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Life is so sad, so smile AKA Let’s show it on a happy faceReading: why so deep batman Really famous goosebumps when watching the trailer “Joker” just released. Trailer beautiful horror and sad horror. Joaquin Phoenix will likely have one more full acting screen. But no matter how ecstatic Joaquin is, how can Heath Ledger be forgotten? Joker through the performance of Heath Ledger was immediately immortalized when Dark Knight debuted. We are left with Heath who committed suicide because he could not escape the sadness and image that the Joker role brought. And Oscar has attested to a rare event, when one is forced to award an award to a submissive. Joker is a reflexive character appearing in world cinema. He has no superpowers, maybe even superpowers, weak structure. But he is the fear of the black / white faction, he laughs at humanity, he suggests the evil in every human being. He turned the auror Harvey Dent into Two Faces, he said the arrogant Batman must be powerless. completely main. Even though Batman smashes Joker’s head, hangs him upside down on a high-rise building, sets up the machine, we see a smiling face at Batman, also laughing at work. Joker’s quote is so good that image. “Laugh, because your smile confuses me. Laugh, because other than laughing, you have no other way to describe something that is killing people from within. Read more: Siri why the red fire truck became such an outstanding person. When the movie opened, the Joker was there, evil, unruly, and unpredictable. He has 3 times explained why his mirror has a scar, every time he sees it, it feels like he is smiling. And those 3 times were… 3 different stories. Joker confuses his opponent because he doesn’t know when to tell the truth or connect the lies. . “No one is upset when everything goes according to plan, even when the plan is very… chaotic,” said Joker. In one difference, say: “Let’s create a slightly anarchic world, change the order of things, and everything will fall apart. And I am the ambassador of chaos.” Do you know anything about me? I’m a dog chasing cars. I don’t know if I’m catching up, but I… keep chasing. I’m just doing what I like, that’s all.” Know that Joker’s calculation increases after each hit. By like that: “Things that don’t kill you make you… stranger” (literally “What doesn’t kill you, simply makes you stranger!” Parodying the famous maxim. “What doesn’t kill you, simply makes you stronger.”) And of course the immortal question: “Why so serious? “. What’s wrong Batman, why are you so serious? Why are people so serious? Because it’s normal, invite regular Joker. But Joker automatically replied: “You laugh at me because I’m weird, I laugh because I’m too similar now.” If Heath Ledger told us how cruel and sophisticated the Joker’s tricks are, perhaps Joaquin Phoenix will let us know. we know what path has brought the Joker to become… Joker. The movie poster is so beautiful. Joker looks up, has a mark on his face, with the tagline: “Come on, make a happy face” (“Make a happy face”) Read more: why is my Android phone making static noises | Top Q & A Yesterday when I went to drink, I listened to the song of Phuong Hoang again: “Smile, baby, laugh to know the tears that fall”. Maybe the Joker learned to laugh to hide his pain. The trailer suggests that the Joker could be a faulty stand-up actor. The guy beat both physically (on the subway), heterosexual (must be depressed). And at the end of the movie, the head of the machine department ended with the sentence: “I used to think that birth was a tragedy, but now I make it a comedy”. Because the pinnacle of tragedy is comedy. A bitter smile to examine wounds. There’s a scene where the Joker falls down the stairs, where the show of Charlie Chaplin, the King of Comedy, has a life of pain but makes the world laugh. And the song in the interesting trailer is Smile, through the voice of Jimmy Durante. This post is a light of… Chaplin. Michael Jackson born now loves this song. When he died, his younger brother Jermaine sang it at the funeral to take him. , even though the sky is breaking When there are clouds in the sky You will pass If you smile through your fear and sadness Smile and maybe tomorrow You will see the sun shine through for you” “ Smile, What’s the use of crying? You will find that life is still worth it. If you just smile.” Hopefully, Joker will be a masterpiece, just like the masterpiece itself.cindiafoto11787438 0 image a 47 1554247060013Read more: why does my dog ​​eat ice | Top Q&A

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