Unfolding Faith

Adapted from Dr. David Jeremiah’s book, Why Was Christ Born? As the moon lit the treetops and the evening breeze soothed her skin, Mary rested quietly, regaining her strength. She marveled at the small living gift in her arms. Of course, any baby is a miracle from heaven – especially a first-born. Read: Why Jesus Came She knew what the angel had told her and what her heart confirmed: This is the Son of God in my breast. It was the very words, the very assignment, that the angel gave: the Son of God (see Luke 1:35). He would be on guard — standing guard, as fathers do. Joseph must have looked at the moonlit clouds and pondered his own mysteries. Information provided to engaged couples is very limited. What exactly did God do in this small town, on this quiet night, in this obscure province? When God invaded the affairs of man, the earth trembled. But this is a scene one can find anywhere in the world: a mother, a father, an infant.Why would heaven bother with such an unremarkable sight? Joseph did what we did. He went back many times with what he went through. He carefully sifted the words of his angelic guest. The messenger said, “You name him Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins” (Matthew 1:21) .— Why did Jesus come when He came? arrive? —Read more: Why Social Lessons Save the Covenant PathThe words of angels are unlikely to be forgotten. They are remembered, cherished, cherished and shared only with those closest to them. Mary and Joseph were each visited by an angel, and each held their own puzzle piece. Mary was told who the baby was, while Joseph was told what he was going to do. .You will save your people from their sins.A young man stands with his back to the camera, looking at the sun shining its bright rays across the earth, through low clouds. Jesus came to earth and was taught by many people, including God and Mary and Joseph.How old is the child before such mysteries are entrusted to his reflection? The Lord in heaven, the source of the messages, certainly guided them all the way. His will came to Jesus through angels, then his parents, then the young man’s own encounter with his real Father. His first recorded words were to tell his parents that they should expect him to join his Father’s business (see Luke 2:49). What is his Father’s business? Who is this boy with a twelve-year-old body and extraordinary intelligence? We can imagine whispering conversations between Mary and Joseph late at night. Why did Jesus come to earth? And when the time comes – where will he go? What will he do? Will the world finally understand the incredible secret held only between heaven and a small family?Viewed from a hill, we see a snowy seaside town, lit by colorful sunsets. Why did Jesus come to earth? HE came to give us all hope of eternal life with His Father in heaven.When the day of fulfillment came, some three decades after his birth, Jesus struggled for years with the identity narrated to Mary and the mission given to Joseph. We can imagine that he talked often with those two. He talked to local teachers. He mulled over the words of the prophets until they became part of who he was. I am the person Isaiah described so long ago (see Isaiah 53).Read more: why are small pizza caesars so cheap | Top Q&A must have had times when he mourned the loss of his simple, communal life – marriage and children – that he knew he had no choice in. But his heart is the truth. When he knew the time had come, he went deep into the wilderness alone, refusing food and water. There, in solitude, identity and mission come to him. There, Jesus himself faced the devil’s temptations, and he mastered them. — Why did Jesus come as a child? —And when he appeared, we saw that Jesus repeatedly answered the big question — why did he come? On thirteen occasions in the brief Gospel records, he used the phrase, “I have come. . . “. I came to call. . . sinner. (Matthew 9:13) I have come. . . in the name of my Father. (John 5:43) I have come. . . to do the will of God. (John 6:38) I came from Him, and He sent me to you. (John 7:29) I have come as a light to shine in this dark world. (John 12:46)A statue depicting the crucifixion of Jesus. Why did Jesus come to earth knowing that He would suffer for us?If the recorded minutes are any clue, no sense of mission is brighter. Ordinary people never talk about “coming” to this world; This world is home. Jesus used the language of a visitor. He spoke in the words of an ambassador about a brief but urgent assignment. Perhaps his most moving purpose came the day he met a strange little man named Zacchaeus. The latter is a rich and different person. However, as Jesus was passing through town, the little man ran ahead of the crowd and climbed onto a tree branch. His lack of dignity is astounding, but nonetheless people tend to avert their eyes from Zacchaeus. After all, he made his fortune exploiting the corruption of Roman taxes. Conventional wisdom holds that a noble teacher of God’s truth should overlook such an overt parasite.A young man, seen from behind, walks through a dimly lit but quite beautiful forest. Jesus has come to rescue all of us, especially those who are deeply lost.But imagine — Jesus called the little man by name, then suggested that they dine at the tax collector’s house. In the eyes of the crowd, it was a serious mistake on the part of Jesus, and they made their opinion public. Jesus said: “I, the Son of Man, have come to seek and to save lost like him” (see Luke 19:10). There is music and majesty in that statement. One focus: the loss. Two actions: search and save. So the urgent job of the ambassador is a rescue mission. — Why did God become a man? —Search and save. We think of the image of sailors clinging to the wreckage of a ship. Helicopters hovered in the night sky, shining beacons into the sea in search of survivors who had to be saved. We think of a collapsed mine where workers are trapped underground. Their oxygen levels were depleted, and the men crouched in the dark, wondering if they dared to hope for salvation. We think of a little girl sitting at the bottom of a well, or even a favorite word image of a wild sheep stuck on a dangerous outcrop. One in a flock of hundreds, and who would miss it? The shepherd will. He will leave many people to find one, no matter what.A life-saving ring hangs on the ona fence next to a wooden bench in front of the sea. Jesus came to earth on a mission to save all of us.The Coast Guard will find three or four sailors floating there, and no taxpayer will complain about the cost. The miners will not be abandoned, and the little girl must see the sun again. These situations are urgent and when they come across our television screens, everyone stops, prays and waits. Read more: Poitoucharentesinphotos | Top Q&A As New York Fire Department personnel plunged into the wreckage of the World Trade Center, they kept asking about the risks. They push forward, completely willing to pay the highest price that life can demand. The idea of ​​rescue is at the core of who we are; it prevents us from tracking. But true tragedy transcends the occasional present event. Now, as always, the world lay in its own ruin, darkness and pain of its own making. The greatest enemy of all is the irresistible force within us, which is called in the Bible sin. We are all too aware of its grip on us. We know that its only job is our destruction. However, we enslave ourselves to it in every way. No one has the strength to rise above the torrents of sin. Therefore, the ruin of our fallen state is all around us. Debris spread everywhere. The inhabitants of our world, billions of them, yearning for rescue, often do not realize what that desire is. A beacon that cuts through our despair is Jesus. He stood between us and said, “I have come to seek and save the lost — to find you and to restore you.”A lighthouse beams its light across the dark sky. Jesus came to earth as our beacon of light!The word gospel means “good news,” and that is certainly the way of the universe. The news was so good, so wonderful, that the world found it hard to believe. A cure has been discovered for common sin. Death itself now has an alternative — and the alternative will be so good that on the day we experience it, our feeble minds can never contain the joy involved. . The main reason he came to earth was to go on a rescue mission. Jesus also mentioned a secondary goal. “My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life,” he said (John 10:10). When he said those words, he was talking about sheep again. He said that a false shepherd uses only sheep; a shepherd really loves them enough to give his life for them. “I came not only to rescue you,” he said, “but to help you see all the wonderful possibilities that life can have for you. I want you to save every drop of joy in this life. And if I hadn’t come to show you, you’d never know how. “- Great Gifts For New Believers. – Mary was told that her child would be the Son of God. Joseph was told that this child would save his people from their sins. These are the two best quotes imaginable regarding babies. But how can the angels explain all that these two ideas entail? How can you explain rainbows to people who have lived in a gray world?A neon rainbow lights up a dark wall.Perhaps the angels themselves could not have foreseen the miracle of Jesus — the absolute miracle of light about to explode on earth like the sun rising in the heavens after thousands of years. We are luckier, for we have his words. We have proof of his life. Most of all, we have had the experience of knowing what life can be in all its fullness — as wonderful as Jesus promised it was. Discussion Questions Have you ever been on a mission? What is your motivation? Based on what you read in this chapter, what was Jesus’ main motive for coming to earth? Read the following passages for more reasons Jesus gave for coming: Matthew 5:17; Matthew 20:28; and John 17:8.—Front cover of Why the Nativity? by David JeremiahRead more: Why Social Lessons Save the Covenant Path by David Jeremiah Every year, millions of people around the world celebrate Christmas. But what does it all mean? Drawing from both the Old and New Testaments, renowned pastor and theologian David Jeremiah provides answers to 25 unique thought-provoking questions surrounding the most pivotal moment in human history – the birth of Jesus. Lesson ♥ 105

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