Where to Find Geodes in Colorado (5 Best Locations To Dig!)

While there are a variety of rocks, minerals, and gems in the entire state of Colorado, many of the best rock dog locations are understandably well-kept. However, when it comes to knowing where to find geodesics in Colorado, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, I will share with you some of the best places to find geodesic in Colorado. And while these may not be secret locations, they are well worth your time to visit and check out for yourself.

Where to find places in Colorado


1. Wolf Creek Pass

Wolf Creek Pass is a series of rocky outcrops located right next to Highway 160 in Colorado. That makes encountering hounds in the area a bit dangerous, but it’s a great spot for responsible adults to find crystal-filled nodules and veins. amethyst, onyx, quartz, and white natrolite. The pass is about 8 miles long. So there’s plenty of room for you to move around and find the newest addition to your collection. One thing to note about Wolf Creek Pass is that the ground is quite hard and the cliffs are even harder. . You’ll need some heavy-duty fundraising to properly dig there. However, you don’t need a license and you are free to bring home what you find. Just make sure to stay out of oncoming traffic while you’re digging and if you’re digging over cliffs, don’t let anything fly into the road!

2. White water

Whitewater is a small dig site in Grand Junction, about 3.4 miles east of 1st Street in the town of Whitewater. Recent agricultural developments have made it a bit difficult to get to the actual digging area, but you want to take the highway east of 1st Street, and you want to find a gate on the left side of the road. back a short way up the highway for a legal turn into the gate, but there is a small parking area when you enter. From there you want to walk up the only visible hill near the parking area and you are on the right you will see a trench. Once you’ve reached the creek, you can enjoy a fruitful day of peaches! The best part of the ravine to dig is about halfway down the south slope. You’ll see a bunch of holes from previous miners when you tap it a second time. You’ll be able to find quartz geodesic lines fairly easily, but you’ll also find marine fossils from when Colorado was a seabed. of larger marine animals. The ground in Whitewater is much softer than other excavation sites. So you won’t have to carry heavy tools with you. Basic anti-theft devices will work fine, however, you’ll want to keep your vehicle in the parking area. You can drive to the dig site but the ground is too soft so you might get stuck there. So this is a great place to bring your teenage hounds or pets, and it’s the right place to help you start your collection.

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3. Felch Creek

Felch Creek is another public area that has a variety of small crystals and minerals. The dig site is in fact a bunch of scams near Fourmile Creek and County Road 9, and it’s the only one in the area that I recommend visiting. jasper and onyx too. It’s not a huge amount and none of them are particularly valuable, but they are so common that you can easily add three new stones to your collection or you can start one. New episodes budding without worrying about slipping. that you can use basic tools for all your mining and that the area is mostly safe. Some parts of the hoax have sheer drops, but you can avoid those areas and still have a great day of mining.

4. Houselog Creek

Houselog Creek is a good place to visit if you want to download jasper and onyx terrain codes. The minerals themselves can also be found outside of geodesic lines. So keep your eyes peeled, you won’t find anything else there, but agate is usually white, and agates range in color from greenish yellow to deep red. You can easily find the full range of colors within a day or two of digging in Houselog Creek, and I recommend this area for that reason. When it’s time to perfect your onyx collection, you won’t have to go to multiple locations to get your hands on a wide variety of specimens. to guide you to it when you are on the highway.

5. Garden Park

Garden Park is a large dinosaur quarry outside of Canon City, Colorado, and it’s open to the public. You can find geodesic lines at the quarry, but the biggest attraction are the dinosaur fossils. This mine contains fossils of Jurassic flora, crocodiles, dinosaur footprints and even dinosaur bones. Many fossils unearthed from this area have been found in museums around the world. exceptionally rare. However, there are guide services that will help you have a productive day of digging, and the surrounding area has been developed to provide hiking, mountain biking and exploration experiences. There’s even a museum and gift shop that allows you to view or buy unearthed fossils. If you want to take a closer look at Garden Park, you can click this link.

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