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“An amorphous solid. PossibleyOrokin Technology”Read: where to get warframe morphics



This material with no permanent or definite shape appears to be of an unknown type and may have been created through the use of Orokin technology. That can further improve your arsenal. Morphics’ primary use is for weapons and Warframe parts, and knowing how to farm Morphics will make it easy to prepare for future gear.

Where is Morphics Farm?

Knowing where to farm Morphics will be a great help in farming in a given blueprint or preparing for future blueprints. You can easily find them. Morphics can be considered a rare resource, but its drop rate is much higher than most rare resources, making it one of the rare resources. The most rare and easy to find resource. You can find Mercury, Mars, Europa, Phobos and Pluto as planets whose Shape is part of them. added: Aaron LewisAlso Read: How to Raise PlastidsAlso Read: Cultivation of Nerve Cells

Ara (Mars)

Ara (mars)One of the best Transfiguration locations would be in Ara as the quest is accessible when the player first starts, providing them with early-game Transfiguration when needed. You have obtained the resource. Using a Warframe to quickly complete an objective is ideal for this mission, and once the objective is captured, you can continue to search for loot containers or kill enemies as you proceed to mine.

Wahiba (Mars)

Wahiba (Mars)Wahiba is a very easy task and just the right set of gear will get you through a good trading session, giving you enough Transfiguration to craft. Fixed well enough to give you enough space to lure enemies in place or camp in certain locations. and loot containers that have a chance to drop Shapes and roam around would be a good idea before deciding to camp if you prefer camping in one spot. Carrying Warframes that can squeeze out loot from enemies (mostly Nekros or Hydroid) will greatly increase your chances of getting Morphics.

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Iliad (Phobos)

Iliad (Phobos)The Iliad can be an easy way to get Morphics since the player simply needs to kill The Sergeant and extract it afterwards. When it comes to equipment, sometimes dropping Hobos Morphics is quite common and you may find yourself getting Morphics as you make your way to The Sergeant.


  • Quests like Ara (Mars) or Iliad (Phobos) require you to just get on with the quest quickly, making it pretty easy to farm Morphics if you have a quick Warframe.
  • In endless quests like Wahiba, Hydroid or Nekros will be a great help when farming, especially if they are made on the same team.
  • Morphs can drop from enemies and containers, so don’t forget to open the locker and destroy the container if you’re hunting for the Morph.


If you know how to farm Morphics this will benefit you a lot as you will be asked to provide some for most of your blueprints. While Morphics are rare, it’s not hard to farm as long as you stick to planets where you can easily kill off enemies or quests that you can complete quickly. how to farm as well as a guide on what can be used to farm efficiently. Read more: Where is 5/8 on a tape measure

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