Where to Get Straw and Other Materials in Skyrim’s DLC

In 2012, Skyrim released an expansion pack called Hearthfire, a DLC that fans *thought* would be a sequel to the critically-acclaimed Dawnguard DLC. Instead, Hearthfire added a The Sims-esque element to the game by allowing the player to buy land, build houses, and raise a family (albeit with children through adoption). No more plot, no new enemies, no new game mechanics (ehh, sort of; you have to earn Jark’s respect if you want to buy land, but this isn’t exactly new, you know. no?), no new dragons. Just a sim aspect that, at first glance, seems completely out of place and one that players won’t appreciate. players really care about all the things that the DLC promises. To be sure, there has been some criticism directed at the somewhat limited build options and lack of creativity from players. Basically, people are not very happy with buying mostly pre-rendered stuff. That said, it’s interesting enough to capture everyone’s attention. In fact, most of the criticism was directed at it’s lack of aspects of the Sims. I guess chasing the dragons gets tiring after a while?Source: The Elder Scrolls WikiSkyrim and its DLCs are almost a decade old, but they still enjoy critical acclaim, a large community of revisionists, and surprisingly new players. Of course, newer players have the advantage of reading through tutorials like this for hard-to-find documents (like, seriously, where do you get straws in Skyrim?!), the monster folder, and anything else. Back in my day, we just have to guess: who knew the Giants weren’t that friendly and could send you into space? Anyway, here is a quick documentation guide for all new Hearthfire players. We have divided the materials into three categories: Each material has its own unique location and can be used for different construction purposes.


“Purchased” building materials are materials that can be purchased in most stores and from most merchants. Users who play Khajit (Skyrim’s best deal and discount race!) can buy these items for less than most, so choose carefully!StrawStraw is used to build a number of items, including:

  • Bed
  • Title
  • Archery Target
  • Children’s Practice Dummy
  • Larvae (honeycomb)
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Where to get straw in Skyrim: Straw is one of the easiest materials to find in Skyrim, which is why it’s odd that it’s also one of the most sought-after materials by newbies. Seriously, you can find it in any General Goods store in Skyrim. Just go to any town, and it will go to any store.GlassAnother purchasable material, Glass is needed to craft these items:

  • Display box
  • Alchemy Lab
  • Enchanter’s Tower

Where to get Glasses in Skyrim: Again, like most ‘bought’ materials, you can find Glasses in general merchandise stores and most merchant stores in Khajit. It can also be found as a random loot sometimes. One quick note, though: Glass, a completely different building material than Glass Armor and weapons, means you can’t craft Glass to build from malachite or refined malachite ore the same way. you use the latter for armor and glass weapons.


Bleakwind . BasinSource: The Elder Scrolls Wiki “Natural” building materials are items that can be found in the wild, either as find items or as loot from monsters.ClayOne of the most prolific building materials in the game, there are tons of clay mines around Skyrim; in fact, there are several ‘clay mines’ found in the game map. These locations can be mined using a pickaxe, with each mine yielding 4000 clay units before depleting.

  • Along the riverbank between Sky Haven Temple and Reachwater Rock, near a crashed boat loaded with grasslands and gems. Between Reachwater Rock and Skyhaven Temple. Look for a crashed boat along the riverbank filled with grasslands and gems. There should be a clay mine around it.
  • Along the riverbank west of Karthspire is another clay mine.
  • Along the riverbank south of Niflheim. There should be a clay deposit in one of the banks.
  • Look for the Old Hroldan Inn and head southeast, there’s bound to be a clay mine somewhere near the river.

Other locations where you can find clay mines in Skyrim:Bleakwind . Basin: Head west of Whiterun until you reach the mammoth skull symbol in the map. Stand on the bonfire in the nearby camp and head north until you reach the shore of the pond.Brandy-Mug . Farm: Walk north of the farm until you reach the riverbank.Brittleshin Pass (South): Head south of Brittleshin Pass until you find a short, wooden pier that sinks slightly into the lake. Turn east and follow the coastline until you come to a small cut inland.Bruca’s Leap Redoubt: Go southwest of the main entrance of the camp. Follow the path until the river, and you will see the clay mine on the right bank of the river, crossing the Harmugstahl at the foot of the mountain.Druadach Redoubt: Exit the camp through its north entrance. Follow the trail until you come across a bear trap with a tree to the left. Cross the north side of the river from here until you reach the edge of the waterfall. There is a clay deposit at the water’s edge.Guardian stone: Clay mines can be found in a hunter’s camp just across the river in the northwest.Hall of Heljarchen: Go out of the Hall and to the back of the barn. There is also another clay mine right in front of the carpenter’s desk in the nearby Quarry.The fishermen of Ilinalta: A clay mine can be found on the trail leading to the camp.Ivarstead: Leave Ivarstead by the north exit and walk towards the bridge. Follow the path all the way to the river. Between the two waterfalls at the river’s edge should be a clay mine. Further down the hill, another clay deposit can be found across the river from a troll cave. This deposit is located right at the water’s edge, north of the cave.Kolskeggr . Mine: Head northeast on the path from Pavo’s House. Walk on the road until you pass the second tree on the right. Turn right, and there will be a clay mine across the river, between the peninsula and some logs. For starters, though, you can find 30 clay bricks inside the chests located next to the sketchpads in every plot you buy, so try not to miss these.LimestoneJust like the clay mines, the stone quarried in Skyrim can be found in the “Stone Quarry”, with many locations around the world. Each quarry also produces 400 units of pre-mined stone before it is exhausted.

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Crafting SkyrimSource: SegmentNe Next “Craft” materials are materials that can only be created by forging them in a forge or an anvil. To craft anything, you will need iron ingots. A single Iron Ingot unit can be crafted into 1 Iron Connector or 10 Nails, while a combination of 1 Corundum Ingot with an Iron Ingot can be crafted into a Key.CouplingForged in a forge or forge, a single iron ingot can produce 2 hinges, with each hinge used to construct:

  • Chest
  • Coffin
  • Display box
  • Door
  • Safe

Iron AccessoriesTo craft an iron joint, you will need 1 iron ingot. Go to an anvil or a blacksmith’s forge to craft this item. Iron fittings are used to create the following items:

  • Blacksmith’s forge
  • Hanging light
  • Chest
  • Cupboard
  • Display box
  • Door
  • Wardrobe
  • Last table
  • Grindstone
  • Furnace
  • Wall lamp
  • Wardrobe
  • Weapon Plaque

Lock upLocks are forged in an anvil or a blacksmith’s forge. To create a Key, you will need an iron ingot and an ingot of corundum. The key is used to create the following:

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