Where to find them, what they sell and how to level them up

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  • Cayde-6, Pioneer Scouts
  • Amanda Holliday, Shipbuilding Manager
  • Tess Everis, Eververse Trading Co.
  • Kadi 55-30 and Darbi 55-30, Postmasters
  • Commander Zavala, Tactical Pioneer
  • Lord Shaxx, The Crucible
  • Arcite 99-40, Crucible Blacksmith
  • Master Rahool, Cryptarch
  • Tyra Karn, Cryptarch
  • Banshee-44, Gunsmith
  • Ikora Rey, Vanguard Research
  • Suraya Hawthorne, House Attendant
  • Devrim Kay, Dead Zone scout
  • Sloane, Field Commander
  • Failsafe, Exodus Black AI
  • Asher Mir, Fragmentation Researcher
  • Xur, Agent of Nine

Destiny 2 has a ton of loot to offer you, and not all of the loot pops out of your enemies’ heads. Like Destiny, Destiny 2 has a lot of vendors scattered across its futuristic world. Most of these vendors exist in a late-game social space where all of our favorite characters gather to give you gifts and sell you stuff. Other providers live and operate on four separate locations in the world of Destiny 2.Fake software warning: This guide contains an add-on to the content after the end Destiny 2’s campaign.Reading: where is the gunsmith in fate 2

Cayde-6, Pioneer Scouts


Cayde-6 in Destiny 2Bungie / Activision Located in the mount of the Tower, Cayde-6 will sell you two items that you can use during Patrol. Scout Report is a consumable that highlights chests in a specific area for the next four hours, allowing you to farm easily. Cayde-6 also sells Treasure MapHighlights the location of bonus chests in a given Flashpoint location that week.

Amanda Holliday, Shipbuilding Manager

screenshot ps4 2017 09 07 23 18 05 1Amanda Holliday, Shipbuilding Director in Destiny 2Bungie / Activision Also in the Tower’s mount (next to Cayde-6), Shipbuilding Manager Amanda Holliday will sell you the ship and basic vehicle (Sparrow). These Sparrows are not particularly fast or flashy.

Tess Everis, Eververse Trading Co.

screenshot ps4 2017 09 07 23 18 05 2Tess Everis of Eververse Trading Company in Destiny 2Bungie / Activision Located in the courtyard of the Tower, Tess Everis afterward Eververse Trading Co. is the one who brings microtransactions to Destiny 2. Here you can spend real-world money on Silvera currency you can use to buy packages Bright Engram. These engravings can provide all sorts of cosmetics like new ships, shaders, ghost shells, sparrows, and weapon mods. Tess can also decode Bright Engrams whenever you receive them.

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Kadi 55-30 and Darbi 55-30, Postmasters

screenshot ps4 2017 09 07 23 18 05 3Kadi 55-30, Postmaster in Destiny 2Bungie / ActivisionKadi 55-30located in the Tower courtyard and Darbi 55-30located on the Farm, are all Post office who will keep any loot you may have missed along the way. Simply walk up and collect your loot.

Commander Zavala, Tactical Pioneer

screenshot ps4 2017 09 07 23 18 19 4Commander Zavala in Destiny 2 Zavala looking at Tourists. He can give you rewards for Attack Mission. Whenever you complete a Warning, you will receive Pioneer Token. Turning these into Zavala will earn you coins every time you level up. He will also give you access to Attack at nighta special, hard special attack gives better rewards.

Lord Shaxx, The Crucible

screenshot ps4 2017 09 07 23 18 19 5Lord Shaxx in Destiny 2 Lord Shaxx is the supervisor of CrucibleDestiny 2’s multiplayer, PvP mode. Similar to completing Strikes, finishing a Crucible match will earn you Token Crucible. Give these to Lord Shaxx, and he will give you a reward.

Arcite 99-40, Crucible Blacksmith

screenshot ps4 2017 09 07 23 18 19 6Located on the Farm in the early parts of Destiny 2, Arcite 99-40 will sell you suitable electrical equipment. However, once you’ve completed the campaign and unlocked the Tower, Arcite will completely disappear as a vendor. Instead, he will take his rightful place as By Shaxx right-handed robot and typing on a computer screen in the courtyard.

Master Rahool, Cryptarch

screenshot ps4 2017 09 07 23 18 19 7Master Rahool, Cryptarch in Destiny 2Bungie / Activision Located in the Tower courtyard, Master Rahool is back as Cryptarch for Destiny 2. If you’re not familiar with the Cryptarch role, it’s pretty straightforward. When you get a Strange or Legendary Engramtake it to Master Rahool, and he will turn it into a device.

Tyra Karn, Cryptarch

screenshot ps4 2017 09 07 23 19 06 8Located at the Farm, Tyra Karn is another Cryptarch. She serves the exact same function as Master Rahool, so there’s no reason to specifically use her once you’ve unlocked the Tower. However, if you have an engram and happen to return to the Farm, she will happily decode it for you.

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Banshee-44, Gunsmith

screenshot ps4 2017 09 07 23 19 06 9Banshee-44, Gunsmith in Destiny 2 Banshee-44 currently living in his own booth. Similar to vendors like Zavala and Shaxx, you can pass items to Banshee-44 for loot. However, the acquisition of these items is a bit different. Whenever you dismantle rare or higher gear, you will get Blacksmith Materials, then you can give Banshee-44. When you’ve given him enough, he’ll give you a Legendary weapon. He will also sell you mods Sparkling light and Mod ingredientscan modify your device.

Ikora Rey, Vanguard Research

screenshot ps4 2017 09 07 23 19 06 10Ikora Rey, who lets you replay campaign missions in Destiny 2Bungie / ActivisionRead more: where is the utility folder on mac | Top Q&A Yes in Tower Market, Ikora Rey allows you to replay old story missions. Talk to her, and you can choose from three weekly quests. Use her right machine to replay missions. When you complete these, you will receive Vanguard Research Tokenwhich you can transform into Ikora to rob.

Suraya Hawthorne, House Attendant

screenshot ps4 2017 09 07 23 19 06 11Suraya Hawthorne, House Attendant in Destiny 2 Suraya Hawthorne to be Clan Steward. She will sell you some 200 power gear with a little Glimmer like many other vendors, but her main purpose is to give you your Clan banner and reward you for activities of Clans. Each week, you’ll be able to earn Clan experience in exchange for powerful gear. Hawthorne is the NPC that will give you this loot once you’ve earned it.

Devrim Kay, Dead Zone scout

screenshot ps4 2017 09 07 23 18 52 12Bungie / ActivisionLocated at the church in Trostland of the European Dead Zone, Dead zone scout Devrim Kay will sell you loot and get your reputation tokens. When you come back EDZ Token that you collect as you move around the Earth, Devrim will give you Legendary gear. He also sells green quality equipment that has a capacity of 200.

Sloane, Field Commander

screenshot ps4 2017 09 07 23 18 52 13Bungie / ActivisionLocated at Siren’s Watch on Titan, Field Commander Sloane will sell you 200 power green gear as well as exchange Legendary loot for Arcology Tokens. Similar to Devrim Kay and other planetary providers, you can use the tokens obtained from completing Public Events and performing other activities on Titan to level up Sloane. When she level up, she will give you high level equipment.

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Failsafe, Exodus Black AI

screenshot ps4 2017 09 07 23 18 52 14Failsafe, Exodus Black AI in Destiny 2 Exodus Black AI Failsafe is a (mostly) friendly AI who will provide you with equipment. You can give Nessus token give her the Legendary loot or buy her 200 power green gear for Glimmer.

Asher Mir, Fragmentation Researcher

screenshot ps4 2017 09 07 23 18 52 15Fragmented Researcher Asher Mir in Destiny 2Bungie/Activision, Located near Rupture on Io, Fragmentation researcher Asher Mir is the last planetary supplier you will encounter. Like everyone else, he will sell you 200 power level green equipment as well as trade Io tokens for legendary items.

Xur, Agent of Nine

screenshot ps4 2017 09 07 23 19 26 16Xur is one of Destiny’s most infamous characters. He is a shady vendor representing the mysterious Order of the Nine. He shows up every week to sell you Exotic level gear with a rare currency, Legendary piece. In Destiny 2, according to Bungie, he’s coming out on September 15, 2017. While we’re not sure exactly where he will be, we do know that he’ll be in the exotics business for Legendary pieces. . Read more: Where is dalton hayes now

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