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Video Where to find metal in a box EnglishMetal is an important resource in ARK: Survival Evolved. Some regions have larger amounts than others, and some have larger risk factors. Here you can weigh your options and decide where you want to farm! We’ll also teach you how to find supplies on the Scorched Earth DLC map. Start!Read more: Where to find metal in crates Read more: Where did I live and what I lived for The best way to mine Metal is to make use of Ankylosaurus. They not only have the highest mining rate but also 75% weight reduction. The next best picks include Metal Pick and Mantis. Stone Options should only be used as a last resort, as they offer very little profit.Metal RockA metal rock, note that it is different from the rocks on the left.

Where to find some iron in ARK

There are many locations around the island that contain metal-bearing rocks. For players who don’t want to take the risk dangers come to the mountains and other dangerous areas, we recommend searching the coasts. South Haven (formerly Herbivorous Island) also has a good supply to mine. If you are playing on a server with other players, you may find that there are few or no stones to mine. Waiting a few days in the game will cause them to respawn. You’ll probably have a better time moving to other places to farm, though. In general, caves will be the most difficult areas to exploit. On the other hand, because many people don’t like trying to mine Metal nodes in caves, you’ll probably find a lot for yourself. A good cave to get Metals would be Ha Nam Cave (80.3°Lat, 53.5°Lon). This cave has a lot to offer, but be warned, it can be very easy to get lost and run into enemies. We warn any new and lower level players trying to score in the caves. There are many creatures lurking around and needing to fend off.Whitesky Peak TrailWhitesky Peak, with a red line showing a walkable trail.

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Read more: Where do nuts come from? | Top Q & AT The northern tip of the island has the highest metal density to farm. However, read carefully as they are full of carnivores. It should also be noted that many of these peaks are extremely steep. Falling down a mountain can be a step backwards, although thankfully still within walking distance to some areas. Far’s Peak, for example, located in the northeast of the island is almost impassable on foot. However, Whitesky Peak has a trail to the north that can be climbed. Both locations are said to be worth the risk of exploration due to the high speed of resources, especially Metals. Be prepared for whatever may come, and be properly equipped for the location of your choice. We’ve included a map with Metal’s popular regions below; yellow dots show density by quantity.Metallic Stone Areas in ArkAreas where metallic rock most often spawns.

Burning Earth

Like the island, a lot of Metals can be found in the mountains on the Scorched Earth map. It seems that the quantity around the map is scarcer than the quantity on the island. Your best bet is to search along rivers and around oil veins. You can also come across some rocks just Southwest of the green tower next to the cliffs and sand dunes. It seems that most places on the map are hit or miss, so we recommend keeping an eye on all areas. If you think you’ve come across a stable Metals mining area, let us know in the comments! Read more: Stardew Valley: Lewis | Top Q&A

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