[Solved] YouTube keeps freezing or crashing on Chrome

Google Chrome is a great browser that usually plays videos without any problems. However, some users have said on forums that YouTube videos are frozen on Google Chrome. Then after about 15 seconds or so it says Google Chrome is unresponsive. Read: why is my YouTube still freezing Here are some possible solutions to fix YouTube stuck on Chrome.

What to do if a YouTube video hangs for a second?


  • Try another browser
  • Clear data of Chrome
  • Update Google Chrome
  • Turn off hardware acceleration
  • Turn off Chrome extensions
  • Update graphics card driver
  • 1. Try another browser

    If Chrome doesn’t make it, consider switching to a more efficient alternative like Opera.

    Using Opera

    youtube2 e1595942219265 1With a complete makeover, Opera is powerful enough to offer matching and in many cases surpassing features that other popular browsers like Chrome or Mozilla offer. ) viewing experience without leaving your browser. This unique ability to split online videos allows you to continue browsing or working while the floating, adjustable video window stays in the foreground. You can turn any video content into a pop-out video using Opera and control the window as you like (resize, drag, move, adjust volume, pause, play and more) ). Read more: Why snapchat removed accounts But top quality videos are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this feature-rich browser. main function:

    • Search function enabled in separate tabs
    • Cross-platform compatibility to import your bookmarks and sync your data across devices with ease
    • Built-in completely free VPN tool to anonymize your browsing and bypass geo-restrictions related to content
    • Battery saving function
    • Instant messaging and social networking apps directly on your desktop (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
    • Highly customizable and easy to use user interface
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    2. Clear Chrome’s Data

    Chrome’s data can also clog YouTube’s video output. So clearing Chrome’s data might make some difference when playing videos in the browser. Follow the guidelines below to clear Chrome’s data.

  • Open Chrome’s top right menu by clicking Customization and controls Chrome button.
  • Option More tools > Clear access data to open the window shown directly below.delete frozen browsing data youtube
  • Then click Cookies and other website data check box.
  • Also, choose Cached images and files right to buy.
  • Then choose Delete data right to buy.
  • You can also perform this task automatically using specialized cleaning and optimization software such as CCleaner.

    Using CCleaner

    youtube freezes 3The award-winning CCleaner is both powerful and fast, allowing you to clean your computer in seconds. Packed with advanced features, this PC optimization tool frees up space, clears online tracks including browsing history and cache, and speeds up your system. The best part is that you can check out its amazing capacities for free as the Pro version also includes a general free trial. main function:

    • Remove redundant or damaged files to reclaim hard drive space
    • Clear browsing history to keep your privacy
    • Patented registry cleaner to remove useless entries
    • Manage Startup programs
    • Complete PC Health Check
    • Software Updater

    3. Update Google Chrome

    First, users need to make sure they’re using the latest Chrome browser that will provide superior video playback compared to older versions. Users can update Chrome by clicking Customize Google Chrome > Help > About Google Chrome on the browser menu. Read more: Why is my spectrum router redabout google chrome youtube is frozenThen the browser will automatically update if it is not the latest version. Alternatively, users can also reinstall Chrome with the most up-to-date version from the browser’s website.

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    4. Turn off Hardware Acceleration

  • Some Chrome users have said that disabling hardware acceleration will fix YouTube freezing. To do that, click Customization and controls button.
  • Then choose Setting on the menu.
  • Click Advanced to fully expand the Settings tab.
  • Then convert Use hardware acceleration when available option off if it is enabled.using hardware acceleration youtube freezes on Chrome
  • Restart Chrome after disabling hardware acceleration.
  • 5. Disable Chrome Extensions

    YouTube crashes can also be caused by conflicting extensions. So disabling all Chrome extensions might solve the problem. Users can quickly disable all extensions by resetting Chrome, which will also clear the browser’s data. Follow the guidelines below to reset Google Chrome.

  • Input chrome://settings in the URL bar and press enter.
  • Click Advanced button.
  • Then scroll down Restore settings to factory defaults right to buy. Choose Restore settings to factory defaults right to buy.reset chrome freeze youtube
  • Click Reset settings confirm.
  • Users who don’t want to reset their browser can disable extensions manually by typing chrome://extensions in the URL bar. Then disable the button for each extension on that tab.chrome extension disable youtube hang
  • 6. Update the graphics card driver

    Hanging YouTube videos can be caused by old or corrupted video card drivers. Some video card drivers may not even be compatible with some of the new YouTube features. So updating the graphics card driver could be another potential resolution. Free download on the software page. DB 7 will automatically scan when the user opens the software for the first time. The scan results will list the devices that need a driver update. Click Update all if the scan result includes the graphics card.⇒ Download now Driver Booster 7The above resolutions will usually fix playing YouTube videos in Chrome. However, keep in mind that users can also use alternative browsers that may provide more reliable YouTube playback, such as Opera. Share your experience with us in the comments section below.Read more: why does my cat smell poop | Top Q&A

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