This TikToker figured out who Sophie’s dad is in Mamma Mia and it’s pretty convincing

Video Who is sophie’s dad in mamma mia 2 They’re arguing, arguing, and we never really get a definite answer for them. For example, what happens when you die? Why do we dream? Are we alone in the universe? And most importantly – who is Sophie’s father in Mamma Mia? The whole premise of the first Mamma Mia movie is that Sophie doesn’t know which of the three potential men her father is and so she invites all three to her wedding in hopes of finding out. She never found out because she liked the idea of ​​having all three of them as her father. That’s great for your Sophie, but what about the rest of you? We want answers Read: who is sophie’s dad in mamma mia 2 Everyone has proven his point and argued against it, even the musical director says Bill is the father, but now someone on TikTok has dug up a lot to prove Sam is really the father. a million times, giving her proof of why Sam is really the father. Here is all her proof:

Song ‘Our Last Summer’


Sarah argues that the scene where they sing “Our Last Summer” highlights all the traits Sophie could have from her potential fathers, but Sam is the only one with a skill Donna can’t give Sophie. . the song ‘Our Last Summer’ all potential fathers are shown exhibiting traits they may have passed on to Sophie to suggest that any of them could be fathers. However, only Sam shows something that Donna can’t give Sophie. Bill is an adventurer just like Donna. Sam is the artist that Donna was never specifically represented as, and according to the film’s narrative logic Sam is the baby’s dad. “Sarah demonstrates all of this nicely in a powerpoint presentation with side-by-side images of Donna doing the same things as Harry and the Bill.

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The real math of all

screenshot 2021 04 15 at 123541 1The song scene isn’t the only piece of evidence Sarah presents, she’s actually getting into the stats. and Donna had a week-long affair, thus sleeping more together. While Harry and Bill only slept with Donna once. She said, “Now let’s do some math. Harry and Bill slept with Donna once. While Sam and Donna had an affair that lasted at least a week, which means statistically it’s more likely that Sam is the father. “

Debate about blondes

screenshot 2021 04 15 at 123611 2Many people on Twitter argued that Bill must be the father because he has blonde hair as does Donna, and that you can only have a blonde child if both parents have blonde hair. (what you did in GCSE biology predict genotype). Read more: Apologia SuperSet™ Who is God? with the Regular Notebook Magazine | Top Q & AShe said, “Okay, I see a lot of stupid people on Twitter like it should be Bill, just do a punnett square.” I need you all to know that it’s not just any blonde. There may also be blonde babies. Typically Meryl Streep’s literal children. There’s no reason to think that Sam can’t have a blonde child. “

But Bill is very hot-tempered

Many people seem to think that because young Bill and young Donna have an undeniably sexual relationship, he is already a father. Sorry to disappoint you all.Mamma Mia! now available on Netflix. For all the latest Netflix news, skip and memes like Netflix’s Holy Church on Facebook. • Quiz: Which character from Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again are you? • Question: How much do you really remember the first Mamma Mia movie? • Question: Which Dynamo are you really? Read more: Realtor in grants pass used to be a programmer

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