What Does It Mean When Your Ex Ignores You? (10 Possible Things)

Video Why is my ex-boyfriend ignoring me? but you think he’ll pick up the phone when you call? In this guide, we’ll look at the main reasons why men decide to ignore their exes after a breakup.However, to really know why your man disappeared, I suggest you follow the advice in the next few paragraphs.

  • Download this communication tracking tool.
  • Enter a few basic personal details of your ex-boyfriend (this should be easy enough if you’re dating).
  • Wait for the tool to connect to his personal device and start collecting data about his recent communications.

You’ll be able to see who he’s calling and texting the most, what apps and online services he’s using, whether he’s registered a new phone number… and much more. in his life at the moment and why he chose to ignore you. much better position to figure out how to get back in touch, if that’s what you want.This method is the fastest way to find out what’s going on behind the scenes with someone who’s obsessed with you – but it’s not for everyone. So I’ve listed some more ideas below.

Why is my ex ignoring me?


One of the things that anyone in this world would absolutely hate is being ignored by those close to them or those with whom they had a close relationship and the same is true of being dumped by an ex. ignore, can be very Read more: Why is my wifi weak security Furthermore, everyone deserves to be treated with respect and ignoring someone can be a complete disrespect and no one can easily tolerated. What message might he or she be trying to convey? What is his or her intention in ignoring you? You are about to see some amazing facts about what it means for your ex to ignore you and I encourage you to read this through with patience.

What Does It Mean When He Ignores You?

1. He is very confused

You may feel like “my ex-boyfriend has dumped me and is ignoring me” but he’s just confused in his mind. You may have occupied a very delicate Put in his/her life when both of you were getting along but after breaking up he suddenly found out that your exit has left a big gap in his heart and this making him very confused and unable to think straight. likely to ignore you. It may take him some time to get over it, but that awkward period can make him ignore you at every opportunity even if he didn’t really mean to make you feel bad or discouraged. It’s a perfect response if you don’t want to be ignored by your ex too personally just because one confused person might even unintentionally ignore another.

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2. He doesn’t want to come back

When your For example Ignoring you, he may be trying to prevent any possibility of you both making up and starting from where you two broke up. He may not really mean to hurt you, but he doesn’t want to make up with you so he won’t start the relationship over. This is one of the common reasons why you For example won’t talk to you and even turn down every chance to meet with you. Even though he has nothing against you, he is simply are not He might even take this to the next level if he notices any effort or move from you that shows that you’d like the two of you back together.

3. He’s trying to find love again

He's trying to find love againWhen your ex ignores you, it could be because he’s busy trying to get love back from someone else and you might lose focus to make that happen, hence why he’s ignoring you a lot. ignore you. You are now his ex-girlfriend and he considers you the past of his life. The quest to find new love may be on his mind and he will continue to ignore you until he finds another girlfriend to take his place. Similarly, it could be the result of him falling in love with another woman after a breakup; After all, it is said that love is blind. New love can make him so blind that he doesn’t notice your presence anymore.

4. Hunted by the past

Your ex may be ignoring you because he’s being chased by bad memories of your past together, especially if he’s been unfair to you in the relationship. Before going to abuse and take advantage of you, the guilt of treating you badly can hunt him down and cause him to ignore you out of shame. In the end, both of them contacted each other. Your mere presence can even make him feel uncomfortable and the best way out for him is to act like he’s never seen you. Leading writer Nikki Rowe is of the opinion that he will always regret the way he has treated you.

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5. New rumor

Read more: Krabs theory: Who really is the mother of pearls? | Q&A Your ex ignoring you could be the result of new rumors he may have heard about you after you broke up. Your ex-boyfriend may be close with some of your enemies who will most likely give him false and disgusting news about you and this will make him ignore you whenever. he sees you. It sucks that when you’re both dating, she can dig up scandals about you to the point where she can make your ex hate you and thus, permanently ignore you. This can make him even feel justified breaking up with you and make sure he doesn’t contact you.

6. Coyness

Your ex-boyfriend may be ignoring you because he’s shy. This usually happens if he really loved you when you were together and still has feelings for you. He may have been a shy guy before you two started dating but got over his shyness after meeting you. Now that the two have broken up, the derision should have returned and he couldn’t help but ignore it. , he is still a shy and timid guy.

7. Guilt

Exes ignoring you after a breakup can be a sign of low self-esteem. In a situation where you have invested so much time and resources in him before the breakup, he will find it difficult to deal with after you both have broken up and this will make him feel self-conscious first. you and most likely ignores you whenever he sees you. it becomes even more obvious when he knows your chances of accepting him back are slim and he’d rather ignore you than go on a futile adventure trying to get you back .

8. War from within

War from withinYour ex-boyfriend may be ignoring you because of an inner struggle over whether or not he should get back so the two of you can continue the relationship from where you left it. He probably still has feelings for you but doesn’t know how to show it. He is fighting from within himself whether or not he should get back with you and this will make him ignore you. The hesitation about whether or not to approach you and the uncertainty about your reaction and reaction if he makes such a move will make him always ignore you.

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9. Revenge

Your ex ignoring you can be a way to get you back, especially if he feels that you treated him unfairly during the relationship. If he’s still heartbroken after the breakup, he’ll ignore you even for the slightest chance he might have. He may even go so far as to seek out opportunities to interact with you, with the sole purpose of ignoring you and making it painful and uncomfortable to be ignored, especially when you are little. most unexpected. For him, every contact with you will be the perfect opportunity to ignore you.

10. Prompt you for feedback

Prompting you to respondYour ex will ignore you to provoke a reaction from you. He may want you to come back to him and apologize or find a way to make up with him. Therefore, ignoring you will be a means to an end, not an end. He will intentionally ignore you and expect you to get his attention and when you don’t, he will most likely create more opportunities for you to get to him. get your attention and he most likely won’t feel comfortable when you ignore and don’t give the reaction or reaction he expected.


According to the list above, it can be as frustrating as being ignored by your ex, but sometimes it can work in your favor and not the other way around. So instead of rushing to the conclusion that his or her ignoring you is meant to humiliate you, it could be an innocent and genuine purpose that he or she can’t help. Let me know what you think! Read more: why is there no e color | Top Q&A

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