Is LeBron James Dad A Man Named Anthony McClelland? An Investigation.

LeBron James is one of the greatest basketball players of all time. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar played for the Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat. He is from Akron, Ohio and was raised by his famous single mother Gloria James. Gloria James gave birth to LeBron at the age of 16. There are three people linked to LeBron who could be his father. Many believe it is Anthony McClelland, also known as Ronald Bivens. Before we investigate why many people believe Anthony McClelland is LeBron’s father, let’s mention two other men who are related to Gloria James.Read: Who is Lebrons’ dad? He said he met Gloria at a bar called DC Space. Gloria was 15 at the time and Bryce Stovell was 29. He said Gloria James had lied and said she was over 20 years old. Bryce Stovell then tried to sue Gloria and LeBron for fraud and DNA tampering after test results showed there was a 0% chance he was LeBron’s father.Leicester Bryce Stovell, You're Not LebronsRead more: Who is the President of the Texas Senate? | Top Q & ANate Thurmond (Conclusion is not LeBron’s father) A former NBA legend is the second candidate many people associate LeBron with as his father. But this makes no sense. Why? Thurmond will be 40 when Gloria becomes pregnant with LeBron. Why do some people associate LeBron with Thurmond? Well, Nate Thurmond is from Akron and he played for the Cleveland Cavaliers. But many consider that unlikely because of the age difference. Nate Thurmond has passed away so we may never know the truth if he is LeBron’s father. Lebrons’ secret is that his real father is Nate Thurmond…. Who came from Akron ohio and was voted one of the 50 greatest players of all time… look it up— Ian is Awesome (@ratedrjetsfan) October 12, 2020Anthony McClelland or Roland Bivens ( Conclusion LeBron’s Father) Read more: Who is the titan girlA bit of a mystery. Anthony McClelland and Roland Bivens are the same person. If you google or look up any information between Roland Bivens or Anthony McClelland they come up with the same person. Roland Bivens was a basketball star who attended the same high school as Gloria James in the 1980s. Roland would be 18 or 19 when Gloria was 15 or 16. Witnesses who knew the two said they were always hanging out and dating at one point in their lives. The internet seems to believe that Roland changed his name to Anthony after he was accused of arson and theft. Roland’s high school coach even says he plays the same style as LeBron! A photo of Roland Bivens in high school that looks exactly like LeBron!The mystery behind Lebron James Father? | by Avery Price | Full Court Press | MediumAccording to the Internet, this gets really deep and confusing. Roland Bivens died in 1994. But Anthony McClelland is believed to have been arrested in 2002. Did he fake his own death in 1994? It’s hard to say but Anthony McClelland was arrested in 2002 for arson and theft! A surprising situation? Probably. But there is a connection. Former NBA star, Metta World Peace also once said: “My brother was in prison with Lebron’s father. My brother was in prison for 10 years, they kept them together.” The Internet also seems to believe that LeBron may have a half-brother. Some believe that McClelland had a son with another woman and named his son Aaron. Aaron McCellan Gamble. And he definitely looks like LeBron.8 NBA brothers that you didAt the end of the day, it’s hard to tell if any of these men are actually LeBron’s father. But we must credit Gloria James for raising LeBron into the incredible man he has become. LeBron is a family man and a wonderful father to his children. Read more: Someone like you by jung so-hyun

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