Warframe Oxium Guide – Best Way to Farm Oxium

Warframe lets you become an agile space ninja, slaying enemies with a variety of abilities, empowering allies with life-saving effects, and traveling across vast landscapes filled with unique creatures possess. But first you must have the means to do that by crafting powerful rad and Warframe weapons. Therefore, you will need to equip resources to get the specific equipment you want. Of the many materials, Oxium is one of the most difficult to use. And you will need a lot of things with some items that require large quantities. In this guide, we will show you the best ways to raise Oxium.

How do you get Oxium?


Oxium can be obtained from daily login rewards and completion bonuses. However, if you really want a lot, it has to be farmed from specific enemy types Read: where to farm oxium warframe Daily login bonuses are quite hit or miss due to their randomness. However, increasing your Mastery Rank can be helpful. The number of resources and the chance to get rarer rewards for login (aka daily dedication) will increase with each subsequent rank. but the daily bonus rewards are also drawn from a random pool. You can easily complete a number of bonuses in a row and walk away with Oxium exactly zero. Not to mention each bonus takes too long. Even if you have a K-Drive or Archwing Launcher available, it’s a long process to have a slim chance at Oxium. No bonus, which can sometimes happen due to glitch or mistake, will also cause you to go through the whole process again. It’s not worth your disappointment! Another rare way to get Oxium is simply from containers. These gift boxes are found in most quests. Many of them also have a small chance of getting rid of Oxium. So you should break them down as much as possible when playing through normal content. Besides Oxium, containers can also drop rare items like Orokin Cells, depending on location. It never hurts to check out what’s inside!The best way to earn Oxium is by killing Corpus’ enemies – namely, Oxium Osprey. They are the fastest and easiest source of incredibly valuable Oxium that every Warframe player desires. While there are other ways to farm Oxium, these uncommon Ospreys have a 100% guaranteed drop chance.

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Where should you farm Oxium in Warframe?

There are three Defense missions that spawn Ospreys Oxium in each wave:

  • Gulliver on Phobos.
  • Io on Jupiter.
  • The outer terminus on Pluto.

Read more: Where is clay found? | Top Questions & AE Each of these missions features Corpus enemies and requires the player to defend the Warframe Cryopod from waves of enemies. That makes effective protection a grueling process. Lower levels make it easier for enemies to dodge and avoid you with the large number of obstacles scattered around. Not only is it harder to kill enemies here, but the Cryopod is in an enclosed space, making your AoE abilities less effective. Cryopod head. Every five waves of completion will reward you with a mod or a Void Relic, these bonuses are also a great way to develop other key elements of the game while you farm Oxium – even when you end up converting the mod or burning the Void Relic to Dukes. Which of these three is the best for grinding? Among them, Io is the only site where you can get Relics or mods on 5 wave periods. This is definitely where you want to raise Oxium in Warframe.

How to Kill an Oxium Sea Falcon

Ospreys Oxium is the only enemy. They hover around and attack from a distance while hiding among other groups of Corpus enemies. They fire small sparks and dodge your attacks. Most importantly, they can and will self-destruct. If Osprey self-destructs, you won’t get any Oxium. You want to stay at a safe distance while killing them. The only time Oxium Osprey triggers its own explosion is after slamming your Warframe or an ally. If they come into contact with your body, they explode. However, if they miss, you can keep shooting! While you can try to melee with them, make sure you can knock them down in one hit. Otherwise, they will try to self-destruct again if given the opportunity. Enemies on Io are special around level 20. Any good weapon or Warframe should be able to take them down without worrying about self-destructing too much. Explosive weapons are also great, as you can kill multiple enemies in a short amount of time. I myself use Proboscis Cernos to shoot in the vicinity of any enemies I see on the minimap. The shot pulls enemies in place, causing them to take damage over time and explode in a wide radius after a few seconds.Read more: witcher 3 weapon shop | Top Q&A Since this is a Defense mission, you must kill all enemies in each wave to progress. If it starts to get too difficult as you progress, be sure to extract at one of the five wave intervals. Failure means losing all your resources. That includes the Oxium you’ve raised.warfrog warframe premium

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Ways to make Oxium farming easier

Oxium Farm Companion

Having a Companion definitely makes getting resources smoother. Your AI buddy can acquire them with certain mods.

  • Vacuum cleaner – Collect items in the vicinity and make it easier to get Oxium; especially since it can malfunction or get stuck inside the walls. It also helps you to collect everything else in the area.
  • Animal Instinct – Shows nearby enemies on the minimap, helping to make sure you don’t miss any Oxium Osprey.
  • Attractive – Can be equipped on Smeeta Kavat, multiplying Oxium drops.

Oxium Farm Mode

  • Enemy radar – An Aura you can equip your Warframe to add enemies near the minimap.
  • Burglar detector – A fair Aura to your Warframe, highlighting loot crates on your minimap, and more notably any Oxium you may not have picked up yet.

Oxium FarmingTips

Both Enemy Radar and Loot Detector mods can be fitted to any Warframe as long as you don’t mind giving up another Aura mod for the mission. Since Io is a fairly easy area so you don’t have to worry too much, there are some specific mods like Pilfering Swarm for Hydroid Warframe that increase the chance of Oxium doubling if Hydroid’s tentacles destroy Oxium Osprey. Going down in an area gives an opportunity for enemies to drop extra Oxium .vara can also use Prowl on enemies to increase the chance to drop additional Oxium. However, this is a slow process and not highly recommended. When you have time, it’s always beneficial to build each of these as they make farming specific materials a lot easier. Read more: where to throw away the Christmas tree | Top Q&A

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