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Hey Kiddo. It’s time to read another lesson from the reservoir, so pull up the fridge because it’s class time. Today’s lesson is about Oberon, the guardian of the jungle, and a very balanced attack support framework. He is a very user-friendly framework that will allow you to jump right into the action and be well accepted in any team. Magic damage is based on radiation, which makes him a good choice for hunting Eidolons later in the game.

Oberon blueprints


His first skill, Smite, and the fourth, Reckoning, are his attack-based abilities that mainly deal impact and radiation damage. of the more useful ones you will find and can buy from New Loka or Steel Meridian once you have maximized your position with them. To build Oberon in your foundry, you need a total of four blueprints, three component blueprints:

  • Nervous drugs
  • Chassis
  • System

and the master/final or master blueprint. You have to build the nervous system, system and chassis before you can build, use the final blueprint to create the Oberon war framework. , but three components must be completed before you can use the main/final blueprint to invoke the wrath of a loving guardian in the woods!Eximus units have a red light.

Where to Get Oberon Parts (Nervous, Chasiss & Systems)

Now just where to find Oberon Neuroptics, Chasiss and Systems? Glad you asked. Read more: mortal kombat xl how to unlock all characters Enemies of EximusAdjacent Enemies are supercharged charged variants of regular units and are found in Corpus, Grineer, Infested, and Corrupt flavors. They look like regular units, but have a red ambient light, which can be very difficult to see depending on the mission group. Eximus can appear as a variant of almost any normal unit, and Eximus units appear more often at higher quest levels. %, Oberon Chasiss at 38.72% and Oberon Systems at 22.56% for every 605 Exmius you send to the afterlife. The Grineer has a total of 90 different Eximus units, 37 of which are found in the Corpus, and traces of contamination and corruption with Eximus variants of 32 and 9 respectively. You can find Eximus units in normal gameplay, the higher his quest level, the higher the chance that Eximus units will greedily find a way to steal your worthless life candle. regularly from all of Eximus, but here are a few where the number of Eximus units is higher than usual. -challenge the powers for players who are close to completing the star leaderboard and have completed the War Within, look for the conditions of the Eximus Stronghold. Read more: how to get fate decrypted caching keys 2 Balance warning is only available to those who have completed every node on the star chart once and they are full of units of Tenno smashing Eximus .Finally, you can do “endless” missions, such as survival missions or defense missions. market.How to get Oberon 2Don’t forget to craft Oberon parts once you have them!

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Create Oberon Warframe

Once you have any or all of your blueprints, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and let Ordis do all the work in the foundry. . Below is the composition of each part.OberonOberon psychedelic drugOberon systemOberon ChassisThe three component parts will take twelve hours to build each. Once you have all three parts, Oberon itself will take 72 hours. Every 25th platinum, add another 50 platinum to the master blueprint and you can own him almost instantly for the low price of 125 platinum total. Kingdom coins burn a hole in your alloy pocket.


Oberon is a pretty standard warframe in most arsenals and you should hopefully have a lot of fun playing it. He’s one of the easier warframes to get, and you’ll mostly get him through normal gameplay. Please clean up your Kubrows, pack your weapons and have fun hunting Tenno. Read more: how to upgrade the engine blade

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