Pokemon Sun and Moon Guide: How to Get Type: Null and Cosmog

Pokemon Sun and Moon have some rare and hard to find Pokemon. Type Null and Cosmog are 2 Pokemon that you can only get 1 of and you will get them after completing the main game. Your Pokedex.Reading: where to catch null typeReaders Note: There are clear spoilers ahead!And be sure to check out our other guides to Pokemon Sun and Moon!

How to get Pokemon type: Null

Read more: Where is the puzzle hero wars | Top Q&AI If you’ve played through Pokemon Sun and Moon, you know this is the main Pokemon that Gladion uses and the one it ran away from. This isn’t something Gladion uses, and is instead an extra he wants to keep secret.After defeating the Pokemon League for the first time, return to Aether Paradise. It’s a separate island that you can fly to.

  • Go to the elevator and choose the 2nd floor.
  • Go back to where you met Lusamine in the story, and there you will find Gladion.
  • Talk to him, and he will give you the Pokemon Type: Null.

Type: Null evolves into Sivally at maximum happiness. Sivally has special items it can keep called Memories, which can change its type. Gladion gives you all these itemsso you can make your Sivally any kind you want!

How to get Pokemon Type: Cosmog

Read more: The Filmed WildernessCosmog, the same Pokemon Lillie calls Nebby throughout the story, is also obtainable. Do like that:

  • You must have Legends in your instance, Lunala for the Moon and Solgaleo for the Sun, in your party.
  • Go Altar of the Sunne / Moone after you have finished the story. Interact with the portal there.
    • Note: This must be done at night if you play Sun, and during the day if you play Moon.
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Legendary sun and moon pokemon

  • This will take you to an opposite version of your world.
    • For example: Altar of the Sunne will change to Altar of the Moone.
  • While in this alternate world, go to Lake of the Sunne / Moone.
  • Walk up the steps until you reach the top, then a cutscene will begin.
  • You get the Cosmog after everything is over.

What’s special about Cosmog is that it evolves into Cosmoem, then your version-exclusive Legendary. Here’s Lunala if you’re playing Moon and Solgaleo if you’re playing Sun. It doesn’t matter how you get Cosmog; it will only grow to legend in your game. You will need to trade in order to get the other version’s exclusive Legendary. Now you know how to get two exclusive Pokemon and be able to fill that Pokedex!What is your favorite Pokemon in the latest iteration of the series? Are you going later? these rare and elusive Pokemon? Let us know if the comments below!Read more: where can I buy ghost peppers | Top Q&A

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