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Whether you have 10 days in Croatia or a month, choosing where to stay in Zagreb will leave you wondering. The Croatian capital is one of the best tourist destinations in Croatia and an emerging hotspot for travelers looking for a combination of old-world charm and modern attractions. Gornji Grad (Upper Town) is full of 18th-century Austro-Hungarian architecture and historical sites, while Donji Grad (Lower Town) is home to Zagreb’s main square, which you’ll always find crowds. , you’ll find streets lined with busy outdoor cafes, plenty of shops, friendly locals ready to show you the way, and a vibrant nightlife scene. Start your Zagreb accommodation search with this complete guide to the best places to stay in Zagreb including the top hotels, areas, neighborhoods and districts…

Best places to stay in Zagreb: Top Hotels and Neighborhoods


Zagreb’s history goes back more than 1000 years, but much of the Croatian capital was built over the last 100 years. There is a mix of old and new in each surrounding residential area. The family-friendly Gornji Grad, or Upper Town, and neighboring Kaptol offer a laid-back atmosphere and a great opportunity to learn more about Zagreb’s rich history. The oldest part of town is still home to Croatia’s most important cultural landmarks.Lower Town, or Donji Grad, has become the center of modern Zagreb. If you’re looking for the city’s nightlife, shopping, and restaurants, you’ll want this neighborhood to be your top choice for where to stay in Zagreb. You’ll still be within easy walking distance from your hotel to any of the top activities in Zagreb. A little further from the center, Maksimir has a more modern landscape. You’ll get to visit the largest shopping mall in the area and spend the night in the best hotels in Zagreb.

  • Gornji Grad (Upper Town)
  • Donji Grad (Lower Town)
  • Kaptol
  • Maksimir
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Gornji Grad (Upper Town)

✔ Best Area to Stay in Zagreb for History Lovers and Families Centered around the many cultural establishments in Zagreb, Gornji Grad is the older part of town. Also known as Upper Town, it is the best spot for exploring the historical sites and perfect for families. Upper Town is the first area that people recommend to visit. Strolling the streets of this charming neighborhood will take you back to medieval times in Zagreb. Each block has quaint buildings with ancient architecture.Gornji Grad Upper TownIf you go to quirky museums, Gornji Grad will help you. Explore the Museum of Broken Relationships and the Museum of Torture between visits to the historic sites. The resort also caters to visitors including families visiting Zagreb. Enjoy delicious food, snacks and local cuisine at the many restaurants and cafes. Take the funicular down to Lower Town and stretch your legs in the hilly streets of Kaptol. Recommended Hotels in Gornji Grad (Upper Town) The tiny Gornji Grad area doesn’t have many accommodation options. Most hotels are located on the outer edge of the neighborhood, placing you near the central public square and other attractions.

Donji Grad (Lower Town)

✔ Best neighborhood to stay in Zagreb to explore the rest of Zagreb is the largest city in Croatia, but very walkable, especially when you’re right in the city center. Donji Grad puts you in the center. You will have no problem accessing landmarks and hotspots in any part of Zagreb. Of course, you’ll still find plenty to keep you busy on the streets of Lower Town.Donji Grad Lower TownThe narrow squares are a popular meeting point for locals and a jumping-off point for tourists looking to head straight while exploring Zagreb. When people talk about Zagreb, they often refer to the coffee-drinking culture. After spending a few hours exploring the streets of Donji Grad, you’ll see why. This area has more coffee shops than other nearby areas of Zagreb and all strive to produce the best coffee in town. Donji Grad, or Lower Town, located at the bottom of the hills where Zagreb was originally built, has a mix of older and modern buildings, including the largest selection of hotels in Zagreb .

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✔ The best district to stay to experience the culture of ZagrebKaptol is right next to the Upper Town, north of the Lower Town, and home to some of the most important landmarks. If you want to immerse yourself in the culture of Zagreb, you will find this neighborhood to be the perfect choice. The two top tourist attractions in the city are always crowded, but well worth the effort against other visitors.Zagreb Church in KaptolThe Dolec Outdoor Market is a great example of a local taste. At the market, you can treat your senses with a wide range of fresh produce, meats and cheeses. Like Upper Town, Kaptol also has many historic buildings, providing a piece of history to add to your cultural experience. optional, as most accommodation is apartments. The following options are primarily located around the southern boundary of the neighborhood, near Upper Town and the eastern edges of downtown.


✔ Best area to stay in Zagreb for shopping and fine diningMaksimir is often overlooked by travelers who want to be close to important Zagreb attractions, such as the cathedral or the city’s historic buildings city. Although it is further away from these places, it gives a more modern feel. Much of this neighborhood was built in recent years, including large shopping malls, department stores, and luxury restaurants located throughout the district. Spending your trip browsing the shops and filling your belly with scrumptious food is just the beginning.Maksimir . ParkThe largest park in the area and the city’s football stadium are also in the vicinity. If you visit in the right season, you can watch a match of European football. Interact with the locals as the highly ranked national team, known as Vatreni (“The Blazers”) or Kockasti (“The Checkered Ones”), defends its home ground. Maksimir is far away. more central, but not too far away. Many hotels are located on major routes, making it easy to catch the train and visit any other part of the city. to get to the city center. There are also some options closer to shopping malls and sports complexes, but they don’t share the same excellent ratings.

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Summary: The best places to stay in Zagreb

Still unsure about where to stay in Zagreb? Here’s a quick last minute list of some of the best hotels in Zagreb…

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