Laura Coates CNN, Bio, Age, Height, Husband, Education, Salary, and Net Worth

Laura Coates Bio | Wiki


Laura Coates is an American Attorney, Commentator, Professor of Law, and a law expert. She currently works as a Legal Analyst at CNN and is the host of a daily talk show. Laura is a mom completely focused on her career as a legal analyst. Despite being a busy woman, Laura still makes time for her family and other leisure activities. Traveling is her first passion and the only thing she can do because she combines it with her work.Laura has been to Europe, visiting Paris and France. She also loves to eat and is a lover of cakes. Laura once said that she could eat a whole cake if no one stopped her. In addition, she enjoys playing many sports such as golf. Even though she plays it for fun, she’s still very good at it. Hockey was a game she had always wanted to play but was never given the chance to. So she often takes her family to watch live hockey games.

Laura Coates Age | Birthday

She was born on July 11, 1980, in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. Laura is 40 years old.

Measurements Laura Coates

She is a woman of average build. Laura stands at a height 5 ft 4 inches (Approx. 1.6m).Coates’s photo

Laura Coates Family | Parents

She was born to her mother and father in St. Paul, Minnesota. Laura comes from an African-American family. However, she has not shared any details about her parents or siblings.

Laura Coates Mom

She has been a passionate advocate for Women’s and Civil Rights associations throughout her life. However, she has not shared any information regarding her mother.

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Laura Coates Husband Dale Gordon

Read more: who is kevin hart currently dating | Top Q&AA Although Laura has not revealed his husband’s name, she has denied the claims people make about marrying Dale Gordon. She called it baseless fake news. Dale Gordon is known for his work on Star Trek in 2009, His Stargate in 1994 as well as Independence Day in 1996. He has been happily married to Charlotte Gordon since June 1981. The couple has four children together.

Laura Coates Cnn Husband

Born in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Laura lives in Washington, DC with her lovely husband and two children.

Laura Coates Children

She has two children with her lovely husband. Son Laura was born in 2013 and daughter Sydney was born in 2014.

Laura Coates’ daughter

Laura Coates Education

In 2001, she was awarded a bachelor’s degree at the School of Work and International Affairs at Princeton University, in New Jersey. In 2005, Laura was awarded a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Minnesota School of Law.

Laura Coates Cnn

In May 2016, she started working for CNN as their legal analyst. Laura has hosted a talk radio show called The Laura Coates Show on Radio SiriusXM’s Urban View since 2017. The show was brought to SiriusXM’s POTUS in early January 2021. Additionally, Laura is a professor. assistant law professor at the George Washington University School of Law. In July 2018, Laura was mentioned by Jeopardy host Alex Trebek as a possible replacement after his contract was completed. Laura is a senior legal analyst for CNN. She specializes in criminal prosecution as well as the interaction of civil rights. She played a very important role on the CNN show during Donald Trump’s impeachment trial

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Laura Coates Siriusxm

Read more: How to Find Out Who’s Outwitted Who She currently works at CNN as their senior legal analyst. Laura also has a daily radio show on SiriusXM. Since she’s not currently busy making law, she’s placed herself in a state of inactivity with the Office of the Registrar of Laws established in the Minnesota Supreme Court. This legal analyst has made a big name for himself in a very short time. She started hosting her radio show in 2017 and now millions of people are her listeners.

Laura Coates Jeopardy

The longtime host of ABC’s Jeopardy plans to nominate Laura for his show after he decided to retire after more than 30 years on the job. Alex Trebek, 76, revealed his thoughts in an interview with TMZ. He says his favorite CNN legal analyst Laura Coates is his best replacement. “There is a lawyer,” Alex said. “She is African-American and occasionally appears on some news programs.” In response, she had a tweet of her own: “Extremely honored and at the same time very humbled.”Laura’s colleagues at CNN include:Jake Tapper – Washington Chief CorrespondentBecky Anderson – anchor

Laura Coates Salary

Her main source of income is her job as an analyst. Laura earns an average salary of $87,843 per year.

Laura Coates Net Worth

Daily talk show host and CNN Legal Analyst who has amassed an extensive fortune. Laura’s net worth is $990,164. Read more: Who is the main dancer in itzy

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