Where Can You Find God?

“…You will seek the Lord your God and you will find Him if you seek Him with all your heart and with all your soul.” Deuteronomy 4:29 Read: Where Can I Find God The Bible records nothing but once when He was twelve years old, which was the year Jesus and His family came to Jesus. Jerusalem to celebrate Passover Week. They and their neighbors did it every year. The week was filled with listening to Temple teachers and religious music, and sharing ceremonial meals as they remembered how God rescued them from Egypt and the Pharaoh’s army more than a thousand years ago. . The Bible tells us that Mary and Joseph found their Son missing after a few days of traveling. They couldn’t find Him anywhere, so they hurried back to Jerusalem to find Him, and after three days of searching, Mary and Joseph found Jesus in the Temple and talked to him. Jewish leaders and ask them. If you are a parent, you can imagine the relief His parents felt when they finally found Him. They quickly asked Him, “My son, why are you doing this to us? Look, your father and I were anxiously looking for you (Luke 2:28). ”

Looking for Jesus


Okay, back up for a moment. You may wonder why it took Mary and Joseph so long to find out that their son was missing. How could they not know, right? I mean, I can’t go two minutes without checking to see that all my little chicks are still with me in the grocery store. How could Mary and Joseph go three days before they wondered where Jesus was as they crossed the desert? There are hundreds of them! Usually, children travel in a group with older siblings and caregivers while parents and older adults travel in separate groups. Jesus’ parents — and all the parents there — have complete confidence that their child is receiving proper care and supervision. They have no reason to worry.Read more: Nether Wart Minecraft | Q&A The Bible doesn’t tell us why Mary and Joseph suddenly started looking for Jesus. However, they did, and He was nowhere to be seen, so the only thing to do was back off their steps and go back to Jerusalem. They searched the city until they found Jesus still in the Temple, talking to the teachers and asking them questions (Luke 2:46).Jesus is found in the Temple and questions the teachers.Again, the Bible does not tell us why Jesus asked the question. Most people tend to believe that He is questioning things that He does not know. But, don’t forget… He is God! He already knows everything! So, more than likely, Jesus was asking the teachers what they knew, which explains verse 47: “And all who heard Him were amazed at His understanding and answers. “.

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Where is God?

In the middle of the quiz, Mary and Joseph panicked and said, “Son, where have you been?” Jesus’ answer is a good answer for all of us: “Why do you seek Me? Don’t you know that I have to do my Father’s work? “Mary and Joseph forgot their son was no ordinary boy. They forgot His divinity. And in their defence, I think I would also forget in a situation like this. But the problem is Jesus’ response to them, why don’t you know where to find Me? That’s a big question for all of us. Do we really know where to find Jesus? Yes, He is everywhere, He is everywhere. But where do we really find Him? Perhaps the better question is how do we find Him? Two ways…


You can find God when you pray. He will meet you there.Try to come alone and be quiet with God each day. You can have a prayer locker, or simply kneel beside the couch, or you can go outside with the warm sunshine on your face. It doesn’t matter where you pray. Just pray! Do not know how to pray? It’s easier than you think.Read more: boldly go where no man has gone before | Top Q&A by praising Him and thanking Him for all He does for you (house, food in the fridge, car, your family, your job, etc.). Ask Him what you need, then silently follow. Let God answer you. Give Him a chance to chat and answer your questions. Speak in a natural, casual voice. God is not impressed with any “Christian-ese” speech or tone. They don’t have any magic. So just relax. Take a deep breath, let your guard down, and lean on His love and grace. You won’t want to end your prayer time, trust me. His presence is sweet.

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Read the Qing scriptures

You cannot seek God if you do not know what He is trying to teach you through His word. I know it can seem like dry reading at times, but that’s why I’m here to help you explore the richness of culture and context the Bible has. It is indeed a very engaging book. You will feel GodYou can stick to a Bible reading plan, or set aside 15 minutes each day, or you can simply start at Genesis 1:1 and continue at your own pace until you reach the book. Apocalypse. However you want to do is okay. It just takes a concerted effort to read each day, not through a book or devotional but the real Bible. You will learn things about God that I swear will captivate you. He is wonderful! If you want to find Jesus, the Bible says, “…You will seek the Lord your God and you will find Him if you seek Him with all your heart and with all your soul (Deut. dictation 4:29) . “The answer is to seek God where He can be found, in prayer and through His word. He is waiting for you there. Your Turn How do you connect with God? Where do you find Him in your daily routine? Feel free to share your ideas and comments with me below or privately right here. I would love to hear from you.Where can you find God?Read more: Where is johnson fleece in 2020

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