Joely Fisher grew up as Hollywood royalty and took notes

Fisher’s lineage is business royalty, literally, if one considers that her late half-sister was Princess Leia from “Star Wars”, Carrie Fisher. Her father was singer Eddie Fisher, who lived in the Bay Area towards the end of his life. For a time, when she was a child, Stevens and Fisher’s first wife (and Carrie’s mother) Debbie Reynolds were next door neighbors, further expanding the family tree as Reynolds became known to Joely and Tricia Leigh’s older sister is “Mama Debs.”Joely Fisher, daughter of Eddie Fisher and Connie Stevens, wrote a memoir, Courtesy Feinstein’s It’s a family legacy that Fisher treasures. In her own life, she has played on Broadway as Rizzo in “Grease” and Sally Bowles in “Cabaret”. She also performed on the street show “Cabaret” in San Francisco, starred on television on the breakout show “Ellen” and faced off against Brad Garrett on “Til Death”, and was pregnant with her first child. , she hosted a show called “From Here To Maternity.” When she was expecting her second (even though she didn’t know it yet), she performed a concert with Pasadena Pops with a 100-person orchestra behind her is pregnant, but I’ve been singing lately, and I realized, ‘Oh my God, why don’t I do this more? Why don’t we do one? show and bring my book on stage?’ Fisher said, ‘I’m taking a few charts off of all the shows I’ve been on and bringing back some of my favorite songs. Then of course things that remind me of where I’m from and will remind everyone in the audience where I’m from and who I’m from.” “ Growing up Fisher: Musicals, Memories, and Things miserable journey” appeared in a guest column Fisher wrote for the “Hollywood Reporter” following the death of Carrie Fisher last December, “Joely Fisher Pays Tribute to Sister Carrie:” You Lost Princess Leia, I Lost My Hero. ” It also made Fisher realize she had a book on her at the same time she started getting offers to write one. Read more: Who plays the trivia player in the new Batman “I was like, “Okay, let me think. Am I ready for this?”, Fisher said. “It was really inspired by the fact that Carrie is an incredible writer. She’s me. girl. I feel like at this point in my life I’m ready to start telling my own story. It’s like pouring out on me after her death.” The book was immediately Fisher’s own story as an entertainer, daughter, sister, and mother; and it’s her family’s – her mother’s devotion to her children and her difficult life She grew up in Brooklyn, and the relationship Fisher forged with her often absent and happily grown father he found in his fifth marriage to San Franciscan Betty Lin. exciting : Fisher’s step-brother from that marriage was Dr. Winkie, who rose to fame in the 1980s as the owner of the DV8 nightclub.) On the show business front are the stories of Fisher being on the show. on the hit 1997 episode “Puppy” on “Ellen,” in which both star Ellen DeGeneres and her character are lesbians; early stories of school plays and musicals that would guide Fisher’s life later; and memories of the stage and screen, including spending a summer in Greece as a teenager with her sister Tricia Leigh, the two of whom acted in a movie called “Pretty Smart. ” At Feinstein’s, Fisher would perform Broadway show tunes, some standards, songs in honor of her mother and father (but not the songs her parents performed, she said quickly,’ she said. ), and several current hits have been curated to match her vocal talents. She will also tell stories. “Mature Fisher: Musings, Memories and Misadventures” provides a spine for the show. Read more: Who won the smp dream elytra “I deliver almost like a theater production,” says Fisher. “I don’t do your typical vaudeville act. I’m going to take some of my sexier, sexier writings out of the book. Someone said, ‘There is no new material in a memoir. … What will you do? Just wing it? ”” I said, “Wing it? Are you kidding me? I’ve been practicing this all my life. ‘ I didn’t grow up with my dad, but seeing him as a performer, watching Debbie Reynolds, watching the great comedians who opened for my mom all those years, the lunatics really warmed up. A crowd. “This is my love, my first love. I like singing. I liked the narration of it, and being able to see everyone’s faces froze. “Pam Grady is a Gulf writer.Joely Fisher, “Mature Fisherman: Music, Memories, and A Hard Journey”: 7 p.m., Wednesday, December 13 $28-60. Feinstein’s at the Nikko, 222 Mason St. SF more: Olympian Scott Hamilton, adopted wife from Haiti | Top Q&A

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