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– General introduction –


Jonas Molsbetter known by his online nickname “OtB_RedBaron”, is a Belgian professional poker player. His exact age is unknown, but he is estimated to be in his 30sRead: who is the redbaronMols otb considered by many one of the best online cash game players in the world. According to the online high bet cash game database, he won end 2 million dollars at the highest stakes NLHE Cash Table on PokerStars, played over 250,000 hands between April 2012 and May 2018. That doesn’t mean he stopped playing, though – rather the site stopped tracking. The Mols still fight in online cash games with the highest stakes against the likes of Timofey “trueteller” Kuznetsov and Linus Loeliger. The crazy hand They have competed against each other which has attracted the attention of the online poker community. In live tournaments, Mols has yet to put up an impressive scoreboard. He charged for $57,749this is low for a professional player, even if his main focus is on online cash games.

– Key Career Dates –

  • 2012: He posted to the popular “Poker Goals & Challenges” section of the Two Plus Two Forum, claiming that he was going to play 100,000 hands of NL500 Zoom on PokerStars and that he wanted to win at 6 BB’ / 100 games of cards.
  • 2012: He finished 3rd in the £1,080 No Limit Hold’em event at the Palm Beach Big Game in London, UK for £9,520. It was the biggest single live tournament cash of his career to date.
  • 2016: He hit $2 million in profits in high-stakes cash games on PokerStars.

– Jonas Mols career –

→ Start

Almost nothing is known about Mols’ life before poker, or how he got into the game. There are no interviews with the professional Belgian anywhere on the internet. What we do know is that on September 12, 2012, a user by username “Lorenzo VMatterhorn” and with famous actors Niel Patrick Harris like their profile picture created a thread with the title “Destroy Zoom 500NL, minichallenge” inside Two Plus Two Forum “Poker Goals & Challenges” section. His first post read: “Running and playing pretty badly for the past 5-6 weeks, so I will try to increase my volume and momentum a bit by starting this minichallenge. I’ll hit 100k in my hands 500NL Zoom min in 20 days to 6 EV bb/100 I’ll post some charts every few k hands, post the most amusing/ridiculous hands and disparage sunbathers. Read more: Jenna Shea Net Worth 2021: Age, Height, Weight, Boyfriend, Dating, Kids, Bio-Wikisn Otb_RedBaron and start grinding now. “The user, who was later revealed to be Jonas Mols, a Belgian professional poker player living in the UKremain active for approximately one year. On September 4, 2013 he posted in the thread last time. He writes of his risk with live poker, saying: “Rarely playing live, there are some good results there but it’s low buyin (<2k) and small pitch and lose all events. even profit on my only Vegas trip. The irl name doesn't appear on public forums (like to stay that way), but it's not exactly top secret who I am. “Then he posted his final chart of his 100K hand challenge, showing a $120,000 profit on 400k hands instead of recommended 100k.By the time of his last post, OtB_RedBaron regularly play at the high bet NLHE cash tables on PokerStars.

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→ Live Tournament

Mols has $57,749 in the live tournament victory, according to his Hendon page. That is very little for a professional player, even if they focus on online cash games instead of live tournaments. 6 Live ITM Ends Recorded – most of which come from before he started regularly playing cash online with high stakes in 2013. The first point on his scoreboard is from December 2011. He is 10th in €1,700 NLHE Main Event in Belgian Poker Series And win €10,300. The biggest cash out of 6 is from March 2012. He’s 3rd in £1,080 Unlimited Hold’em Events in Palm Beach Big Game in London Because 9,520 poundsequal about $15,000 at that time. The next month, in April 2012, he killed £550 NLHE High Roller in Poker Genting Series also in London. He received £8,900 as his win in what is most likely the smallest buy “high roller” event in the poker world.

→ World Series of Poker

Jonas Mols cash only a World Series event So far.Read more: Is Robin the only one who can read poneglyphs In 2019 he is 99th in the field of 815 entries for 7,618 dollars inside $5,000 Unlimited Hold’em 6 hand event. It was his first recorded live result in 7 years – it was also his last so far.

→ Live cash game

Mols has not appeared on any TV shows or live streams where he plays cash games in front of an audience.

→ Online Poker

“OtB_RedBaron” is one of the most recognizable screen names in online poker. He is well known in the online poker community for consistently playing and winning in the highest paying games online for many years. 255,857 Hands Tracked on his PokerStars account. In that sample, he earns 2,093 million dollarsbring him in top 30 biggest online cash winners in the website’s database. The main engines play No Limit Hold’em, with high stakes like $200 / $400. His track samples were played between April 2012 and May 2018. $200 / $400 NLHE pot against poker legend Phil Ivey, playing under screen name “Raise Once”and Alex “Kanu7” Millar.Has been processed 4c5 seconds in the great blind, he hit the top pair of Kanu7and so knocked down a giant pot, $246,107.Mols does not have any online MTT results recorded. A player whose name is on the screen “OtB_RedBaron” has made some big money on – however, that’s not Mols. Although the name on the screen is identical to Mols’, down to the capitalization of the letters, that account actually belongs to a man named Thomas Lim. Presumably, he is a big fan of the Belgian professional online player.

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→ Scandals

In December 2018, popular poker Youtuber Joe Ingram decided to make two videos about crazy play Mols and Swiss pro Linus “LLinusLLove” Leoliger play against each other at NLHE group head-to-head $50 / $100 on Stars. On the one hand, OtB_RedBaron called a $4,500 bet all in the river holding nothing but the bag of Dozens on the board QdKHUCLike2hKs. Lucky for him, it turns out he was right, like LLinusLLove bet all three paths like a hoax with 4-5 hearts…A few weeks later, Ingram made another video about Collection of crazy hands playing in super high stakes cash game – again, introducing our hero, OtB_RedBaron.Read more: who is the mother of royalty | Top Q&A

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