What Your MBTI Says About You

Video Why are intjs so attractiveBy: Sarah FaderUpdated December 15, 2020Reading: why are intjs so attractiveMedically Reviewed By: Nicole Gaines, LPC What Is The Meyers Briggs Personality Type Indicator?The Meyers Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI) is a type of assessment that tries to determine your personality type. It helps people figure out which of the 16 personality types best describes them, highlights their strengths and deficits, and can help you understand if you have the rarest personality. It is a free personality test that anyone can find easily online. Isabelle Meyers developed the MBTI with help from her mother, Katherine Briggs. As such, the MBTI is centered around the work of these women with Carl Jung’s theory of personality types. Today, the MBTI is used across the world with a big percent of the population using the assessment. It’s a psychological tool that informs people about themselves, how they relate to the world, and what careers best suit them.This website is owned and operated by BetterHelp, who receives all fees associated with the platform.Source: topqa.info The First Draft of the MBTIIsabelle Meyers and Katherine Briggs became fond of Carl Jung and his theory about psychological types. During World War II, the two began researching and creating an indicator to better understand how people differ from one another. They wanted to help human beings have self-knowledge and become better people. It was developed during the 1940s when Meyers and Briggs began testing it out on their loved ones. For their first assessment, the duo hand wrote the results for their family. After testing it out on their friends and family, they fine-tuned the assessment until we got the definitive version of the MBTI twenty years after its initial creation. What Is The MBTI?According to the MBTI, there are 16 different personality types. Thus, the assessment helps people learn more about their personality; what they enjoy, what they don’t enjoy, their strengths and deficits, if they’re more introverted or extroverted, what kind of workplace or career they function the best in, if they are a sensitive person or somebody thick-skinned, and how compatible they are with other personality types. One thing that’s important to note about the MBTI is that it’s not about one personality type being “better” or “worse” than the other; there’s no way to ace this test because there are no right or wrong answers. The point is that there are so many different kinds of people in the world and that they all have different strengths. The MBTI exists to inform people that it is okay to have a different personality from others. This personality test highlights the differences people have from each other and shows how these unique traits are emblematic of how they represent themselves to the world. Having self-awareness can help you in nearly every area of your life, which is part of why the MBTI is so popular and so useful. Four ScalesThere are four scales used in the MBTI that determine your results: Extroversion or Introversion (E or I)The dichotomy between extroversion and introversion stems from Carl Jung. In Jung’s theory of personality types, he focused on how human beings respond and interact with those around them. You may have heard of the terms extrovert and introvert, but in the MBTI as well as Jung’s theory, they might present differently than you’d imagine. Extroverts are people who believe in taking action – it’s not just that they like to be around others and enjoy going places where they can socialize, it’s also that they feel energetic after spending time with others; their energy levels are boosted by spending time with other people. In a combination of intuition and confidence, extroverts always find ways to involve themselves in social situations. On the other hand, introverts are more thoughtful, and while they like to be engaged in meaningful social interactions, they don’t necessarily enjoy socializing with anonymous people. They need time to recharge by themselves. Both introverts and extroverts can need alone time, but it’s especially important for introverts; they require it to recuperate, and it makes them feel energized. In being alone, an introvert powerful and independent can sometimes act with an extroverted personality; But unlike extroverts, they cannot maintain a highly social personality for long. Sensing or Intuition (S or N)Here we talk about how people obtain information in the world. When it comes to differentiating these two qualities determined by the MBTI, people are either sensing or intuitive. If you get a result with N as the second letter (ENFP, for example), the N would mean that you’re more intuitive. People who are on the intuitive side of things focus more on their intuition; they focus on patterns that they see, what possible things could happen, and they prefer an abstract theory as opposed to a definite reality. In this sense, intuition and thinking go hand-to-hand with each other. People who get the S or the “sensing” result are going to observe things, look at data, and think about how practical things are. Both personality types are indicative of an independent thinker; Somebody who analyzes the world around them and uses the information to create a definitive conclusion. Sensing or intuition can also relate to introverts and extroverts as well. For instance, introverted intuition is when people who may distance themselves from crowds are constantly focusing on how other people are interacting with each other and using these patterns to socialize themselves. They may also take the opportunity to not take part in conversations, instead feeling comfortable with staying in the shadows rather than taking action. Extroverts may take it upon themselves to ask others when either using intuition to guess patterns or “sensing” the result by obtaining data through social situations. They may also apply intuition and thinking by seeing the patterns in their environment and thinking about an abstract theory that relates to their current situation. Thinking and Feeling (T or F)Here, we’re focusing on whether you’re more logical and fact oriented or if you focus more on how you feel about something. It’s the sense of if logic or emotion tend to drive you more. You might be more on the “thinking” end or more on the “feeling” end, but as with all of the MBTI scales, they’re just that; scales. Typically, people have some elements of both but lean towards one side, and some will lean to a specific side more than others. For example, people can have a combination of intuition and feelings to arrive at their conclusion. Judging and Perceiving (J or P)The last scale involves differentiating people who like to make decisions and are highly structured as opposed to those who are more flexible and find that they can adapt based on different things around them. Again, it’s possible that you could have elements of both, and your result only tells you which one you learn towards more.why intjs are so attractive what your mbti says about you 2Source: topqa.info The Sixteen Personality TypesINFJINFJs focus on ideas. They’re passionate about understanding people’s motivations, they’re extremely moral and have a clear sense of what their values are. They have a vision and want to serve humanity. They’re highly decisive and want to implement their vision clearly. Their moral compass and understanding of others contribute to them as a sensitive person who cares about the people around them.ISTJAn ISTJ is a quiet and somewhat stern individual. They’re highly practical and realistic. They rely on logic to make decisions and can focus regardless of those who are disorganized around them. As such, they come across as independent thinkers that come up with solutions that are more practical than fantastical. They’re very loyal and care a lot about their family life.ISFJThese individuals are painstakingly loyal. They keep their commitments, and they want to be in an environment that’s free of discord. Their work and home life are harmonious.INTJINTJ women and men are someone unique in their perspective. Those with an INTJ personality type have highly original ideas and are naturally skeptical. They can see patterns in the world, and INTJ women and men are highly creative in addition to being very organized. They can make a plan and follow through on that plan. INTJ women and men tend to perform at a high level and impress those around them. This kind of personality is considered one of the rarest personalities to have as well.ISFPThese people are kind and highly sensitive. They tend to be on the shy side, and they like to have personal space. They like to be around people on their own time and enjoy being alone. They’re also highly motivated by their morals, but they don’t like conflict or pushing their views on other people.INFPINFPs are highly idealistic. They understand how they feel about things on a very intuitive level. They want to live a life that honors the way that they feel morally. They want to understand those around them, and they’re highly adaptable unless they feel that a moral corruption is threatening them. INFP, INTJ, and INFJs all are similar regarding their passion for living a life that is true to them.INTPThese people are those that need logical explanations for different things and are highly analytical. INTPs tend to be quiet and are adaptable. They have the ability to hyperfocus and are great problem solvers. This is a great personality type for situations that call for a focus on analysis as well as adapting to different situations on a moment’s notice.ESTPThese individuals are highly pragmatic by nature. They’re results-oriented and don’t need to hear an entire explanation for a problem. Rather, they want to deal with what’s in front of them. They want to act and fix problems. As such, they are independent thinkers who derive solutions to problems without explanations.ESFPThese individuals are highly outgoing and exuberant. They have common sense but are also fun and spontaneous. They like to learn from others. People who score as an ESFP on the Myers Briggs personality test or Myers-Briggs type indicator are enthusiastic and acknowledge the things that they enjoy in life. People tend to enjoy being around the ESFP’s for this reason.ENFPRead more: Why am i craving beetsENFPs have a warm personality and can make connections fast. They like to get information from people, and they appreciate others. They’re typically spontaneous and can improvise at the drop of a hat. They’re also highly articulate. An ENFP is a free spirit who prides themselves in communication, and they are very enthusiastic as individuals.ENTPThese individuals are highly stimulating, extremely outspoken, and resourceful. They are good at understanding and reading people. They don’t like routine; they want to mix things up. They like to look at different possibilities in a situation. ENTPs may also find themselves befriending introverts, thus their traits may also stand for introverted people who do not have the courage to start friendships with their own will power.ESTJENTJs are logical. They’re decisive and like to pay attention to detail. They can be forceful if they feel as though they need to plan something. There are instances of introverted people having ESTJs personality traits. Thus, introverts while powerful and independent can also be stubborn in planning for something that they believe will pay off in the end for everybody involved.ESFJESFJs are compassionate and like to get along with others. Their personality type leads them to being loyal and liking details. They want to be appreciated and feel like one of the best ways to be appreciated if people are outward with that affection. They like to have harmonious work and home life.ENFJENFJs are highly empathetic. They understand the needs of others as well as their motivations. They like to be praised, but they understand constructive criticism. They’re good group leaders. While not the rarest personality, ENFJs are greatly appreciated for projects that need a good and reliable leader.ENTJENTJs like to be leaders. They’re extremely good at pointing out things that are illogical and are skilled in pointing out flaws in organization. They enjoy planning and like to determine if things will or won’t work. And ENTJ shares some traits with INTJs, as they’re both intuitive, thinking, and judging. Both personality types focus on the future and see the big picture, for example, but an ENTJ is more extroverted. Why Are INTJs So Attractive?INTJ women and men are attractive because they’re extremely independent and INTJs are natural leaders. It is very easy to gravitate towards independent and self-sufficient people because of the confidence they exude. They want to find love, but they are particular, so it takes a lot to impress them. This is the case for both INTJ women and INTJ men. They have a clear vision of who they want to be with as a partner and don’t want to have that superimposed on them. INTJ women and men want to build a life with a partner, but they’re highly skeptical of people and need to see the value in a relationship because they want to be in a sustainable relationship. They want to plan their future, and they’re mindful of what’s happening. They want to see if a partnership is a feasible long-term commitment or if it’s not going to work. They need to see the cost-benefit analysis. Though this seems like it may be cold, an INTJ is also someone who is a visionary by nature, the need to have a clear-cut vision is very important for INTJs. INTJs are natural in seeing far into the future and wanting to make sure that their decisions in the present will make them and their spouse happy in the long run. INTJ women will plan out far in the future, so INTJ women don’t make mistakes in regards to their romantic life. They need to see how something is going to play out and want to be mindful of their partner’s emotional needs as well as their practical needs. INTJ women and men want to satisfy the person that they’re with, and that’s attractive; not only are they planners, but they work hard to help others.why intjs are so attractive what your mbti says about you 3Source: topqa.info MBTI And LoveRegardless of your MBTI result, you can find a partner that you’re compatible with. Your best match won’t always be the same as you; sometimes, introverts date extroverts and it works out because the introvert gets alone time when the extrovert is out with their friends. An introvert dear to an extrovert will always work out so long as genuine love exists between the two individuals. Sometimes, extroverts date extroverts, and it works out because they go out and socialize together. Every relationship is different, but understanding who you’re with and finding out what pleases them is extremely important. Sometimes, that’s a hard thing to do, and online counseling or therapy can help. At ReGain, we want you to have a good experience in a relationship with someone that cares about you. Relationships aren’t easy, and sometimes, couples counseling is the answer to helping you and your partner communicate about your personalities and what both of you need. Search the network of therapists at ReGain today and find the right fit for you.Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)Why are INTJs so weird?Weirdness arises out of the inability to understand another person’s character trait. Because INTJs are naturally few, they are usually misunderstood, and all their actions can be misconstrued to be weird.INTJ personality types can be difficult to understand because they are not entirely open with their quirks or other personality traits. This applies to both INTJ women and INTJ men. An INTJ woman may seem off-putting at first; perhaps they do not engage with a social crowd or are constantly looking around. That said, they are only analyzing their surroundings. Female INTJs act like anybody else, like everyone else, they are not without strengths and weaknesses; they are human and are searching for patterns in their environment that they can understand and use to the best of their ability. Ultimately, INTJs are not weird; Truthfully, there is no reason to accuse anybody of being weird in a disrespectful manner. INTJs are representing themselves in a way that best fits their personality and that is an amazing thing to do. There is nothing better than being comfortable in your own skin. If you find that there is somebody that stands out to you, perhaps if they are being “weird” or otherwise and you find that you are interested in them, then by all means see if you can start a friendship with them. In doing so, keep in mind the following tips about approaching INTJ women and men.The ways that INTJ personality types can be approached are numerous.

  • First, be friendly towards them and ask about how they are feeling. It does not matter if you are speaking to INTJ women or INTJ men, it is always important to start any relationship with a positive and friendly interaction. An INTJ woman can be incredibly warm and fun to be around so long as you get to know them personally first.
  • Second, keep in mind their INTJ friends. There is a chance that INTJs will completely ignore you if they are conversing with friends or if you offend their friends in any way. Remember that the best thing to do is always be considerate of them. If you truly like them, then show respect to them and their friends as well. There is no reason to be standoffish with anybody for any reason.
  • Next, treat them like human beings. There are no names for INTJ people; the only one you should be using is the name that they give you in the beginning of your conversation with them. You may be surprised when the INTJ woman or INTJ man start leading you through the conversation. INTJs are natural leaders which is one of many primary INTJ strengths
  • Lastly, learn more about the INTJ woman or man. INTJs are natural in wanting to plan out their schedule, so if you want to be with them more often, then plan out a future activity for the two of you. An INTJ personality type wants something specific, so be specific yourself in wanting to go out somewhere or being descriptive with your own intentions. One more thing to keep in mind is that INTJ women and men may not be open to you at first. If so, then do not see this as a sign that they are not interested. Instead, give them the time they need to be comfortable with you.
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Do INTJs care about looks?INTJ women and men do not see looks as a deciding factor in pursuing a relationship. Rather than looks, INTJ women and men are looking much farther into the future when deciding their future with somebody else. It is not strange to see people who believe INTJs are cold because they treat their relationship like their career paths- with a measured practice of direct and logical planning. INTJs are natural in planning out their futures as they are detail oriented and obsessed with making sure that everything in their future is perfect, even up to the point of relationships and friendships. Additionally, INTJs love their mind; someone who identifies as an INTJ will value intellect in themselves and others. They do not value looks as part of their obsessive planning since looks does not determine a person’s personality. INTJ women and men do not judge someone based on their appearances, but rather, who they are as a person and how they make them feel.Instead of looks, INTJ women and men care about how a person represents themselves to themselves and other people. INTJ relationships are not one-sided; each person participates equally in providing love and comfort to one another. While INTJ women and men are not known for being open, that should not be a stopping point for the relationship. Instead, INTJ women and men’s negligence in being closed off should prove to be a challenge for you to understand who they are, why they close themselves off to the world, and how you can crack their shield even a little bit.The best way to show an INTJ woman or man that you also do not care for looks is to make use of certain INTJ resources. Thus, keep in mind the following details when dealing with INTJ women or men:

  • Since INTJs are natural leaders, show them that you respect their confidence by being confident yourself. It does not matter what your personality type is; Just because a test tells you that you are timid does not mean that you should act that way all the time. If you truly care about your spouse, then be confident in yourself to show them that you care about their input and want to be on the same level as them. Introverts dear to INTJs can also exhibit a sense of confidence and be more energetic for the sake of a relationship.
  • Another tip is to not mistake INTJ women or men for not taking your emotions into account when they are planning something without your consent. If this happens, be confident and explain to them why you do not feel that it is fair that they did not consider you in their planning stages. In doing so, you are showing them your confidence as well as being considerate of your own well-being as well.
  • Do not forget to consider that there is no such thing as a personality that cannot be compatible with another personality type. The rarest personality types can always pair with common ones, so if you feel like your relationship with an INTJ woman or man is going poorly, do not blame your personality type.

Are INTJ females attractive?All female INTJs are attractive, and these qualities do not just derive from their physical appearance. As previously emphasized in an earlier FAQ question, “Do INTJS care about looks,” an INTJ female, and INTJs in general, are not looking for physical appearances when they find somebody whom they would like to share their time with. As such, you should not be looking for female INTJs and judging them based on their physical looks. Instead, find time to be with female INTJs and understand them as a person.INTJ stands for introverted, intuitive, thinking, judging. When it comes to intuition and thinking, an INTJ lady is an objective and analytical thinker. Female INTJ tend to want to be in control in a relationship and are rarely seen as submissive. For men who love career women and are sapiosexual, an INTJ lady will be attractive to them. While female INTJs will disobey instructions from time to time because they love to do things their own way, dating an INTJ female will require patience. Strong willed females who fall into the INTJ category can be attractive depending on who is making the assertion. When it comes to feelings, female INTJs tend to act as though they rarely develop feelings because they do not want to be perceived as weak. Also, female INTJ tend to enjoy having their private space to themselves. An INTJ individual is best productive when given such space and may also enjoy being treated professionally and less romantically sometimes, unlike the regular manner of dating where partners are showing romantic interest towards each other.The desire to be with a smart and independent woman is very alluring and can be overwhelming, but in this case knowing INTJ women is very important before going into a relationship with one. In wanting to be in a relationship with an INTJ woman or female INTJ, please consider the following tips and in reading each tip, ask yourself how you would like others to see you. Do you want people to only see your physical looks or do you want them to see you as a human being with feelings and emotions?

  • Female INTJs are typically known for being closed off and lost in their own thoughts as per the description of an INTJ personality type. In understanding this, do you find that their behavior comes across as them only caring for themselves? If so, first consider a few possibilities. Maybe they are a rare INTJ female introvert in which they hide their confidence from you. In that case, talk to them more and see if you can have them open up to you. This may not take a day, but by being patient and knowing that your passion for this person is genuine, then they should be more open to you in due time. They may show you that INTJ female introverted powerful personality types are a good attractive quality.
  • Another tip to consider is that a female INTJ or an INTJ woman doesn’t like being seen only for their looks. They are people as well and as such you should respect them enough to converse with them and know them as a person. Female INTJs are likely to quickly figure out if you are only interested in them for looks alone. In these instances, ask yourself if you are truly interested in them or if their looks are the only deciding factor in your interest. If the latter proves true, then perhaps it is important to reconsider what qualities you find important for a relationship.
  • Thirdly, in searching for attractive qualities in female INTJs, take note of how their behavior makes you feel. When they take charge of any situation, such as playing a game or in any conversation, do you feel uncomfortable or are you admiring them? If you find that female INTJs look alluring when they are taking command, then this means that you are not judging them for their looks, but for their personality type as well.

Who are INTJs most attracted to?INTJs are most attracted to people whom they can see themselves having a future with as well as those who are open and honest to them. Additionally, intellect is important to an INTJ; smartness, creativity and intellectualism are very important factors which easily draw INTJs to their partners.If you would like to know more about who INTJS are most attracted to, please refer to the following FAQ questions: “Do INTJs care about looks” and “Are INTJ females attractive”. Each question focuses on what INTJs like and most importantly, how you can find out if you are attracted to INTJ females or males. In short, INTJs females and males are attracted to people who are considerate of an INTJ’s personality traits. They’re goal oriented, determined, and independent. If someone respects, resonates with, and shares traits such as being goal oriented and independent, it increases the likelihood of a good match. A personality test like the Myers-Briggs type indicator can give people a ton of insight into who they are as a person and the way that they operate, which can help them understand what they need in a relationship. Regardless of if you’re an INTJ infp INTJ intp isfj isfp or another type, understanding yourself, your strengths, your weaknesses, and your needs, is important, and it can help you in your interpersonal relationships.How do you annoy an INTJ?If you want to get the attention of an INTJ by annoying them, then perhaps first consider what you can do to approach them first and treat them like a person. During your conversation, if you would like to know how not to agitate an INTJ female or male, then there are a few tips you can consider. Please keep in mind that these tips are to know how to be considerate towards an INTJ female or male. There is no reason to annoy an INTJ or make rude comments toward them

  • INTJ females or males do not like people who are dismissive of their habits or interests. INTJs are incredibly passionate about their likes and even dislikes. Since they spend much of their time making plans for people they like or activities they want to do, their dedication in their thoughts show their resolve. As such, there is no reason to disregard their interests or make fun of them.
  • INTJ’s are goal oriented. Don’t try to get in the way of their goals. This is a very important part of their personality trait. They pursue their goals to the point of completion.
  • Also think about how INTJ ladies may feel if you make your comments only about their appearance. There is more to a person than their looks. Therefore, do not make each of your comments about somebody’s appearance. Instead, talk about their interests or engage in productive conversations that are of interest to both of you. By doing so, a lady INTJ will take more interest in you as a person, which should be the overall goal if you are interested in them. Do not disrespect a lady INTJ or anybody else in general. It will not benefit you in the long run.
  • INTJs often prefer to work alone. Trying to make someone with this personality type less independent is bound to get on their nerves.
  • Remember that myers briggs types with the I instead of the E (intp isfj isfp istj infp INTJ infj) are introverted. It’s not necessarily that they’ll be annoyed, but pushing them to be more extroverted than they are is likely to frustrate an INTJ. Don’t refrain from inviting them to things! Everyone likes to be included, and contrary to what some believe, introverts often love human interaction – it’s just that they need alone time to recharge. If you feel the need to outwardly criticize or get frustrated with introversion as a personality trait, it’s likely to rub an INTJ the wrong way.
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While it is not advisable to deliberately test their personality, knowledge of how they work and act will help in relating better with them.How do you tell if an INTJ likes you?There are multiple ways to tell if an INTJ likes you depending on their behaviors and actions toward you. In thinking about if an INTJ likes you, also ask yourself if you like them back. If you feel that they are making advances toward you that you do not like, then speak up as soon as you can. It is always important to know yourself when something goes too far. But if it has not gone too far and if you find yourself interested in the INTJ person in question, then here are a few tips that can help:

  • INTJs are highly likely to be closed off about their feelings and emotions. If you find that they are being open to you about their day or talking to you about other general things, then there is a chance that the INTJ feels comfortable around you that they can let their guard down.
  • On the other hand, an INTJ may be more quiet around you than anybody else. If this is the case, then observe other things about their actions. First, how does the person interact with their male and female friends? INTJ women and men may act the same around their friends. If so, then they may have an introverted personality along with their strong individualistic spirit. There is no cause for concern as the rare INTJ female introverts may be a side to their personality that you may need to work around. If you have enough patience and care for the person enough, then you can see an INTJ female introvert powerful in opening up to you with their thoughts and emotions. Introverts dear to other people may take some time, but when it does happen, it will be satisfying to finally show that special someone that you are a trusting individual.
  • Lastly, ask yourself if you like the INTJ person in question. INTJ women don’t like when somebody they are with shows disinterest in their interests. Famous INTJ qualities include being analytical, planning for every outcome, and being obsessive with their interests. If you find that you do not like these famous INTJ traits, then ask yourself if you are truly interested in an INTJ woman or man.

How do INTJs show affection?INTJ women and men show affection in different ways. Ultimately, whether someone’s an infj infp INTJ intp or another Myers Briggs type, it depends on the person. If you are attracted to INTJ women or men, then during your conversations, look out for a few traits to see if they are showing affection for you as a person. For example, INTJ women don’t like only being seen for their looks. If you show that you are interested in them for not their looks but for their personality as well, then the INTJ women will respond in kind by being more open with you. Additionally, note that since intp INTJ infp isfj isfp istj istp types are introverted in nature, they may be socially selective in a way; if they make an effort to talk to you and seem more extroverted around you, it could be a sign that they either enjoy your company or that they like you. If you have an introvert dear or sweetheart, feel lucky knowing that they choose to spend their time on you. Again, it isn’t that INTJs don’t like people. Whether they’re an INTJ intp isfj isfp istj or istp, having an introverted type just means that someone needs time alone to recharge. A lot of introverts love people, but they don’t mind some alone time, and they need a certain degree of it to feel refreshed.Remember that the most tested INTJ traits are that they are obsessive about their interests. Keep in mind that they do not care much for physical appearances but instead a person’s interests. So long as you show that you care about what they care about, the INTJ in question will likely show you affection by being open and honest with you. INTJ women tend to be logical individuals, as well as INTJ people of other genders. If you’re interested in a female INTJ, you might notice that they have a practical approach to displays of love and romance or that they implement practicality into their displays of love and romance. If someone with the Myers-Briggs type INTJ is highly and overtly romantic with you, they probably really like you and may have even spent some time thinking of ways to provide more overt displays of affection or romance. In life, INTJs look at the big picture and think of the future, so if they plan a future with you, it is a fantastic sign.How rare is a female INTJ?An INTJ lady is an independent thinker, very confident and is not bothered about being alone. An INTJ female falls in the category of an introvert and is not worried about the tag. A rare INTJ female introvert is not shy to tell you “I’m an INTJ” because it is a badge she is not ashamed of. Also, an INTJ lady is not shy to associate with fellow introverts. Generally, the INTJ is top notch goal oriented and is mostly seen working in professional capacities. Highly competent INTJs females are rare and are less than a two female percentage out of the total women population with only four INTJ’s out of every five hundred of the women population.Why is INTJ so rare?Read more: why is copper a good conductor | Top Q&AOf all the personality types, INTJs are among the least common. Due to supposed contradictions, they are mostly misconstrued and seen as ones with egos. In some instances, while most INTJs see themselves as information stored thinkers, others who do not understand their personality may think they are being unnecessarily difficult as they may choose not to contribute their thoughts at that specific moment. As much as they are not outspoken, they tend to process information and discuss with one person at a time. They would prefer to gain three new female INTJs who understand them instead of having hundreds of people who always misunderstand them. In situations with females, the female INTJ particularly is expected to lead, she may decline even though she has the potential to be a good leader.Why can INTJs be dangerous?When an INTJ female runs into difficulties, their reaction when compared to the average person is different. Many times, the competent female INTJs will stay focused on the goal until the desired result is achieved. While this may not sit well with the average person as many would expect the difficulties to be resolved, INTJs tend to remain dogged.INTJs tend to focus only on efficiency and particularly sequestrate issues that may cause a setback. Seeing them as dangerous can only be from the perspective of those who do not understand their personality and would prefer things done in a certain way which is totally against the characteristics and the personality trait of the INTJs. INTJ’s know how to disassociate themselves from danger when they sense it and even though for example, the rare INTJ female introvert may not speak, she would rather move away rather than engage in a confrontation.On the other hand, people may see INTJs as dangerous if they do not show emotions or personal interest. For instance, in a board meeting that requires report submission and one of the female delegates is pregnant, an INTJ would ask directly and specifically for the report only while others may be asking the pregnant lady about her wellbeing and how she is coping.Describing INTJs a dangerous is a factor of not knowing them enough. The fact that they seem to have a control over their emotions does not mean that they are incapable of feeling. They are as dangerous as every other human. Although, their quest for information might make them look dangerous, they are knowledge seekers who seek knowledge for the sake of knowing.What do INTJs find attractive?When you ask a female INTJ a question, she is likely going to take her time before answering as INTJs prefer to process things before giving an answer. INTJ dating can be complicated and uninteresting for people who do not understand this type of personality trait. What INTJs find attractive is someone who understands the factor of individual space. While most relationships dwell on PDA and spending time together, this is not the case for INTJs. INTJ connections are mostly directly opposite to that of the average person. Another trait the INTJ finds attractive is confidence and one who isn’t intimated even by an INTJ personality, especially as it relates to intelligence. People who are intelligent are mostly found around INTJs, this is because they find it easy to interact on the same wave length.Who should an INTJ marry?INTJs are straightforward people and as such are more likely to be attracted to people with similar traits. INTJ classification when dating is to find someone who is as confident as they are. An INTJ is someone who is independent enough to get things done, so it is no accident that INTJs are attracted to similar people. An INTJ will completely ignore advances of anyone who does not possess the trait and characteristics they themselves have. While this is not an issue for the average person when it comes to personality traits as some feel they are able to date, love and live with anyone they find attractive enough, the bar and standard for INTJs is set so high and it is not likely to change or get altered for any reason. An INTJ female introvert, powerful and independent, will always seek out a partner with such traits, or complementary ones.While it is not strange to find a man who is INTJ marry a INTJ woman, INTJs also marry people with other traits. They are mostly people who need to see a bit of traits they have in themselves. They will usually not stray completely out, looking for people with traits they do not have.What are female INTJs like?In a community, the INTJ woman is an independent thinker and a private person who is not seen as being free or open with others (sharing their deepest thoughts, ideas or issues), and can disobey any authority figure, especially if they feel that such authority’s action is wrong. Ergo, an INTJ woman will put logic and reasoning above her feelings or that of anyone. While men do not mind being referred to as INTJ, women may not love it that much. Famous INTJs such as Hilary Clinton, are also called system builders and strategists. They are not easily influenced by feelings and would gladly say “no” even when others are saying “yes”, or when she is deeply convinced there are issues needed to be sorted before a decision is made. If a book is written by an INTJ, best believe it will capture logic and objectivity over feelings.How do you know if an INTJ girl likes you?Based on Myers Briggs assessment, the INTJ will rarely have time for what they consider not important or frivolous. In fact, they are very meticulous and rather stay off time wasters. One of the ways to know if an INTJ girl likes you is by observing her time usage when she is with you. As much they like to spend their time on ‘serious’ things, they may go out of their way and are willing to leave their comfort zone for someone they like. And while you are wondering why she is spending time with you, be rest assured her time with you is actually a strategy to tell you she likes you. Do not take it for granted.Are INTJ jealous?The jealousy spectrum is a character constraint many find themselves in. One of the names for the INTJs is architect. An architect is literally one who determines the shape, size and design of any structure. In this light, INTJs do not think of jealousy as a thing. They are mostly rational beings who are not controlled by their emotions or feelings. In fact, instead of getting jealous, an INTJ will rather use the supposed feeling of jealousy as a challenge to become better and improve.An architect INTJ, will use his logic than emotions in cases where he is jealous; this is one of the reasons why they are seen as cold people. Although jealous, rather than lash out he will make sure he becomes someone better.How smart are INTJs?INTJs are very smart people. Measuring intelligence can be subjective. However, for INTJs, they usually have over the years acquired and amassed knowledge in different fields, which often puts them at an advantage. Also, they are able to relate to different things and form an opinion on the spot. One of INTJ discovered assets is their ability to expand their mind to acquire more knowledge as they dislike ignorance as much as possible and are always looking forward to continuous learning and growth. Some famous INTJs are Bill Gates, Al Gore, Steve Hawking and Isaac Newton.They would not stop at being idealistic, INTJs are known to pursue their ideals to the point of fruition, not stopping till they achieve what they set out to do. Although, most INTJs are geniuses, not all geniuses are INTJ, and not all INTJS are geniuses.How do you know an INTJ likes you more than a friend?One of the most obvious giveaways in this category would be that an INTJ would look for opportunities to be with you, or spend time with you rather than staying alone – an opposite trait of an introvert. Another thing to look out for to know they want you more than being a friend is the fact that they will always initiate contact and the desire to talk or have a conversation. Because INTJs are very loyal, you will see them defending you in your presence and in your absence. Above all, when you have conversations, you may observe they are putting you in their plans for the future. INTJs are as normal as you and I, and will act like they want to be with you, making you know either subtly or overtly that they like you more than a friend.Why do INTJs ignore crushes?Having a crush is not unusual and people crush all the time. However, an INTJ may classify having a crush as holding shallow emotions and these feelings can be drawbacks for INTJs. This is because they consider this as a distraction and because it can make them lose focus which can further hamper on their efficiency and productivity. They are quick to ignore or get over their crushing feelings and move on.Will INTJ make the first move?Absolutely Yes. INTJs are known to always act quickly on information. When it comes to how they feel, INTJ tends not to pass up the opportunity if they like someone or sees someone who catches their fancy. While they may not be very expressive in terms of their emotions, they are not shy to make their points known in clear terms.How rare is the INTJ personality?People with this personality are one of the rarest to find. They are usually critical problem-solvers, and are readily enthusiastic to improve systems and processes with their innovative ideas. INTJs are known to have a good eye for seeing potential and opportunities for improvement wherever they find themselves.The personality INTJ is inward-focused. They typically process information and think deeply, and are usually quiet, while they do not share what they are thinking. Little wonder INTJs come across as aloof and even mean at times. Many individuals see INTJs as one of the least friendly personality types making them seem not very open-minded. But in the true sense of the word, although they might not be given to small talk, they are actually good people.Understanding INTJs requires deep insights into personality types, devoid of any bias. This is because the personality of the INTJs is a bit contradictory and is also why this personality type is so rare. Although not given to small talks, INTJs are open-minded people, who like other open-minded people want to discuss ideas, issues and make others know what they are thinking. What differentiates INTJs is that they are more prone to either discussing these issues or ideas with a single person or mull it over themselves. The fact that INTJs are very comfortable with being alone makes them quite rare. In the real sense, they are not hateful individuals, but their personality is their operational manual, which makes them who they are.What is the rarest personality type?The rarest personality type is the INFJ, which stands for Introvert, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging, and is a representation of one of the 16 personality types, according to Briggs Myers and Carl Jung’s personality type. People who fall under this personality are the rarest set of personality that can be found on earth- only 1.5 percent of the general population fits into that category, making it the rarest personality type in the world.INFJs are good judges of human nature. To be an INFJ is synonymous to being able to read other people and their intention; having a good grasp of people’s emotions and motivation. Thus, it is not strange to find out that INFJs are easily misunderstood, although most of them wish to be understood, as they understand others. Also, INFJs are highly perceptive of others, they are very concerned about their relationship with other people, and can easily pass off as being extroverted. With this ability, they are found to be able to get into other people’s heads and figure out what makes them tick. They are introverts despite their outgoing nature, and they usually withdraw, suddenly into themselves, in order to ‘rebuild’ their emotional resources, in order not to suffer an emotional overload.However, one thing that puts them at a disadvantage with other people is their judging personality. People naturally do not want their heads to be picked, and will always feel exposed or naked due to the natural and usually subconscious actions of the INFJs who are fond of conducting personality tests or entering people’s minds.Is INTJ a good personality?The impact of personality traits is not such that determines whether one is good or bad. All personality traits are good, and although some are misunderstood because of their rarity, they all have their strengths and weaknesses, which plays to the advantage of humanity. INTJs are logic-driven, and have an innate talent for solving problems and accomplishing hard tasks. Little wonder that the career paths of INTJs are usually tortuous for an average person. INTJs have the capability of forecasting far into the future with an astounding level of accuracy.INTJs are known for their impartiality and intellectual excellence. They are individuals with a wide perspective to life, and who deal with issues with an equitable mind. INTJs are usually known to put in their very best into whatever task they might have set out to accomplish. They always have a nose for smelling out things that will not work out, and immediately set out to correct. INTJs have a plan. Whether male or female, INTJs are planners, who are meticulous, even to the point of their relationship, friendships, and every other form of human and social association.Of all the ways that INTJ women bond, they bond faster when ideas are shared. This makes it easy to see more INTJs male and female in romantic relationships, than INTJs in romantic relationships with other personality groups who do not share ideas.What is the smartest personality type?The calculation of the smartness of a personality is in no way universal, although, there might be a consensus on the strengths and weaknesses of each personality. The strengths, weaknesses and behavior of each personality weigh heavily on the measurement of the smartness. Below is the ranking of the top three smartest personality types:INTJ – This personality type is enormously skilled when it comes to information, storing it and knowing how to use it in the big picture. They usually get things done in no time, and because of their vast store of information, they know more than other people. An advantage to their smartness is that they are rarely emotional when dealing with arguments or issues, and are logical to a fault. INTJs are single minded, they do not allow emotions to cloud their judgements, making them very reliable and logical. In terms of a job or career, an architect with INTJ personality is great with planning things and laying a concise, straight and direct plan.ENTP – This personality type is primarily idealistic, although they also have the ability to store a lot of information, although, the difference is that rather than keep the information to themselves, they will channel that information out to other people, and also use that information to change things. They enjoy spending time with other people, unlike the INTJs, enjoying conversations, influencing people and having fun. By nature, ENTP are diplomats and intuitive.INTP- The strength of INTPs is their ability to store information, although they might not be as proactive as INTJs and ENTPs, they are also highly logical individuals. INTPs like INTJs are also single minded. They use their reserved nature in combination with their logical thinking, and are mostly found to love theoretical concepts. INTPs will always think of the bigger picture than place emphasis on the little details.Read more: why did zayn and perrie end the engagement | Top Q&A

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