the same. In 2002 the group got back once again with everyone back in the group though Flesh-n-Bone in jail for threatening a friend with an AK-47. They went to release Thug World Order, which was a good solid album probably their best to date in my opinion but was slightly more commercialised than past releases, but the die-hard Bone fans would expect more from them. Smash hit singles including “Home” featuring Phil Collins, were released of the album. After the release of “Thug world Order” Bizzy Bone leaves/is kicked out of the group on ‘mutual’ terms, and many believe this was due to a beef between him and Krayzie, about money and/or women, but there are many reasons and theories. In 2003 the fans’ fears are confirmed as Bone Thugs are no longer signed as a group too Ruthless Records and it looks like the end of Bone Thugs. Later 2003 and all members are believed to be on talking terms, including Krayzie and Bizzy and plans are that they will release further work when Flesh is released from jail, as they say “Bone just ain’t bone without Flesh”. Flesh-n-Bone was expected to be released on parole in 2008. All artists were concentrating working on solo projects and Bizzy and Layzie have established themselves as actors in well-received independent films and additional Mo Thugs compilations are also in the works, so this Hip Hop chapter is far from closed. In late 2004 Bizzy Bone released his third solo album “Alpha & Omega”, another truely classic release from Bone, and Krayzie Bone is near completion on his album, “Gemini – Good Vs Evil” featuring a sure smash hit single “Getchu Twisted”. Ruthless Records released a Bone Thugs “Greatest Hits” album and music video disc, which was not attached to the artists themselves, so they recieved no profits from the release as Ruthless owned the rights to the music. They are one of the most underrated rap groups ever but they are still the best to millions of people all over the globe. Even through all the hard times with the group and family problems, including the death of Wish’s Uncle Charles, (the only person who inspired and motivated them to go for their ambitions in rap), Bone thugs-n-harmony still managed to become massively successful. Also Layzie Bone was caught selling drugs and was forced to move to Texas to live with his uncle and aunt in 1990 but still managed to hook up with his Cleveland crew and make it big. They are the only rap group that has worked with rap legends like Eazy-E, Tupac Shakur, and Notorius B.I.G. and also outside Hip-Hop, successful artists such as Phil Collins. They came in the game with their original style and they will go down as one of the best in the hip-hop history books, but this is not the end for the Bone legacy. This is only the beginning for Bone thugs-n-harmony and expect more, much more!!BIZZY BONE BIOGRAPHY: (See below for other member bio’s) Bizzy Bone, the youngest member of Bone Thugs, was born Bryon McCane on September 12, 1976, in Columbus Ohio, USA. He was born to parents Roseana, and Rober Floyd, however he considered Byron Carlos, his Step father, to be his father, sadly he passed away in 1997, which caused Bizzy to react slightly different, negatively, towards Bone Thugs and also influenced his later album lyrics. Bizzy Bone is confirmed to be half Italian and half Black, with his mother been the Italian. Bizzy started life in turbulance when he was abducted by his half-sister’s father when he was just four years old, his 4 siblings are by the names Heather, Hope, Capo, and Cassy and he relates to them in many of his lyrics. Bizzy Bone recorded his first album at age 17 and back in the early 90’s before Jay-Z became who he is today he battled Bizzy Bone and lost. (No Confirm From Jay-Z however!!). Another triumph for Bizzy is that “Thug Luv” on the album “Art of War” featuring Bone Thugs and 2pac, was originally a track with Bizzy Bone, 2Pac and Silk-E-Fyne. The track was later redone to add the other members of Bone thugs-n-harmony on it. One thing you may not have known, or expected, is that Bizzy has SEVEN (yes 7) children, from three different women. Three girls and two boys are from a girl he was with in high school. Another girl is from another women that he was married to. His last child who is also a girl, is from another different women. Plus, unlike most rappers, he is a committed father to his kids. But to no suprise, due to his past and current stressfull life, Bizzy Bone has admitted he has been to a psychiatrist a few times. As for music, Bizzy Bone is the most unique member of Bone thugs-n-harmony, and has had his pop at a solo career. Bizzy made his solo debut in 1998 with “Heaven’z Movie”. Then he followed up that album in 2001 and released of “The Gift”, probably one of my favourite albums of all time!! Both albums would go on and do pretty well giving Bizzy a solid solo career. Three years later and Bizzy is back again with his third solo album “Alpha & Omega”. The album shows Bizzy’s diversity and brings a new style never heard from Bizzy. He has also become an established actor in an independant film release. Now for the rare random facts you may not have known about Bizzy; he is known to have four tattoo’s, on his Left and Right Arm, Left Shoulder and his Neck, his favourite film is known to be “Goodfellas”, and his favourite food is Steak & Potatoes. Aswell as his more popular alias of “Bizzy Bone” he is known as, B.B., Gambini, Rest In Peace, R.I.P., Lil’ RIPsta, Bizzy The Kid, and Gambino.KRAYZIE BONE BIOGRAPHY: (See below for other member bio’s) Krayzie was born Anthony Henderson on June 17, 1974, in Cleveland Ohio, and he is the tallest of the group measuring in at 6″. His aliases include Leatherface, Mr. Sawed Off, Silent Killer, and Kray. Krayzie Bone is the most laid back and soft spoken of Bone thugs-n-harmony. And along with Bizzy Bone he is a headliner for the group, and has released very successful solo projects, “Thug Mentality” (1998), “Thug On Da Line” (2001), and “Underground Legends: Part 1” (2004). Like Bizzy Bone he also needs to buy a TV, as he has FIVE children, Destiny, Melanie, Nathan, Malaysia and another child. He has faced summons for missing payments to one of the mothers of his children. Krayzie Bone has his own record company Thugline Records, which he started in 1999 shortly after the release of his second solo album “Thug Mentality”.Read more: Where Does Morgan Freeman Live? | Top Q&A Now for some rare facts you may not know about Krayzie, for instance, that Krayzie Bone accidentally shot Wish Bone in the leg with a twelve gauge and was sent to prison for about a year and a half. This is what Krayzie had to say about it:“We was like driving around drunk doing stupid shit and um I accidentally shot him. Shot him in the leg with the uh twelve gauge and it was like a whole big thing. He went to the hospital, police came, you know what I’m saying, took me to jail and everything.”Kray’s Favourite Movie is ‘Colors’, and his Favourite Food is Cheeseburgers & fries.LAYZIE BONE BIOGRAPHY: (See below for other member bio’s) Layzie Bone is the unofficial head of Bone thugs-n-harmony. Layzie Bone was originally named Bizzy Bone but it was later changed. He was born Steven Howse on September 23, 1974, in Cleveland, Ohio, USA to Curtis Howse (Father). He has an older brother Stanley Howse (Flesh-N-Bone) and younger bother Stew Bone, he is also cousins with Charles Scruggs (Wish Bone). As a child Layzie grew up wanting to be a baseball player. Like Krayzie, Wish and Bizzy he also has a child, Jeremy (J-Bone), and also Angel who died at an early age due to lung problems. Layzie gives a shout to Angel on the album “Thug world Order”. In March of 2001 he relesed his debut solo album, “Thug By Nature” which become a solid good first album. Layzie Bone named his album “Thugs By Nature” because he felt he was a thug by nature. He said he is not trying to be a thug and that he was born a thug. “Thugs By Nature” had a lack of Bone collabs because they were all working on their albums at the same time. Layzie has also presented the Mo’ Thugs Family, a wide and revolving roster of Cleveland area urban artists, on his Mo’ Thugs records. Layzie Bone sustained a critical eye injury while shooting his video “Listen”. He suffered a quarter inch abrasion on the pupil of his right eye, due to special effects chemicals. Now for some of Layzies lesser known facts. He has 4 tattoo’s, on his Front Body/Right Arm, Left Arm. Back, and Neck. His favourite movie is ‘Scarface’ and his favourite food is soul food. layzie measures in at 5’7” tall. When Bone thugs-n-harmony got together they first formed the group B.O.N.E. Enterpri$e, Layzie Bone got the name B.O.N.E. Enterpri$e off a building on the way to jail in 1990 when he was caught selling drugs and was forced to move to Texas to live with his uncle and aunt. Layzie Bone’s aliases include; L-Burna, #1 Assassin, an Lil Lay, his alias L-Burna was given to him by his sister. On topqa.info (an excellent btnh site) they state it is rumoured that “as a kid Layzie Bone was shot by someone in the head while he was walking down the road in his Cleveland neighborhood”, but they are not 100% sure of this so dont quote us or them on that one.WISH BONE BIOGRAPHY: (See below for other member bio’s) Wish Bone is the most unknown about member of Bone thugs-n-harmony and he seems to be very shy in front of camera and in topqa.info is the only member that has yet to release a solo album. Wish was born Charles Scruggs on Febuary 17, 1975 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. I do not know who his parents are but he has 3 siblings; Shon, Monie, Loonly Lynn, and one child called Charles III (Lil’ Wish). Wish is cousins with other Bone Thug members Steven Howse, Stanley Howse (Layzie Bone & Flesh-N-Bone) who are brothers. Know for some of those rare facts you may not know about Wish. Krayzie Bone accidentally shot Wish Bone in the leg with a twelve gauge and was sent to prison for about a year and a half. This is what Krayzie had to say about it:“We was like driving around drunk doing stupid shit and um I accidentally shot him. Shot him in the leg with the uh twelve gauge and it was like a whole big thing. He went to the hospital, police came, you know what I’m saying, took me to jail and everything.”Wish Bone was arrested at a strip club in July of 1997 because a stripper claimed that he slapped her in the butt. Someone else slapped the stripper’s butt then turned and slapped Wish because she thought he did it. Wish’s measurements are 6′ tall, his Record Label is ThugLine, his favourite movie is ‘True Romance’ and his favourite food is Steak & Eggs.FLESH N BONE BIOGRAPHY: (See below for other member bio’s) Flesh Bone is the older brother of Layzie Bone and cousin to Wish Bone. He is the tallest of the group measuring at 6’3″ and weighs around 173lbs. He was born Stanley Howse on June 10, 1973 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. He has two siblings, Younger brothers Steve Howse (Layzie Bone), and Stew Bone. He has tattoo’s pn his front chest and right arm. Flesh-N-Bone is probably the most troubled member of Bone thugs-n-harmony, Flesh struggled to release his solo albums amid a series of legal problems. With the success of the Bone albums it gave Flesh with the opportunity to record his debut solo album, “T.H.U.G.S.: Trues Humbly United Gatherin’ Souls”, on rap label Def Jam. Unfortunately, the album didn’t live up to some peoples expectations, receiving not so good reviews. In September, weeks before the release of his second album “5th Dog Let Loose”, Flesh was sentenced to 11 years in jail for threatening a friend with an AK-47. He is still in prison today and he is expected to be released on parole in 2008. Some lesser known facts about Flesh is that he once beat up a neighbor who complained of loud music in their suburban community. Flesh-N-Bone was sentenced to 11 years in a California state prison for threatening a friend with an AK-47. Flesh-N-Bone never ever signed to Ruthless Records with the rest of the group and worked at KFC so the group could raise cash for bus tickets to L.A. to meet Eazy-E.(resources: topqa.info, topqa.info)Read more: 11 Best Fast Food Smoothies | Top Q&A

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