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Year 2020

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  • Christopher Mockerman (Independent)


See also: Delaware Grand Congressional District Election, 2016 Incumbent John Carney Jr. (D) did not run for re-election, leaving the seat open. Lisa Blunt Rochester (D) defeated Hans Reigle (R), Scott Gesty (L) and Mark Joseph Perri (G) in the general election on November 8, 2016. Rochester defeated Bryan Townsend, Sean Barney, Michael Miller, Scott Walker, and Elias Weir in the Democratic primaries on September 13, 2016.[1][3][2] US House of Representatives, Major Delaware County General Election, 2016 Party Nominee Vote% Voting Democrat Lisa Blunt Rochester 55.5% 233,554 Republican Hans Reigle 41% 172,301 Green Mark Joseph Perri 2% 8,326 Liberalist Scott Gesty 1.5% 6,436 Total votes 420,617 Source: Secretary of State Delaware House of Representatives USA, Delaware At-Large Democratic Elementary, 2016 Candidate Vote% of votes Green check mark topqa.infoLisa Blunt Rochester 43.9% 26,613 Bryan Townsend 24.7% 14,950 Sean Barney 20.2% 12,274 Michael Miller 5.5% 3,319 Scott Walker 5% 3,008 Elias Weir 0.7% 449 Total votes 60,613 Source: Election Department send Delaware

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Campaign theme

Year 2020

Ballotpedia Survey ResponsesSee also: Ballotpedia Candidate ConnectionScott Walker did not complete Ballotpedia’s 2020 Candidate Connection survey.

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