Rodney Carrington Wife, Kids, Divorce, Family, Height, Quick Facts

Rodney Carrington is a multi-talented American comedian, musician, and actor, known for his unique combination of comedy and music. He featured in the 2004 sitcom Rodney, and his Morning Wood album was one of the most popular country hits of the 2000s. He has released six major studio albums, including compilations. His music is Greatest Hits, which hit the US in 2004. Read below to learn more about the multi-talented star. Read: who is the wife of rodney carringtons.ALSO READ: Everything We Know About Amy Hoover Sanders, Beto O’Rourke’s Wife

Rodney Carrington Age and Early Life


Rodney Carrington was born on October 19, 1968 as Rodney Scott Carrington in Longview, Texas, United States. At a very young age, Rodney developed an interest in country music, which led to his participation in several music competitions and sitcoms during high school. After graduating from high school, the talented star enrolled at Kilgore College in Texas. He appeared on the popular radio program at the time, The Bob and Tom Show, which helped him to become famous. Rodney’s comedic style is quite unique, combining his comedic lines with musical performances to add beauty to his shows. Read more: Who is the richest kid in the block and music career. Then, in 1998, he released his first studio album titled Hangin’ with Rodney. The album is a mix of country music and comedy; It ranked in the 100 best country albums at the time. Two years later, he released his second album, Morning Wood, which was also a hit, after which he released other albums, including 2003’s Nut Sack, 2007’s King on the Mountains and his first Christmas album Make it. Christmas, released in 2009 In addition to his comedy and musical career, this multi-talented artist is also an actor. He started acting in 2004 when he joined the sitcom Rodney, which aired for two seasons on ABC. He also starred in the AMV film Hell 3: The Motion Picture in 2005 and in 2008 in Beer for My Horses, among other films.

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Net worth, How rich is he?

The star is successful since the beginning of his career, he has a net worth of 6 million dollars. It is clear that he earned his wealth from a career as a musical artist as well as a comedian. Rodney has made a lot of money from his stand-up comedy shows and from the sale of his music albums. To keep up with them, the man remains active on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Read more: Eric BellingerALSO READ: Mikaela Hoover: 6 facts about galactic star guardians

Rodney Carrington’s Family: Wife and Kids

The comic star is handsome and has an attractive personality. He’s the type of guy every woman wants to deal with because of his hilarious and amazing jokes and his distinctive voice. When we talk about his private life, the talented comedian is not one of those celebs who jump from one love affair to another. He’s always drawn the line between his career and his private life, and he’s stuck with it to this day.Do you wonder if he is married or not? Well, he was once a married man and a proud father of 3. He married his longtime lover, Terri Carrington. The couple married in 1993 and have three sons named Zac Carrington, Sam Carrington and George Carrington. Terri and Rodney shared a strong relationship, but unfortunately fell apart.


The basis of any lasting relationship, as they say, is true love. Just like other prominent marriages, this couple has a wonderful married life, and when things start to go wrong, the two decide to end it. Due to a series of unresolved issues, the couple separated after 18 years of marriage, they separated in 2010 and two years later, the divorce was finalized. After the divorce, the couple is entitled to equal custody of their children. Since then, Rodney has never been in a known relationship and there is no information about Terri’s relationships. Rodney currently lives at his home in South Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.

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Height – Quick Facts about Rodney Carrington

  • Height: 5 feet 10 inches (1.78m)
  • Weight: 84 kg
  • Birth name: Rodney Scott Carrington
  • Date of birth: October 19, 1968
  • Birth city: Longview, Texas, USA
  • Birth sign: Libra
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnic: White
  • Education: Kilgore College
  • Job: Musician, Comedian, Actor
  • Marital status: Divorced
  • Couple: Terri Carrington (d. 1993 – 2012)
  • Kids: 3 (Zac, Sam and George Carrington)
  • Real value: 6 million dollars

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