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Volume VII, issue 2, winter 1979 The Beauty of the Eagles Story and Photos by Lea Ann AndersonRead: why vultures circle the turkey buzzard, the common term applied by “we Ozarkians” to vultures turkey vulture, is a common sight in the farms and forests of the Ozark. Lightly soaring for hours in graceful flight, rarely flapping its wings, the turkey buzzard adds beauty to our skies. Cardinal number. While flying around, they didn’t fly at all. Searching for carcasses incessantly, the turkey buzzard plays an important role as scavengers, cleaning up rural areas. In terms of appearance, a close-up of the wrinkled, hairless red head on the body has black hair that makes them less beautiful. in hollow trees, in caves or on rock ledges. Usually two to three white eggs with small brown spots form a nest. The female incubates the eggs for thirty days. When the young are born, they are taken care of and cannot fly for six to seven weeks. When hatched, they are adorned with a white undercoat, which disappears with the adult plumage. When fully mature, they are between 26 and 32 inches long. With rather weak wings up to 6 meters long, they are very clumsy when flapping their wings. Although detrimental on the one hand, the large wings were an invaluable aid in levitation. Unlike most birds, buzzards fly for long periods of time, keeping their wings in a wide V and rarely flapping their wings. This high flight ability allows them to cover a lot of ground in search of food, stay in the air for as long as it takes to find a meal, and observe the behavior of other buzzards nearby, both to see what the new ones are and to see if they can locate the food.7i2p38[39]The buzzard actually hovers over the air currents. These up-to-date airflows are caused by air being heated at the ground, and then it rises up in bubbles or pockets, forming ascending air currents or heats. The buzzard ascends above these air currents, then ascends or drifts in circles to stay in the airflow and search for one area before flying to the next heat zone. , although they have very sharp eyesight. Once the buzzard finds its food, it will spin around to see if it is safe and then drop down to eat. A falcon dropping down becomes a signal for other buzzards in the area to come, surround, and join the party. The curved beak is too weak to tear the flesh until it decomposes. They couldn’t kill the animals because they were too slow to attack and their legs were too weak to catch and kill like birds of prey. When the “honeyhogs are fragile,” they can eat cow dung or catch grasshoppers and small bugs. For the scarabs have such large bodies that it is difficult for them to fly. When that happens, they will land until some of the food is digested. If they are molting at this time, to keep their weight low so they can fly, they will spit out some food that is sprayed on their tormentors. The skunk repeatedly butchered animals that were killed by cars on the highway because they were too full to move quickly. They will eat snakes when available. Sometimes one can see a buzzard flying in the air with a snake dangling in its hand. Any dead animal is fair game to the buzzard, although no other animal can eat the buzzard, not even another buzzard. to sleep at night.Read more: Why does eren hate mikasa[40]Because of its large and clumsy wings, the buzzard has to find a dead tree or an open spot with no obstructions. In early spring, there is no problem finding a bare tree to land on, but then, when the leaves come out, the buzzard has to find a dead tree. Usually, since only a few dead trees remain standing in the buzzard’s territory, many buzzards, which are not naturally sociable species, must all reside together in the same tree. These trees can be called buzzard trees. A buzzard can often be found on a dead tree early in the morning with its wings spread wide open waiting for the first sensation of heat, which usually begins around eight or nine o’clock. . Most people are averse to their food because they only eat dead and partially decomposed food. They play a very important role, eliminating dead animals and controlling disease. By removing dead bodies, they remove diseases and bacteria. In addition, the buzzard itself is a cleaning unit. Its bare top is designed so that any germs left on its head are baked clean by the sun. As food passes through its system, digestive juices destroy possible infections in the meat. Since their urine is a completely sterile liquid, they urinate on their feet to clean them. Most lived to be fifty, but there is a record of an old buzzard who lived to be a hundred years old. I wonder. Is that the origin of the term “old eagle”? Who knows, but if someone ever calls you “old eagle,” don’t take that as an insult. The buzzard is an interesting, useful, and sometimes beautiful bird. They spend their lives quietly doing their work and not bothering anyone. Not everyone has all of these qualities! BUZZARD BAIT When I was five or six years old, we moved from the city to a town near my grandmother’s farm, where I saw a buzzard for the first time. As I spent the summer with my grandmother, I became fascinated with their soaring flight and curious habits. I wanted to know more about them and see them up close, so I decided to catch one. At this age, I always have a plan to do something neat, like find a new way to get the farm dog to pull my wagon, so a new and great plan for catching a bird It is developing rapidly. In those days I knew a lot about buzzards – that they fly everywhere in search of food, their food must die, and dead food remains. With all this “vast” knowledge, I planned as best I could to catch once to a place where the buzzards fly by frequently, lie down and stay still (the buzzard). ) and when the buzzard or the buzzard (I plan to grow up) comes down to eat, I’ll grab its / their legs.., simple! I made my plan on a sunny June day on the top of a bare hill. Lying down in a comfortable place, I braced myself, became still, and waited. And waited… .I was there in the grass forever, two hours, before I realized that something was wrong with my plan. I got up dejectedly and started going home, scratching at the bites I’d gotten while lying in the weeds. When I tried to figure out what was going on, a rabbit jumped in front of me, and then ran into some bushes. I’m sure it’s cute but I can’t see it very well. So I decided to catch it. I had the best plan… .BUZZARD BAIT ’79 Now at sixteen, I am still fascinated by the buzzards. I’ve always loved watching them soar over the hills, plunge and fly in the wind. While looking at these beautiful birds, I still wanted to see one up close, so last summer I decided to catch one. Now, don’t think I’m really meant to be as childish as catching the bird itself. This time I will capture it on film. That will be easy. Since the sun rises beautifully behind the trees, I thought I would take some color photos of the buzzards silhouetted against the painted sky. I stayed at the farm with my grandmother to take pictures as the sun came up. early the next morning. I set my alarm at four to have plenty of time. I could barely sleep, anxiously wondering what color the sunrise would be and how many humming in the trees. In the pitch-black darkness, I sat under the dew to wait. As the first gray streaks of night began to slide over the hills, I searched through the mist for the humming tree. I picture the most poetic scene, a large flock of chirping birds shimmering in the bright new sunlight. Nervously, I loaded color film into the camera, set up the camera and tripod, attached the telephoto lens, set the shutter speed, and focused on the spot where the light was just beginning to reveal… an empty tree. Read more: Why did muzan turn nezuko’s head into a demon After this failure, I tried to capture the buzzards during the day when I knew they were there. After a day trip, I realized they were too far away, showing only dark spots in the corner of the photo. Then I knew I would have to use bait to get them within range of my camera, so I came up with a new plan for the two-month action “carcass collection adventure.” .[41]My first attempt at collecting buzzard bait was a trip around the countryside looking for animals killed by cars on the highway. Usually I dodge and curse the large number of animals left on the road. On this two-hour and thirty-mile ride, armed with plastic bags and gloves, the largest dead animal I’ve seen is a butterfly in the grill of a passing car.7i2p38I once recommended a new employee, Kyle Burke, by persuading him to come with me to pick up a dead dog and ooze I had seen by the side of the road. We had mixed feelings. Kyle hoped that the animals were gone, while I prayed that the Highways Bureau didn’t beat us to find us. We pulled over to the side of the Highway Department truck just as the valet was dropping the dog, so we casually walked over, picked up our bags of opium, and walked away, leaving the poor man alone. standing by the side of the road, trying to find us. is a problem with the smell. I once left a bag of fish and a squirrel hanging from a tree at my aunt and uncle’s farm. As I thought about what I had done, I called to tell my cousin to empty the sack if the smell became too much. A week later, my uncle was frantically searching for a “dead calf” he thought he had smelled. After they searched for two days, someone finally found the sack, and only then did my cousin remember to forward my message. Every time I show up with the camera, the buzzards decide what’s new in the next district. But there was a time when a buzzard driver and I wouldn’t leave his meal long enough for us to pass. Instinctively, I reached for my camera. It’s not there! And I was close enough to get a picture of his eyeball. Do you know how frustrating it is to see ten hungry buzzards surrounding you when you have nothing to offer them? Our ranch is located near Bennett Spring State Park, where trout fishing is the main attraction. On a desperate day when I couldn’t find anything to feed my buzzard, I came up with a brilliant idea. I strolled by the spring branch with my plastic bag and picked up fish heads and offal – a buffet of buzzards. Of course, by the time I turned around, the buzzards were gone, but I certainly gave the anglers a good laugh. The score is now about fifty-seven buzzards, I don’t. All told I’ve spent 120 hours, driven 150 miles, collected animal carcasses five times, bought three chickens, used a bug spray, washed the bad smell out of our car and was about to be killed by my family. give up. Even now I have to clean up the dead rabbit in my backyard before it starts to stink! All of these have no pictures to show. But don’t worry! I’ll catch my buzzard. I had the best plan….7i2p41[42]Copyright © 1981 BITTERSWEET, INC.Next Articles | Table of Contents | Other problems7i2p41 Springfield-Greene County LibraryRead more: why are Japanese cars so reliable | Top Q&A

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