Prey guide: ‘Who Is December?’ walkthrough

Video Who’s Prey December After watching the video, you’ve dropped yourself in “Through a Glass Darkly” and entered Psychotronics (but before hitting Psychotronics’ loading screen), you’ll receive a call from a mysterious friend (nother). This one is called December and he has information for you that seems to contradict what January has told you. Quick note for this tutorial: This is an optional target, so you don’t have to. But it’s also a ride that rapidly advances (or at least complements) the story. And you don’t have to worry about making any decisions that affect the game (yet), so you can move on without too much worry. Table of contents

  • Simulated interview meeting room
  • Lobby
  • SafeSearch in Alex’s Office
  • Search Alex’s room for the Escape Pod key (keycard EP01)
  • Escape Talos 1

Simulated interview meeting room December would like to see you back in the simulation interview room. (If you haven’t done that already, here’s a great opportunity to open the safe.) When you return to the Simulation Room, you’ll have to fight your way through a series of Typhons including clones. , the spectre. and the operators are broken (oh my!). Just make sure you’ve fully loaded your ammo and take your time. You’ve passed here before, so you know your way around and can avoid the Storm if you want to.prey dec 0004 class 1 1 Go to the simulation interview room and climb to the top of the cabinet on the left side. There’s a briefcase at the top, along with a piece of your brother’s paper. Empty the briefcase to get suitable chipsetagain) stun gun and a medkit. Before you have a chance to be too disappointed, December will call back and ask to meet you at the Neuromod Division Lobby. Lobbyprey dec 0004 class 1 2 You will reach the lobby at the exact moment January to destroy December. January’s dialogue options are exhausted and, if you’re like us, start questioning everything it says. Search the body of December (chassis?) To find a note, a neuromod and some ammo. Read more: Snake Oil | Top Q&A Once done, you can return to the main story quest in “Detour”. After December taking place in January in the Neurmod Division lobby, the optional objective is not over yet. However, you’ll have to wait a while – and discover a lot more about the station – before it’s done.

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SafeSearch in Alex’s Office

prey dec 0004 class 1 3 You will need to have access to Nursery for this next step, which means you have to go most of the way through the “Detour”. Depending on when you did this part of the objective, Alex may have given you a code to access the gravure elevator in the Incubator that leads to his office. If you don’t understand yet, you can climb the rocks and over the railing. Explore Alex’s office as much as you like, but your main goal is his safety. Find the crate against the wall to the left of the desk. Maybe you will need lever 2 to lift it up, but there’s a maintenance access panel behind it.prey dec 0003 class 2 4 The alternative is to wait until the “Key to the Kingdom” late game, when you can break the Vision Glass screen hidden in the wall behind the desk. On the other side of the wall, there’s a small gap where you’ll find Alex’s safe. Use the code you got from December’s corpse (?) to open it and you’ll find suitable chipseta couple neuromoda TranScribe and Alex Yu’s keycard.

Search Alex’s room for the Escape Pod key (keycard EP01)

prey dec 0003 class 2 5Read more: Who is Kristinia DeBarge’s mother? Family Details All Covered | Alex’s top Q&A series is on Executive Suite level Crew area (actually it’s right next to your suite). You can get the code for the grav Executive Suites elevator from the second-floor locker to the left of Yellow Tulips bar. (Very easy to find – it also has a crafter in it.) Take the elevator up and go to Alex’s room. Clear out everything you find in his room, then turn your attention to the globe by his bed. Pick it up to find it Key card EP01 below – this is the keycard you’ll need to access Alex’s escape box.

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Escape Talos 1

prey dec 0003 class 2 6 Return to Alex’s office in the center of the Incubator. You have two ways to get to the exit. If you have hack 4, you can use Alex’s computer to lower a bridge from the fire escape shell onto the roof of Alex’s office. This is the easy way.prey dec 0003 class 2 7 If you haven’t maxed your hacking yet or you just like a challenge, you can use the GLOO gun instead. Climb to the roof, then look for wooden shelters. (Google tells us they’re called pergolas, but we’re pretty sure it’s a made-up word.) Head up to the roof of the “pergolas” and head back towards the fire escape. Use your GLOO cannon to give yourself a foothold along the metal beams. When you get to the exit, use Key card EP01 you found in Alex’s room to get inside. Turn around, then press the button to close the door. You can then use the desktop to launch the exit group and just…exit. Clear warning: There are vandals in the video below. This will earn you the Abandon Ship achievement/title. And it’s technically an epilogue to the game, so…congratulations? Read more: Who made the microgard selective oil filter

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